A crazy little thing called love episode 8


Sanskar sees ragini different photos and thinks..
Dont knew how long is it.
This book is funny but made me realise that how much u loved me
Every time you met.
Everytime you turned to me.
Do you knew how much i have to force myself
Can you hear that … my heart is telling u i love you ..
But i can’t reveal my true feelings to anyone .
He turns next photo where is his hand pic is there.
First time i touched u ..
And i want to keep that moment.
Next photo is of apple half bitten.
That day i gave apple i bite it..

Though i love u..
Though i feel for u….
But i m isn’t brave enough to express my feeling to u.
When laksh was trying on u i dont knew why but i got angry and wat ever condition i want him to be far from u and in that trail i hurted u a lot…
I dont knew why and how but i love u alot and today i am leaving but one day i will return in your life on that day i wont leave u and i will make u mine forever and closes book and keeps it in his bag and leaves with football team members.
Ragini crying by seeing button and says i hate and you were my first and last love in my life …
I will never love any one or never allow any one to hurt me or judge me again.
I hate you sanskarr…

Sanskar comes on bike to a place with baby he entres and sees a girl explaing by showing few buildings to customers she turns and sees sanskar and excuses her self from customers and goes to wards him.
and takes baby from him and says..
Swara:-sorry to bother uu today i and laksh got meeting at same time otherwise.
Laksh comes and says we would manage him
Sanskar:-never mind

Your son is like my son…
Swara:-feels bad by seeing her laksh consoles her..
Sanskar:-oh plz dont start crying now cry baby and rubes her hair.
Swara:-takes his hands from her hair and says i am not crybaby and u messing up my hair.
Sanskar and laksh laughs.
Sanskar:-ok i have too go know.
Laksh:-haa how about tv show they called us we r going are u coming.
Sanskar:-dont knew have to see..
Laksh:-still u were pretending that like u does’nt care …but fact is u care her more than any thing.
Because of your fear this happen

Sanskar:-fine i am coming..
Swara:-that like a good boy…
Scene shifts a show set is showing.
Staff:-get ready .
5 4 3 2 1 and goo.
Anchor:- now we are with ragini rao…
The designer of bollywood and Tollywood industry..
Not one actor or actress were mot their who was not fan of her desiginig.
She stay their are still plans on her work wat u say miss rao.
Rags:-thank u fot ur wonderfull introduction on me but still i have to develop my skills..
Anchor:-in your young age u were not at all beautifull but always good in studies that to only english wat make u to change ur Self so much would u like to share with us.
Rags:-its like few bad experiences teach us and i too thought in my life like that only ..
Anchor:-do u want to share with us..

Rags:-i am sorry to say but its my personel thing i cant share with all.
Anchor:-its ok we were sorry to bother u…
That is for today i hope u like it…
Shows ends .
Channel head comes and takes rags to channel party and introduces her to few people.
Finally he taking her to sanskar ans swara and laksh..
Rags was talking in phone and was not seeing now they were standing opposite to each rags cuts call and looks shocked by seeing them.
Tv head:-i hope their is no need kf introduce sanskar maheswari as he is india football player and a wellknow photographer…
She unwantedly shake hands with him.
Head:-these and mr &mrs swara and laksh khanna owners of construction and realestates.
She too shake hands with them.
Head:-enjoy the party mam..
Rags:-hi one sevond where is pratik rai.
Head:-mam he is on the way when he come we will inform u.
Their was a pin drop silence between them suddenly someone taps on rags shoulder and turns and gets surprised to see nimmi sony and tina..
They have group hugs.
Laksh:-still same gang yar and i wat a dradtic change in them and their careers..
Nimmi seez sanskar and his gang and says wat the hell they are doing here.
Rags:-first u say where is your so Called woodbe …he said that he will secure me in this party lazy asp…
Nimmi:-hi he is not lazy asp haa he is lazy but not in asp dress.
Sony:-someone is getting very possessive..
All laughs..

Swara goes towards them say hi.
Nimmi about to speak but sony tina stops her.
Tina:-hi u 3 used to be our senior right.
Sony:-seriously theze are our senior thats why from that time i am thinks by seeing them that some where i watched them finally i got my answer and says hi..
Swara signals sanskar and laksh too come.
Mean while pratik comes in uniform.
Pratik:-hello young ladies waiting for me.
Rags:-wow some one said me in phone that he will give security to Me and see he is only late.
Pratik:-sry yar emergency.
Rags smiles and side hugs to him.
Pratik to sanskar:-hello sanskar maheswari how r u.

Sanskar:-fine how r u.
Pratik:-me fine sir but a lot busy in arranging securty afterall big big people are their here.
Rags:-stop it yar.
Pratik:-hi sanskar may be u dont knew them let me introduce.
She is nimmi my woodbe and fellow asp officer ..
Nimmi shake hands him with hatred.
Sony a sucessfull super hot model..shakes hands with anger.
Tina my god stay away from her because a very dangerous reporter if she caught any one mistake thats it …
Tina hits him and says very funny tina shake hands with him and says i hope i never caught u because i will make people life hell If i caught their sins.
Sanskar gives a normal smile.
Like swara and laksh introduction also done and they came to knew that they were married and having a boy.

Nimmi slowly to sony.
By ruining other life they made their life happy see…
Tina:-will u just stop it they can hear.
Nimmi:-if they hear i dont care.
Rags:-oye i am also hear only will talk to me also..
Head comes again…
Miss.rao every thing is set and miss sony plzz come..
Tina takes her camera..
Nimmi:-wat happening.
Rags:-a small fashion show on their employess and sony will show stopper and tina is reporting this.
Nimmi:-why u people didnt say.
Sony:-u profession doesnt fit here naa wat role u will play.

Rags:-she has a role who will control crowd.
Nimmi:-he he very funny and by the way true also come lets go

Precap:-sansky talk to laksh and swara about rags in party and nimmi lisens to it

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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