crazy love- episode 6

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Recap: Laksh decides to get rid of Ragini and she teaches nice lesson to him.

Part 6:
Laksh was continuously looking for a groom in matrimonial sites. It was night 12’o clock. Ap comes near him.

Ap: you are looking for grooms?

Laksh: haa…it’s nothing maa.

Ap: I know, are you seeing for uttara?

Laksh: uttara? She is still kid mom.

Ap: hmm… but she is 20 years old. We saw a nice match to her. see this.
Laksh looks at the photo.

Laksh: yaa..he is good.

Ap in smile: marriage is a great change in girl’s life. She dreams about it a lot. And it brings her a great change.

Laksh: is it? maa, is marriage is that important for a girl?

Ap: of course, I just feel sad for that pity girl Ragini…her marriage was cancelled three times. (angrily)And two times it was because of you..! but, I still don’t understand why that girl ran away third time.

Laksh puts a sad face. (ap doesn’t know that laksh kidnapped her)

Ap: but she faced all that bravely.
Laksh: maa, is it really bad?
Ap: yaa…
Laksh: I really did a mistake?
Ap: of course you did. And I will be happy if you search a way to clean that sin.
Laksh is silent.
Ap: marry her Laksh.

Laksh: maa…
Ap: it’s ok. No need. If she marries you, she has to suffer. I wish a nice boy should come in her life.
Ap goes away. Laksh looks on.

Next day,
Laksh and Kavya will meet.
Kavya: baby…why are you so sad??

Laksh: Ragini… is torturing me Kavya…
He says everything.

Kavya: how dare she…! She is making my Laksh sad..! I won’t spare it. baby, take me near her. I will give her warning not to see at you again.

Laksh: haa…give her warning. But kavya, don’t scold too much…
Kavya: I know what to do…take me there…

Laksh takes Kavya to Ragini’s driving school. She was taking an important class.
Laksh hides. Kavya enters. They both keep Bluetooth so that they can talk.

Ragini: Kavya..?
Kavya: yup me..! and you all, what are you listening? Her lessons? What she can teach about roads and driving? Just ask her about how to torture people? How to eat their brains…

Ragini: what the hell you are talking kavya…! Get out from here..!

Kavya: can enter in anyone’s life right..! don’t you have any other work?
Laksh in phone: yes kavya..keep going.

Kavya: don’t you have shame to do like this? trapping rich men is your work??

Laksh shocks: kavya…no stop words like that.

Kavya: you don’t like to marry the person whom your parents select and you want some innocent boys…who are rich…

Ragini gets tears: kavya…control your tongue.

Kavya: why? Did I speak anything wrong? You all know about Ragini’s history right.
Why are you back of my would be? You want him to control and rob him from me? Have some shame…

Laksh beats his head why Kavya is speaking like that. Ragini gets tears in eyes and leaves from the place wiping her tears. Laksh who was hiding looks at her sadly.

Then he goes inside.
Laksh: Kavya? Have you gone mad? What is the need of saying such words?

Kavya: there is nothing wrong..!

Suddenly, someone slaps her. laksh amazes and looks. Ragini has slapped Kavya. Kavya holds her cheek and looks angrily at her.

Ragini: Yes..! I’m emotional. But not weak….!

Laksh looks amazingly at her.

Ragini: what do you think Kavya? I will listen to whatever you say. This is my place. Get out right now..! and one more thing, if I decide to take revenge, no one can escape..!

Kavya goes away holding her cheek with red eyes. Laksh keeps looking Ragini admiringly and leaves.

Kavya goes away to home. Laksh keeps thinking about Ragini. They way she responded to Kavya and way she responded to him during driving.

Laksh: wow Ragini… you are too brave. But, you are timid sometimes. Whatever, I liked your character.
Then he remembers the betrayal he done to her.
Laksh: I’m so sorry for all that Ragini. Now, surely I will look a nice groom for you. I have realized my mistake completely.
Thinks Laksh.

Next day,
Swara is singing some song… dogs will be barking.

Rag: swara…stop. Then only, those dogs will shut.
Swa: this world is jealous of my voice. But gave nice answer to kavya.
Rag: but, I slapped her. she might felt bad.
Swa: no bad…she deserves it..

Ragini phone rings. It’s Laksh.
Ragini: what?
Laksh: come and meet me soon.
Ragini: mr…! I have to say time not you.
Laksh: but Ragini… I have to meet you. It’s emergency.

Ragini gets ready and goes alone. She is in white top in blue jeans.

Ragini: why did you call me?
Laksh: I will tell….

He suddenly sees Kavya coming there with her friends.
Laksh: omg..! kavya is coming. We have to hide.

Ragini: why I have to hide? It’s your problem..

Laksh: man..she will kill us, if she finds us together. Come on give that scarf.
Ragini: what??

Laksh: give it.

Ragini takes out the scarf. Laksh puts the scarf around them.

Ragini: hey..! what are you doing? If anyone sees…

Laksh: just bear for a while…

Laksh covers their heads with her scarf. Ragini keeps looking at him. Laksh looks at other side. Kavya goes away.
Laksh: she went off…
He says and looks at Ragini who was already looking at her.

Laksh: hello?
Ragini: why are you afraid of her? do you love her or just scared of her?
Laksh: hey..i really love her…

Ragini comes out of the scarf and starts laughing.
Ragini: you can love too??
She laughs and gets hit with some boy. The things in that boy hands fall down.

Ragini: oh..i’m sorry…

That boy: can’t you see you dirty b—-

Finish…Laksh punches him in his face. That boy falls down. Ragini looks at Laksh amazingly.

Then some more boys come.

Other boy: for one word you hit him…what you will do if we touch her?

Laksh: touch her and see…

That boy about to touch Ragini… Laksh holds his hand and twists it tightly. He shouts in pain.
Ragini keeps looking at Laksh admiringly.

Other boys come on Laksh to fight with him. A great war starts. Laksh keeps hitting them badly. Those boys run away.

Later Laksh comes near Ragini. She sees a wound on his hand. She takes her scarf and ties it.
Laksh: hey…that’s very costly scarf right… why are you spoiling it?
Ragini: thank you….

He looks at her.
“Lucky…” a boy calls. They looks at him. A handsome boy comes near them.

Laksh: hey dude…! This is Ragini. And Ragini, he is Sanjay.
Ragini looks confusedly at Laksh.

Laksh: this is the new match for you. He is nice guy. He earns good. he has no bros and siss.

Ragini asks him to stop. Then she asks Sanjay

Ragini: where do you work?

Sanjay: in amazon.

Ragini: in amazon forest?
Sanjay laughs: no…amazon online shopping mall…

Ragini sarcastically: oh… online dukan mein kaam karthi hei aap??

Sanjay face expressions changes.

Ragini: how many goods do you sell everyday?

Sanjay goes away being humiliated.

Laksh angrily: what is the need of humiliating him Ragini? If you don’t like you could have said me.

Ragini: who asked you to arrange this meeting suddenly? Are you my dad to arrange marriage??

Laksh: have kept this condition right…

Ragini: do you think I will get married without saying to my parents? You have to do all this with their acceptance. And arranging suddenly like this… do you think it’s a game??

Laksh becomes silent.

Ragini: I was liking you just before that you fought for me. But you are stupid always..

Scolds Ragini and leaves. Laksh looks on…

Precap: Ragini cries and Laksh consoles.

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