A crazy little thing called love episode 5


At drama teacher giving instructions and goes and sits near box sanskar gets up from that box teacher gets afraid and shout ..
Teacher:-wat the hell r u doing inside the box are u nuts and why r u holding painting brush
Sanskar:-i am painting inside box.
Teacher:-painting inside box by sitting inside why.
Sansky:-because its interior designing.
All laughs rags too smiles and sanskar sees it and gets relived .
Teacher scolds him to change place and then doo your painting.

Rags goes to dressing room and sees sanskar standing with camera near that book and gets tensed..
Sanskar:-are u going home.
Rags nodes and runs and collects books just then a slip of paper falls down which has a sanskar Phone number she sees down and then to him and immediately keeps her leg on it and starts walking by dragging that paper with leg by making sounds.
She stop seeing him and smiles he too smiles and asks her to take care..
She nodes and leaves from their by dragging leg.
Sanskar:-she walked normaly while coming in wat happen to her while going..
Next day .
Teacher:-this is swara from now she will take care of makeup and dress for our drama.
Swara greets them and asks teacher from where to start.
Teacher:-from me.
Swara widens eyes and asks wat
Teacher:-i mean from snowwhite and shows ragini.
Swara takes ragini and does makeover .
Sanskar is standing on stairs and Painting wall and gets stunned to see ragini in pink mix white gown.
All get surprised as she looks so beautifull.
Swara turns to sanskar and says.
Swara:-how is my make up skills.
Sanskar:-it doesnt show any improvement on her as she is same like always and leaves from their.
Rags looks at him and her frds comes and says he doesnt have taste that why he said like that you Were looking like a cute princess.
They all hugs each other and smiles…
Last day of rehersal as tomorrowvis annual day.
Rags getting ready and sleeps on bed.
Teacher shouts all to get into postions.
Sanskar is standing their by painting a tree.
Teacher:- where is that idiot prince.
One boy comes and says that he is suffering from diarrhea so he didnt come to school.
Teacher:- is he crazy? How can he have diarrhea when tomorrow is annual day any way hey sanskar stop painting that tree and play a prince role for today.
He gets ready in coat rags imaginez sanky getting close and opens her eyes and sees some other person every close to her she jerks and gets up immediatdly and hits corner od stage and about fall sanskar holds her hand and stops her from falling they both share a eyelock by seeing this her frds gets happy
Sansky:-you almost fell and about to break your neck.
Rags looks down and again towards him.
He makes her stand properly and leaves from their…
Annual day.
Ragini drama is quite boring as no One is watching seriously to them but rags continuesly searches for sanskar but invain he is no wear.

Sanskar sits near principal office and his dad is ironing his shirt .
Principal:-he is going to collect his award in photography he got 1st in among 50 schools snd u send him with out ironing his shirt.
Dad says sorry and irons and makes him wear and principal takes him and leaves to collect
Reward …
Rags while searches watches a guy observing her with a smiles but she doenst notice him finally drama completes and all goes to dressing room their rags sees a bitten apple and a slip which is wriiten as “To my snow white ”
Frds sees this and say who might have kept it.
Rags:-may be sanskar..
Nimi:-ah haa thinking too long first u try to speak with him for atleast Minute ok.
Rags hits her and they laughs together….
At night
Rags talks to button.
Why u didnot come to see my drama u knew how much i waited for u but u wont care about me at all and threws it after seconds he runs all over room finally finds it and cleans it and keeps again in box safely.
Next sansky at ground a boy comes from back and touches his shoulder he turns back and shouts laksh and hugs him.
Sanskar:-hi frds he is laksh my kindergarden frd
Sanskar:-how come u were here.
Laksh:-my dad is planing to open a business hear so he has to be hear for few years so i too came..
Sanky:-thats good news come we will go to canteen.
Rags is also at canteen and takes few compliments from students for her drama.
Laksh and sanskar comes their and sees her.
Laksh:-this is the girl i am talking about i want her number.
Sansky gets worried and says no u cant follow her.
Sanaky:-because she is too young.
Laksh:-ohh plzz while i was in school i used to ask 5th class girls Numbers also.
Sansky opens mouth in wat expression laksh sees this and laughs .
Laksh:-hi come on i m just kidding.
At ground
Laksh kicks ball and givez to sansky to kick.
He watches him angrily and says.
Sansky:-why u always give me penatly kick.
Laksh:- untill now,u still afraid of it Ur dad also forgetten about it then why not u.
Sansky:-its not like that .
Sansky:-its so easy kick and i dont want to waste my time in easy kicks and leaves from their.
Cheer girls coming from down but unfortunatelt they falls down by slipary floor.
At principal office.
Principal:-who will be the major drum girl then..
Teacher seez rags threwing shettle bat to get whether ball from corner of tree and thinks some thing and say i already selected u dont worry.
Principal:-are u sure..

Precap:-rags changes herself for sanskar…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. Hey..sanskar mario maurer ki copy ni kr skta so plz tum ye sb vsa mt kro..i knw tum a crazy thing called love jo thailand ki movie h use copy kr rhi ho..
    Mario :*:*
    Anyways its nice..
    Very nice !
    Keep it up
    I knw its very dffclt ..cz itne busy schedule me tym nikalna is smwat dffclt na!

    1. Hi kavya dont worry i am not copying completely from movie i will in upcoming episode i hope u will love it

      1. Ook! 🙂
        Thnx btw! :* 🙂

  2. Getting interesting day by day..its awesome Sindhu di

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