A crazy little thing called love episode 7


Next morning …
Rags practising continusely ..
Laksh and swara passes from their and sees her and looks at each other and tries to go their but stops seeing sanskar coming towards them.
Sanskat:-wat happen why r u standing like this.
They both signals him towards ragini who is practising.
Sanskar looks at them.
Swara:-we have to say sorry.
They all goes towards her but stops ..
Rags hits herself by stick on head and sits on ground by head down
Teacher comes and keeps hands on her shoulder..
Teacher:-tired ragini.
Rags:-mam i cant do it i am tired of practising.
Teacher:-u were not tired of practising and u knew why r u failing.
Rags:- lack of concentration.
Teacher:-hmm yes but u knew why u were unable to concentrate ..
Rags:-thinks and says no.
Teacher too sits with her and says.
Because you were thinking to win at any cost and practising thats why u were failing ..
If u practise it by loving and enjoying then u will automatically win .
Remember one thing in life ragini.When u think to win and do any Work u may win or not in that time u cant bear lossing.
When u do any work in life by enjoying it and loving it then without your knowledge u will win and if u fail also it will doesnt matter u ..
U should win in life with love but not with ego or eagerness to get something if it is written for u then it will definetly comes to u if u dont want also …
Rags:-u mean to say we should not run behind which doesnt belong to u or which doesnt made for us.
Teacher:-in this world god didnot created thing for few people only ..
God just created a beautifull world we r deciding that we are capable for it or not.
Rags:-hmm thank u mam for ur suggestion i will never forget these words and u in my life..
Teacher:-shall we practise untill u success i will be there for u.
Rags:-but i want your presences even after my success mam
And hugs her.

Rags gets up and starts practising again and finally she wins in catching stick ..
Teacher claps for her.
Unknowingly .
Swara laksh and sanskar leaves from their..
Sanskar brought football trophy for school.
Rag done very good performances in a sports day .
Exams time ..
Its time to leave sanskar from school.
Rags returns after writing exams she passes from corrider and sees laksh standing their but leaves from their as if she didnot notice him.
Laksh stops her by calling rags.
Rags turns and says only my dear frds calls me like that and u have no right to call me rags because i dont even knew about u or i dont want to also and about to leave.
Laksh:-sorry for our words towards u . I am really sorry.
Rags:-i dont care wat ever u spoke about me u see as i said i dont want to because wat ever u people said is true i knew about me very well and i dont think i have to prove myself infront of u people who doenst have anything in life expect betting on someones life.
Laksh:-why r u taking us wrongly ..we didnt bet on you i dont knew why sanskar said like that.
Rags:-its ok and u were right their is no point in getting angry at u.
Laksh:-that means can i think u forgive us.
Rags:-i said i had no issues with u people not then not now and no more and leaves from.
Laksh tooks at a corner and nodes his head.
Sanskar and swara becomes up set ..
Sanskar goes home and sees few people .
Dad:-their he is my son and these are indian football university people who came her after watching ur match they loved it
And they want u to be in their team .
First they will trained u then direct selection
Sanskar gets happy and hugs his father.
Dad:-now go and get ready because u now its self going with them to delhi for training.
Sanskar goes to room and sits on study table and take a book and unties it ..
Inside book its all having ragini photos.

Precap:-sansky pov

Sry i will update next part today itself sorry for short update

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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