A crazy little thing called love episode 6


Rags eating teacher comes and stands aside of her she slowly moves her head by opening her mouth and stands.
Teacher looks here and their and takes her with her by dragging her with hands to ground.
And shows her a long stick and asks her to be major leading drum girl in upcoming annual sport day.
Ragini doenst accept but teacher forces her and submits her name.
Rag sits with her frds in disbelief.
Wat happen why r u upset.
Rags:-why cant she search for someone else why she always forces me i cant do it anymore.
Nimmi sits next to her and says.
Nimmi:-are u getting tired of trying.
Rags:-nodes in yes.
Sony:-,dont u love him any more.
Rags:-no i mean i can never stop loving him..
Tina:-then why r u upset u changed ur attire ur dressing style Infact u became fair for his sake then right.
Rags:-keeps her head down and says yes.
Nimmi:-then give a try to this also it u didnt find any improvement then leave it.
Rags smiles and takes stick goes to ground and practises a lot by threwing it and catching it.

Meanwhile sanskar is practising football he sees ball infront of him and goal
Dad comes and sees from a corner.
Dad:-oh my god he is going to kick penatly kick and about to go but his frd stops him …
Sansky misses his first kick and keeps his head down.
Laksh comes forward and says its not the actuall kick its a trail and signals to opponent team and they too says that its a trail kick and this time which u are going to kick is actual one.
Sanskar:-who invented 2 penatly kicks your anuty.
Team:-yes its my aunty rule.
Laksh:-even its my aunty rule.
Coach :-if its you r going to kick again then even its from aunty rule and asks him to kick again.
All looks curious towards sanskar just then rags comes and becomes tensed and starts praying for him.
Sanskar sees ball and then net and finally kick it successfull
All shouts in excitement his dad becomes emotional and says my son wont be loser like me.
Coach:-do u were ready to play for our school.
Sanskar nodes and gets happy and turns shows thumsup and smiles rags too smiles but finds weird and sees back where swara jumping in excitement.
Rags gets teardy eye and goes from their she sits in dark and things i have to prove myself that I am best and this time i will change my self for my betterment not for anyones attension and stands up and starts practising and studying both at a time …
Finally that day arrives and she does very well in sports day and exams also ….
Laksh by seeing rags in ground talks to sanskar.
Laksh:-hi i am fixed that i am going to date ragini.
Sanskar:-wat r u sure that too rags
Laksh:-yes i saw many girls but she is different.
Sanskar:-yes she is different.
Laksh:-did u say anything..
Sanskar:-i mean to say she is not
Your type thats it u cant date her its difficult.

Laksh:-you were challenging me.
Sanskar:-no i am just saying that.
Laksh:-thats it dude now i will show u if laksh once fixed wat she can do and leaves towards rags
Sanskar:-i doesnt mean it.
Laksh:- hi i am laksh may i knew your name .
Laksh forwards hand and ragini unwantedly forwards her hand he pulls her and hugs her ..she gets shocked and pushes him and says i dont like all this and leaves from their.
Sanskar gets angry and goes towards him and says.
Sanskar:-i said u she is not your type why u hugged her.
Laksh:-why r u getting angry is she your type …
Swara:-oh plzz she is no ones type here.
Sanskar:-oh shut up…and yaa she is no ones type ok and atleast she is not bet type also and sees laksh laksh:-hi u were talking rude about her she is not that bad..
Sanskar:-oh plzz laksh stop talking about her i am not at all interested and sees laksh and swara shocked and guilt face ..
Sanskar:-wat happen why u keep your faces like this.
They both signals her to look at that side.
Sanskar turns and gets shocked to see ragini who is standing statue and crying…
She runs from their.
Sanskar feels bad and keeps his down …laksh and swara comes forward and says i think we spoke alot about her may be she is not like that….sanskar goes from their
and stand at corrider and watches ragini running by wiping her tears and hits his hand to wall…

Next scene…
Rags crying on nimmi lap and remaining frds consolleing them.
Nimmi:-i will bang his head see.
Sony:-dont bang his head we should punch on his mouth for talking bad about ragini.
Tina:-first we should hits ourself for supporting ragini without knowing about him completely…
All becomes silent after some time nimmi says.
Nimmi:-utill know u changed a lot to just gain his attension but from know u should change for your self respect you should become strong for fighting for yourself.
Rags:-wipes her tears and says yes untill now i tired to gain his tension and did for him but know i will do for myself i will get first i will go to usa from now i will change and live for my parents…
All frds gets happy and hugs each other….

Recap:-A one year leap…
Final days of school

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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