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Shekar holds Laksh’s collar.
Shekar: you are the one who is the reason for everything, and now you want to cheat her also??
Ragini: daddy, he really loves me.
Shekar: shut up..!
Laksh: uncle, this is truth. Please believe me. I really love Ragini and I have realized it.
Shekar drags him out. Laksh holds his legs and pleads him. Ragini is in tears.

Laksh: uncle, I agree that I have done wrong with Ragini many times. I have known my mistake. Now, I really want her.
Shekar pushes Laksh out. Sanskar just comes and holds him. Laksh then remembers about Sanskar that he has sacrificed Ragini for him. “omg..! what did I do??” thinks he.

Shekar: Sanskar, your friend is cheating you. He loves a girl whom you are going to married.
Sanskar: he didn’t cheat uncle. He has given up.
Shekar amazes.
Sanskar looks at Ragini and Laksh.
Sanskar: swara said me everything.
Swara just comes.

Sanskar: uncle, Laksh may be a open type guy. But, he is not bad. He used to be carefree before. But, he knows his responsibilities now. moreover, Ragini also loves him. And Ragini…why didn’t you tell me this??

Ragini: I’m sorry Sanskar. I felt you would feel bad if I reject you. And I was bond to my parent’s wish.

Swara: buddu.. if you keep bonds like that what happens to your life? Three of you would have never been happy. You are one mad and this Laksh is other mad.

Sanskar: truth..! and both this mad people deserve to be couple.

All laugh. Shekar also agrees.

Ragini: what about Kavya??

Laksh: kavya..? she already broke up with me. On the day I gave you puppy. Now, she is also going to get married to Sahil who is rich than me.

Swara: that girl suits for him only. Don’t worry.

So on a nice muhurtham, Raglak are married. Even Sanskar marries Swara later and takes her to Germany.

Raglak starts their new crazy life story…

That the end guys. Actually, I have to end this in last episode only. I wanted to drag a bit, but lack of ideas.
I’m writing haunted ff present… so I will entertain you with that… horror starts from next episode. Be ready to face the ghost….hahahaha….

Thank you for reading guys… please comment…. Sorry for the short update.


  1. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Lovely ending. It’s nice RagLak got each other’s love and Ragini happily got married. Thank you so much for writing this FF Astra. All the RagLak moments were great 💕

  2. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Awww!!!!it ended….bt y sooo soooon…i loved dis story.. still it ws super doooper awesome update dear….loved it to d core
    ….raglak’s crazy love ws mindblowng…!gonna miss dis story a lotzzzz….waitng for HAUNTED nxt part,post it soon..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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