crazy love- episode 9

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Epi 9:
Ragini is sleeping. Sumi wakes her.
Sumi: ragu beta, some important person has come for you…wake up.

Ragini: may it’s Laksh..
She thinks and runs from bed to down. But, it was Sanskar who was waiting for her in the hall. Her smile disappears.
Sanskar sees her.
San: hai Ragini..

Rag: hai..
San: actually, my mom wants to buy a necklace for you. So, shall we go to shopping?
Rag: no…actually…
Sumi: Sanskar…she will come. You go and wait.
Sanskar smiles and leaves.

Sumi: ragu…it’s not good to say no. just go silently.

Ragini gets ready unwillingly. She comes out. She sees Laksh in driving seat and gets happy. Sanskar was about to sit in front seat.

Lak: dude..sit back’s good to sit beside partner…
Sanskar smiles. Ragini looks angrily at Laksh. When Sanskar about to open the back door, Swara comes.
Swa: may I come too?

Lak: hey..! why you in middle?
Swa: why you are coming then?

Lak: I’m coming for my friend…
Swa: even me…

San: ok guys, cool. Swara ji, you sit at back…
Again Sanskar about to open front door. Swara and Ragini smile looking at each other.
Lak: hey..! sanky, I said you to sit back. Swara, you sit here.

Swa: but…
Lak: if you want to as I say..

Swara sits in front seat, Sanskar sits beside Ragini. She remains sad and looks angrily at Laksh.
Laksh will be driving. Sanskar looks lovingly at Ragini and keeps hand on her hand. Ragini shocks. laksh sees this from mirror and feels jealous. He forget to see the road.

Swa: hey…
Swara shouts. Laksh was about to hit a vehicle. He just misses it.
Swa: what happened to you?

San: are you ok lucky??

Lak: ya..i’m fine.
San: no..not fine. I will drive. You move.
Lak: no.. it’s ok.
San: not ok.. haa, swara ji, you plz come back so that Laksh will sit in that place.

Swara thinks rag and lak should be beside.
Swa: no..! I like this seat. I will sit here..!
Lak: swara…
San: it’s ok. Laksh. You come back.
Laksh: such a problematic girl swara,,,

Laksh sits beside Ragini. She bends her head. Now Sanskar is driving the car.
Ragini looks at Laksh. But, he didn’t see her.
Swara thinks to create a lovely scene btw raglak. She suddenly, “hey look out..” shouts and twits the steering. Car takes a sudden turn. With that force, Laksh accidentally falls on Ragini and he happened to kiss her cheek unintentionally. Ragini becomes shy and laksh face turns red.

Sanskar didn’t see all this scene.
San: why did you do that?
Swa: there was a buffalo. You didn’t see…
San: there was nothing…
Raglak are looking at each other. They ignored their conversation.
Swa: yes…it is there…!!

Lak: swara, you always create problems. Get down the car.

Rag: how dare you Laksh. If she goes away, I will go away too…

Lak: ragini..??

San: guys..!Ok, stop it. We have reached the jewelry shop. Let’s go.

They get down. Sanskar keeps hand on Ragini’s shoulder. She feels uneasy. Laksh gets much jealous looking at it.

Swa: why to make them together and why to get jealous?
Lak: bcz, Sanskar suits her. not me. He loves her.
Swa: even you..
Lak: swara, I can’t take away something which my friend likes.
Swara remains silent. Laksh keeps looking at Sanskar and Ragini. Ragini is sad.

After shopping, they reach home. Sanskar goes to his house. Ragini is in her room. Laksh comes near her, as she forgot a bag. As soon as he comes, Ragini closes the door. Laksh shocks.

Lak: ragini?
Rag: I love you Laksh..
Lak amazingly: what?
Rag: I thought to tell you on ur bday itself, but u said ur gng to give a surprise. I thought, you will propose me..
Laksh laughs: why I will propose you??
Ragini’s eyes turn red. Laksh stops laugh.

Sanskar goes to Sujatha.
Suj: Sanskar, you liked Ragini. But, I’m not going to agree for marriage until horoscopes matched.
San: maa..what is this again? Ok, where is that astrologer?

Some voice: here..!
They look at door, a astrologer comes. He comes and checks Rag and San’s horoscopes.
Sanskar keeps looking at astrologer doubtfully.
Astrologer:! this match is not at all compatible. If they are married, everything is futtt..!!

Sanskar: pandi ji, I have heard your voice somewhere, and why ur voice is like girl?
Astrologer sets his voice.

Suj: sanky, don’t talk like that. Ok, pandi ji, you may go..

That astrologer keep going. Sanskar looks at him doubtfully.

Ragini comes near Laksh.
Rag: tell me truth Laksh.
Lak: Ragini…

Ragini hugs him tightly. Laksh: leave me Ragini…
But, she held him very tightly. Laksh gets tears in eyes. He too loses his control, and hugs her back. Ragini gets happy. She rests her head in his chest. They don’t break the hug.
Lak: I love you so much ragini…
Ragini keeps smiling.
Astrologer is going away. Sanskar follows him.
Ast: why he is following me??
Sanskar suddenly pulls the cloth he is wearing. That person, spins in that force and falls on Sanskar. The beard and moustache are fell from that person’s face. As, the person falls, Sanskar falls on ground and over him that person, accidentally lip lock happens.
Sanskar shocks. Both open their eyes. That person is Swara.
Sanskar keeps looking at her. and she too.

Laksh takes Ragini’s face into hands. she closes her eyes. He moves closer. Suddenly, door opens in force and it’s Shekar. Raglak shocks looking at him.

Swara moves far from Sanskar and stands embarrassed.
San: why did u do like this Swara?
Swa: bcz, raglak loved each other.
San amazes.
Swa: that’s why, I turned as astrologer and thought to made this marriage cancel.

Sanskar keeps thinking something. Swara starts crying.
San: why are you crying??
Swa: I thought, I have to kiss only my husband. And that too on…
Sanskar looks at her.
Swa: who will marry me if anyone knows this?
Sanskar smiles and tells: even I thought to kiss only my wife.
Now Swara looks at him.

Shekar comes furiously to Laksh and slaps him. Ragini shocks.

Precap: what happens??

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