crazy love- episode 7

Hi friends… Sorry so much, I couldn’t reply anyone in previous epi, as I was out of station. Thank you everyone for all the support and love… here’s the next part….

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Recap: are raglak liking each other?

Part 7:

Laksh is angry with Ragini that she humiliated the groom. Kavya is angry with Ragini as she slapped her. Ragini is angry with Laksh as he arranged sudden meeting.

She suddenly remembers her’s and laksh’s scarf scene. She gets shy and goes into shower and keeps getting wet remembering him. She keeps smiling.
Then again, “oh no..what I’m I doing??”
She thinks and comes out.

She looks a message from Laksh.
“baby…I love you so much…muah…” Ragini blushes. But replies, “Mr. Laksh..! what is this??”

He replies, “oh..i’m sorry again. I send it to you in mistake. It was for Kavya.”
Ragini gets sad suddenly. She replies, “Ok, we are meeting at morning 10 tomorrow.”
She falls on bed and keeps crying.

In Germany, Sanskar was thinking about Ragini.
Sanskar: it is very wrong..! she is married woman. I shouldn’t think about her.
But, he can’t forget her.
Sanskar: I will call to Ap aunty once. I will hear Ragini’s voice once and I will never call her again.

He thinks and calls to MM land phone.
“Hello..?” he hears a girl voice. Sanskar becomes damn silent. Because, he is sure that it is Ragini.
“Hello…who is this?” she asks again.
Sanskar gets tears in eyes and he cuts the call. Sujatha looks at him sadly.

Ragini keeps off the phone.
Ap: Ragini..who is in phone?

Rag: don’t know aunty. May be wrong number.

Ap: why did you come dear?

Rag: aunty, I just came to show you a video.

Laksh who just comes down pulls mobile from Ragini.

Ap: Laksh..what are you doing?

Rag: ya… I wanted to show a aarathi video to aunty.

Lak: oh…aarathi video… okok..go on…
Ap: why are you scared then?

Lak: nothing maa..! ragini, you said you have some work right…let’s go…
He takes away Ragini.

Ap: something suspicious…!

Lak: why did you come to my house??
Rag: bcz, ur making late. And sir, be punctual. Did you see a new match??
Lak: why?? However, you are going to humiliate him again.

Rag: if you arrange sudden meeting, I will do like that only.

Lak: ok, I brought a new photo. See it.

Laksh shows a new photo to her. That boy is very fat black and short and he kept a funny expression.
Ragini gets sad looking at it.

Lak: he is suitable to you. He earns huge, has a car, has a dog…

He turns back and looks at Ragini. She is silent. He sits beside her.
Lak: are you happy now??

He sees her tears falling on his mobile.
Lak: umm…

Ragini stands, “what are you thinking about me Laksh? I’m cheap?”

He stands beside her looking.

“are you thinking that I’m wasting your time and she is very waste and she doesn’t need a nice guy…” she keeps saying.

Laksh: I didn’t mean that Ragini…

Ragini: why are you humiliating me like this? what are you thinking about me??
She cries. Laksh feels bad. He comes near her and holds her near.
“I’m so sorry Ragini. I did it because, I was angry with you. I’m sorry. Don’t cry.”
She too hugs him and weeps silently.

Just then Kavya comes and sees them both hugging. She gets angry. She goes furiously near them and drags Ragini. She pushes Ragini and she falls in mud.

Laksh gets angry on kavya. ‘Kavya..! have you gone mad??”

Kavya: then?? Why are you hugging her??
Laksh: I was just consoling her…
Kavya: it was not like consoling, it was like romance.

Ragini gets hurt with her words. she stands and starts going away silently. Laksh about to go near Ragini.

Kavya: Laksh..! I’m your lover, not she..!
Laksh turns back and looks angrily at Kavya. Suddenly Ragini comes back and kisses on Laksh cheek shocking both of them.
Ragini puts her hand on his shoulder. Laksh in shock keep looking Ragini.

Ragini: what you will do now??
Kavya raises her hand to slap her. ragini holds her hand and twists.

Rag: never…mess up with me…

Lak: ragini…leave her…
She leaves.
Rag: I’m sorry for that Laksh…
Says Ragini and keeps running to go away. Laksh looks on.

Next day,
Laksh was in bath room. Ragini calls.
Lak: oh..won’t you leave me even now?

Rag: why? Where are you?

Laksh comes out: nothing…!
Rag: I just made a call to tell you important thing.

Lak: what is it?

Rag: come fast.. I will tell.

Laksh goes near her. He is holding a small puppy.
Rag: cute it is… is it for me??
Lak: no… it is for Kavya.
Rag becomes sad.

Lak: why did you call me??
Rag: I’m sorry for yesterday. I just gone crazy with Kavya’s overaction. Don’t think I’m shameless. I didn’t eat anything from yesterday as I k…

Lak: what?? Don’t take it much seriously…
Rag: even, I’m shocked. How could I do that??

Just then Kavya will come.
Rag slowly: why she enters between us always?
Lak: what?? Between us??

Kavya comes near Laksh.
Lak: baby, see.. what I bought for you..

Kavya takes puppy to hands and throw it down. Raglak shocks. puppy shouts in pain.

Rag: what are you doing Kavya??

Ragini takes puppy in hands and treats it.
Laksh keeps looking at Kavya in disbelief.

Kavya: what mr. Laksh? Got angry? Even I get angry if you stay close with her..!

Says KAvya and goes away.

Laksh is sad.

Rag: don’t take her words to heart.
Lak is silent still.
Rag: can I take this puppy atleast now…
Laksh smiles.
Rag: woo..thank you..
Laksh: I thought kavya would be beside me and encourage me…
Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: I have music competition now.
Rag: what? Then did you practice?

Lak: ya… I have to participate now…
Rag: then why are we waiting? Let’s go…

She holds his hand and keeps going. Laksh keeps looking at her.

They both go to the participation place. Ragini looks Laksh feeling nervous. She holds his hand. “Nothing Laksh… you will do best.. go a head…”

Suddenly he hugs her. she shocks.
Laksh: thank you Ragini..for giving me courage. Sorry, I have to hug someone when I’m nervous.

Ragini puts hands around him and pats his shoulder. He moves back. Both smile looking at each other.
Laksh goes on stage. Ragini is among audience.
He looks at her. she shows thumbs up to him.

He smiles and starts playing guitar. All people start cheering.
He sings…
Re Hai..
La La La La La La La La La La La La La Lah..
Guitar music follows… people start cheering even more louder. Ragini keeps looking everyone in happiness…
Hmmm He Hee
Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein
Ek Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai
(people’s cheers… Ragini also starts shouting…)
Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein
Ek Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai
Afsos Ye Hai Ke Vo Hamse
Kuchh Ukhda Ukhda Rehta Hai
Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein
Ek Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai…..

{hope u all enjoyed this song. I love this song very much in padosan movie…}

Laksh sings it in new remake way… everyone enjoys it. Totally he rocked the stage. Later he was announced as winner. More than him, Ragini feels happy.

He comes near her.
Ragini in tears: I’m so happy for you Laksh… I’m very glad…
Laksh keeps looking at her in simple smile.
Laksh: it’s already night now. Shall I drop you in home?
Ragini: no… it’s ok. I will go.
She takes the puppy and sits in her car.

She reaches home and Laksh also just comes. They are neighbours right. They look at each other and go into their houses.
Ragini holds the puppy and dances with it.
Laksh calls to Sanskar…

Precap: Sanskar’s entry…

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