A crazy little thing called love episode 2


Ragini walking suddenly a man jumps infront of her she gets afraid and shoutsss ahhhh and immediately surprised to see sanskar infront of her who is having a cat in one hand and mangoes in another hand.
Sanskar:-u want mangoes and forwards hand.
Ragini takes mangoes and smiles at him ..
Sanskar turns and goes dragging his leg due to pain which caused Of jumping from top and goes near a mother cat and leaves baby cat from his hand near it and leaves..
Rag smiles while looking at mangoes but soon she sees that sanskar giving mangoes to another girl like he gave to her..
She gets upset but still smiles by seeing mangoes and moves forward..

Next day at school.
Four frds are sitting and seeing Whole campus.
Nimy:- since our schooling we studied at girls school its so boring ..
Tina:-calculated its sony got 28.
Nimy opens book and reads its says that 23-28 the man whos with u will have leader ship characteristics you’ll be warmed so…. he should be the leader of buddist club and sees a person who sits on wall and doing mediation.all laughs at her..
Tina:- kaira got 15.
Nimy:- 15-25 says that the man suits you is sports man may be a badket ball player and sees a person who playing blasket ball when he tries to goal the ball hits wall and comes back and hits his head and he falls down.
Girls laughs.
Sony:- for me i am sure a gangster nimy:-haa for sure and shows a person who lifts his shoulders weirdly and acts weird..he is corret
All laughs.
Nimy :-wat about ragini
Sony:- she got 30..
Nimy:- the man who suits you is an artist .
Rags looks at sanskar at ground who is doing some acts and making his frds laugh.
Rag smiles looking at him.

teacher distributes papers to all and says when it comes to english class you people look like dead Persons. Be cheerfull like you people be in lunch time.
Teacher:-gives paper too rags and says .Dont smile by scoring high marks in english but remaining subject so bad.
Rags brushes her hair in embaressement.
Frds passes paper shits by written something.
Nimy:- i came to knew that sanskar is dangerous person and had a bad past.
Rags:-writes i wont belive it and passes chit to them.
Nimy to sony.
Nimy:- my frd used to be in the same class he was in and she told.
Teacher keeps a paper infront of them on bench and write .
What were u taking.
Nimy without seeing reply.
Its my matter.

Teacher again write something and keeps on table and nimy sees But i m teaching.
Then nimy and sony both lifys their head and sees teacher standing infront of them.
All students were laughing.
Teacher:- stand up.
They both stands up.
Teacher:-what is the meaning of you’re the inspiration.
Nimy looks here and their and finally looks at rag and rags writes its answer on paper and shows to nimy.nimy reads it answers it.
Teacher:-correct anf turns and ontinue her class and asks nimy and sony to sit down.
After sometime rags asks permisdion for washroom and comes out but she runs towards
Senior classes and stop and walks normally when she passing sanskar class and observes him tieing some threads to benches and too a man belt.
Teacher:-you sammy come and answer this question.
Sanskar gets alert and closes his eyes when he gets up and moves automatically all benches moves with him.
Teacher shout who did it.

Swara closes her mouth and tries to control her smile seeing sanskar shocked face.
Ragini comes back and seez sanskar is standing by strenching his hands and taking punishment.
After a while he takes earphone and starts lisening to music rags Smiles seeing his acts when passes inftont of him.
Rags sees him talking to frds while getting from steps by leaning down but stops at a point and turns and finds principal infront of her and get afraid and wishes him and runs from their..
In ground rags sees sanskar playing football and kicking goals and all girls clapping for him.
Some girl comes and stand their at corner
Coach:- so when will u register as a school forward player.
Sanskar:-playing everyday is fun enough.
Coach:-so u still afraid of it. So lets continue play then.
Sansky sees that girl calling him.
goes towards her and both were smiling and talking.
All girls looks at them confused and talks may be she is his girl frd.
Rags lisens and shout no way and Soon realises all were watching her and again she says sorry and leaves from their.
Sansky and that girl also leaves from their..

At ragini home.
Ragini sitting on bed and thinking about sansky she gets up and goes towards mirror and sees her selff in mirror and makes some faces with smile and soon stops smiling and feels bad that she Doesnt look gud ..
And goes back and sleeps on bed by thinking he is next to her and she sleeping by holing her hand.

Precap:-rags incresing feeling towards sanskar…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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