A crazy little thing called love episode 9


Rags stands and few people coming walking in beautifull sarees and salwarz and finally our sony comes with a golden red colour mix saree and rags walking with her….
Show ends all claps..
Its songs starts playing …
All were dancing…
Suddenly light goes out …

Shano shano songs playsss and enjoys dancing with song by disvo lights.
Sanskar sees this goes from their with teardy eyes laksh and swara also follows him.
Nimmy gets doudt and reaches their.
Sanskar stands at a open place closes eyes and reminds a flash back blurry one ..
Where a girl is standing infront of her and proposing all makes fun of her girls crying and leaving from their.
Swara keeps hand on him and he Opens eyes and seez them .
Laksh:-are u ok.
Sanskar:-because of our one prank killed someone innocense that innocense which i fell in love and liked her madly my fear made me weak i thought to keep her away but i never thought i send her from her self ..

She herself lost somewhere in dark her face is no more innocent or she is not looking at me with that love she used to have for me In our schoolings.
Nimmi :-so wat u think she will love u still wat ever u did to her when she came to express her feelings.
Wat if u boys would do if u were in her position haa i knew it boys like u will feel its like a big insult and will kill that girl or will spoil their face right but here hurted and insulted was ragini right thats why she cant hurt u thats way she is hurting herself ..
U knew wat she stopped beliving in love she just smiles thats it she stopped laughing..
Sony:-leave it na yar there is point to talk with them.
Just then rags comes..
Rags:-hi nimmi u were here and their ur boyfrd is searching u like you were lost kid in some mella..
Sony laughs and says come rags in wat angel this 5 foot 7 inche looking like kid for him.
Rags:-love is blind baby.
They both hi fives to each other.

Nimmi:-very funny one day i will also pull your leg with your bf see and bites her tongue.
Rags smiles vanishes but composes herself.
Rags:-come on yar know dont take my mom postion she is already killing me in name of marriage and all.
Nimmi:-first u say why u cane out from party.
Rags shows phone and says. Ghar ki ganti bajraha hai so came out to talk and i fid same old dialogues.
Nimmi:-why dont to think about it…
Sony:-she is facing becoz of u only.
Nimmi:-wat i did.
Tina:-if u and pratik married then she will make uttara and sameer married right then her mother half problem will slove but see this girl.
Nimmi:-fine mari sab maaa we are deciding datez ok.
Sony tina and rags finally ….
Nimmi:-lets go inside.
Rags:-u go inside i am waiting for a call..
Sony:-mee too yar.
Tina:-mee to yar.
Nimmi:-rags is waiting fir confirmation call and sony is for show purpose for which call u were waiting.
Tina:-i am waiting when they will get call.
Sony and rags laughs.
Nimmi:-how u became crime reporter yar.
Tina:-the way u became police officer that to asp.

Rags:-worthfull question yar nimmi.
Nimmi:-u also rags..
Some officer comes and calla nimmi inside.
Sony:-jaa nimmi karo apni duty.
Nimmi turns and shows anger..
Sony and rags gets call and moves to different corners.
Tina goes to them.
Tina:-how r u guys and sanskar u became so silent yar why like tgat.
Sanskar:-its nothing just ..
Tina:-guilty right.
Sanskar looks at her.
Tina:-tried to talk with rags.
Tina:-just make a try some wat u will get relief from your guit….
And turns to swara and says.

Tina:-swara i want to say this to u inside only but my frds will become upset by reminding past so thats why i didnt but now i will and for u also laksh.
They both nodes.
Tina:-i just hate u from core of my heart and after knowing you both i was surprised that their is no negative things in your business how come you both turned so postive yar by turning someone life hell and.
Rags keeps hands on her shoulder and says
Will u stop now or shall i meet u guts after 2 years..
Tina stops talking ..
Rags:-lisen i selected as designer and sony selected as model in paris contract wont u congralulate me.
Tina hugs them both.
Sanskar:-congrates ragini.
Rags looks at him and says thank u….

Precap:-a fresh morning and a turn into their lifes

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. Rags ko sanky se baat karva dho na yaar

    1. It will take time yar

  2. nice plz updte soon

  3. Awsm nd plzz update nxt prt soon

  4. Waitinggg for my fav pair to clear their missunderstanding

  5. Precap looks interesting..??

  6. I enjoyed the episode.hope ragini gets back her faith in love.

    1. Hmm dhara thank u so much for your comment i replied but it didnot posted sry for that.
      Once thank u for liking all my ff

  7. It’s ok.honestly i like all of your ff. Because you made my dream pair alive(ragsan)actually i couldn’t comment because i didnot have a email ID.i know its quiet difficult to believe.but truly i didn’t have a email ID

  8. Superb. Make them meet quickly

  9. Superbb

  10. Awesome dear

  11. nice but make them talk dea

    1. They will in upcoming episode

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