A crazy little thing called love episode 3

Rag sister shouts uncle came from usa.
All runs towards them greets him and takes him inside and serve food.
Ragini:-uncle how is my dad .
He is missing us or not.he is not visiting us.
Uncle :-he is a master chef their he has to manage a lot of work and by the way he send a gift for u all shows a photo of him and his resturent .
Rags gets happy by seeing his dad photo.and still wat he said.
Uncle:-he said that the one who will top in all classes he will send a ticket to them for usa.
Rags and her sister uttara gets happy.
Uttara:-but the ticket is expensive.
Will he really send us.
Mom:-he will but for that u have yo get first and i think thats impossible.
Rags:-lets see i will get 1st rank You will see dad.
Uttara:-1st from last right.
Rags hits her and both laughs.

Next morning.
Rags and frds are oddering cooldrinks one guy comes fastly and pushes ragini and takes cool drinks and about to but.
Rags:-cant u see…
Sanskar turns around as he is also in same place.
Boy:-sorry i am tired and thirsty Do you have anyproblem any way we were senior so mind your way ok.
Sanskar comes towards them and oders 4 pepsi and takes and goes towards ragini and gives to them and says.
Sanskar:-is pepsi ok for u.
Rags nodes her head and says thank u and smiles he too smiles.
Sanskar looks at that boys and goes from their and while going to ground same boys comes and hits At first he was silent but boy talks.
Boy:- do you guys want to knew why we miss national trophy no because of his father he missed that penatly goal because of that in that year we missed our national trophy to our country..
Sanskar gets angry and hits him on face ..
Ragini and his frds are driving back to home .
Tina gets a call and says to stop bikes and says that they have fight at school campus and all rushes back to school but doesnt find any one but rags find a button with blood marks she takes it and leaves from their..
At night ragini mom open fridge and sees pepsi and a slip attached to it written as dont drink it.
Mom:- if you dont want to drink pepsi why dont she threw it way..
Why to keep in fridge…
At rags room.
Rag draw a curve which makes Button look like a smiley..and takes it in hands and says is it paining a lot and keeps that button in a box safely and closes box and places in draver.
She goes and sleeps thinking about him…
Next day in school.
Teacher:-ok students today i have something important to say to u people as all of u are well deciplined people who will never use dustbin and threw all things On ground so i decided something for u that is threw as many as packets u want by last day i will count how many u threw i will collect that many 50sss.
So decide u will pay or follow decipline
Students:-yes mam.
Teacher:-thank u and leaves from their.
Ragini standing near principal room and closes eyes and lisens Stick beating.
Principal:- iif u fight again like this in campus .i will call your parents and you sanskar all time you will roam taking pictures and instead of partispating in fighting their is a school level photography competation take a part and bring some good name to our school.
Sanskar nodes and leaves from their and sees ragini and goes towards him.
Ragini:-what ever happened …..
Yesterday i am sorry for that.
Sansjar:-its ok its not your fault..
Rags smiles and gives him chocolates and turns to leave.
Ragini turns…
Sanskar:-shows chocolates and says thank u.
Rags:-get well soon..
Sansky nodes and smiles rags too smiles and leaves from their running.
Rags jumping with frds and says Hii yiepppp he knew my name
He knew my name.
Nimi:-are u mad he just knew your name thats it sit down.
Rags sits and all laughs.
Sony takes a book and shows to their frds.
Tina:-how to make a boy to fall in love..
Sony:-wat kind of book is this and who is going to follow it.
Tina lifts eyebrows and sees ragini.
Ragini:-no way i am not going to follow …and reads some other books ..
Nimmi:-are u ok.
Rags:-hmm its just that i miss my dad thats it never seen him from 5 years.
Two girls while passing them talks becoze of this book he proposed mee.
Rags lifts her eyebrows and sees frds and they all laughs.
Frds starting reading that book Loudly and says.
Nimmi:-by help of starts and joining them god makes them as a pair and sees ragini lisening to them and winks at remainind frds.
They all go to window and asks ragini too come and join name.
She denies it soon after frds leaves from their but hidez and sees a ragini going to window and matching stars..frds comes back and laughs and she feels shy ..
Sanskar plays foot ball infront of his shop and suddenly he rembers ragini and stands still a ball hits his head and he shouts ahh.
Dad:-while playing u have to concentrate on ball only.
Sanskar smiles …
Dad goes in and says.
Dad:- he plays all time but he is not courgeous to play for school.
Mom:-he is playing for fun thats it.
Dad:-if he’s serious also he will not play .if only i could score that goal may be his future will be in different Way..
Mom:- again ,you started blaming yourself if he wish to play then one day he will definetly pass his fear and look at the person who missed goal till today he never fail to give a good life to his son.
They both smile.

Precap:-next phase of their love story

Hi frd thsnxs for liking i am making some changes than original story may be more than 15 episode thats it

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  1. I think dis story is same as ‘a little thing called love’.. Thai movie . isn’t it?

    1. Yess i mensioned about it in promo or 1st episode

  2. Wow…sindhu di..its getting awesome day by day..sanskar starts feeling for rags..

  3. It’s same as the movie First love rt thai movie

    1. Yes but i will bring few changes

  4. Woww yar u know very well abt the diff btwn crushh infactuation nd lovee wowww its a teenage infactuation ur story is very clean dear really u r a very good writerrrr

    1. Thank u so much pav

  5. Actually i like that movie yaar

    1. Mee too i just love it

  6. Very nice

  7. luv it …

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