A crazy little thing called love episode 4

At school.
Rags:-wat r u doing why r u seeing at that boy like that.
Nimmi:-i can hypnotizi..
Sony:-really how.
Tina:-first u says spelling of it..
All laughs ..
Nimmi:-very funny i will show u see and sees at boy with funny expression and says now u will eat eat eat..and that boy eats ..
Nimi see he ate.
Remaining three watches her Angrily and hits her.
Sony :-if u dont say to eat also he will eat because he is having a sppon full of food infront of his mouth.where did u read this stupid thing.
Nimmi:-its written in book that
We have to concentrate our mind .
Then look at our beloved .

Try to control his mind.
Tell him to do things we want .if he follows our command that means he is your soul mate.
Ragini turns and sees sanskar having lunch with frds ..
Rags:-(slowly) turn this way turn turn
A boy from his gang sees her and call sanskar and shows towards
her and when he turned all his frds gets up and eats lunch from his plate.
Rags:-he turned to me.
Nimmi:-who turned rags.
Rag:-no one.
They finds sanskar seeing them.
Sony:-did u hypothenise him.
Rag:-hey no are u crazy why i will..
And says yes i did
Tina:-then why did you tell us this book is non sense.
Sansky turns back and sees his frds eating his lunch and beats them.
Rags:-i said wantedly actually i belived that book.
Sony:-then why do say like that.
Rag:-i got afraid that if u come to knew you people may tease me.
Nimmi:-may not we will tease you and shouts by shaking her..
Frds takes her to parking area and sends her to keep chocolate on his bike and they did it comes back and hides and sees sansky coming towards his bike.
Sanskar observes chocolate on his bike and sees here and their and thinks and takes it into hand but it melts and bike gets spoiled.
Rags says shit.

Nimmi:-we forget one thing that Our country is tropical and that yo this is summer.
They all hits their heads
Tina:-mangoes but how it will be romantic.
Sony:-their he is coming but why that girl going towards him that to with cake.
All sees at them curiously.
Girl comes and gives cake to sansky.
Sanskar:-thank u but why…
Girl:-you gave me mangoes remember i made cake with it and thought to give u.
Sansky:-thats so sweet of u.
Rags watches at frds angrily.
Nimmi:-fine we accept it that mangoes idea is romantic…
Tina:-i got a idea
Tina:-sanskar should drop ragini to home .
Ragini:-but how and why
Nimmi:- because your bike break down.
Sony:-but when he tries to start it he will come to knew that her bike is ok naa.
Tina:-hmm wat if she lost her bike keys.

Nimi takes keys from rags and threws and says like this.
Rag:-wat have done.
Sony:-do u want to go with him are not.
Rags nodes her head.
They lisen a bike dound turns and sees sanskar taking swara with her…
Rags sees frds angrily and frds says before it becomes dark search for the keys and rags wat r u seeing my face u too search and pushes her…
They complete their one year and know in next class.
Uttara runs down by holding a sheet and rags chasing her…
Uttara:-mom mom see this drawing it seem rags has a boy frd.
Mom takes that paper and sees and asks uttara to go from their and speaks to rags.
Mom:-this is the not age to think about this all stuff and dont u want to meet your dad dont u want u go to usa.
She silently goes to her room and slowly days passes…
School opening.
All goes towards class room suddenly sanskar and ragini collides with each other and books falls from their hands while going.

Ragini stops smiles and turns.
Sanskar:-for u still time is their to read senior books and i already read these junior class books sooo.
Rags looks books that she catching and realeses and the both exchanges their books.
Final going that mango take girl taunta ragini ..she gets angry and Keeps her leg front of that girl and she falls immediately rags runs from their and frds laughs by seeing her on ground that girl turns and sees them frds too runs from their..
Annual day celebration.
Rags:-why me mam i dont want to that to drama of snowwhite no.
Nimi:-who will watch drama teacher.
Sony:-ofcourse we only we should only play and we should only see.
Teacher :-shut up its confirmed.
When teacher speaking rags seeing sanskar in drama helping club and immediately accepts it.
Frds looks at her shocked and she shows sanskar to them and they too accept for drama.
After rehersals are were at canteen that mango girl mixes few things in drink and goes from their swara see this and follows her doudtedly.
Rags passes from that girl.

Girl:-excuse me ragini i am sorry i should not talk to u like that.
Rags:-even i am sorry about making u fall.
Girl:-its ok lets began our frdship with this juice which i brought to u plzz have it.
Rags takes it and about to have it swara holds her hand and stops itt and says..
Lets this girl have first
Swara turns and says if u like to drink redchille powder juice then Drink it otherwise return back to her..
Rags seez that girl and she keeps her head down ..
Rags:-i wont drink it but definetly accept it by thinking we both are starting a new frdship here and leaves from their.
Swara goes to her gang where sansky also present and says wat ever happen they all looks at her and sansky looks at rags who is having tears in her eyes …

Precap:-drama rehersals

Sanskar making rags smile to change her mood.

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  1. Nice….but are uttara and rags sisters? I thought that ragsa nd swara were sisters??? Sindhu plz explain

    1. uttara and ragini r sisters.. swara is frnd of sanskar… and swara is senior to ragini.. and swara n sanskar r in same class…

      1. Thank u ambika i hope u understand lila

    2. So sanky dont love rag she is just feeling like that ohhh poor rag may be sanky loves swara

  2. So cute sanky

  3. Superb dear

  4. Dis first love movie(a little thing called love) movie but Chinese actors am i correct??

    1. I dnt knew about actors but movie was awesome movie

  5. didi what about ur another ff the four friends ?

    1. Completed dear i love to see cid serials but unable to write thats why i stopped with happy ending

  6. Wow…want to see more ragsan scenes

  7. Hey its nice but it seems like t story is same like one korean movie…I did nt rem t name correctly think its “first love”…sry I did nt mean to hurt u just said

  8. Its not chainees bus thailand movie first love. Very nice film. Thank u sindhu for ur ff

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