A crazy little thing called love episode 12 Last Episode


At paris.
Laksh:-are u sure about wat u r going to do.
Sanskar:-once because of my fear i lost her almost not this time i already cleared everything and i am sure if she came to knew how much i love her she will definetly accept me and my love…
Swara:-all the best..
Someone comes and calls sanskar as ragini madam is calling u to get ready.
Sanskar nodes his head and gives something to laksh and asks him everything should be perfect..
Laksh nodes…
Ragini seeing each and every cricketer …
Kohli:-how i am looking dear designer..
Rags:-ofcourse awesome but my show stopper is out of world u were naaa in front of her.
All smiles ..

Kohli:-i knew that apart from her how i am looking.
Rags:-my ms dhoni looks awesome..and hi dhoni yesterday i saw a vedio in that some actress made a poet on u ..
That is thinks and yaa i got it.
Anhoni ko honi kardai..honi ko anhoni..handsome and dashing.
Mahendra sighn dhoni.
All laughs and say wah wahh..

Dhoni:-wah wat a sehari…from where..
Rags:-its some serial qubool hai..
Virat:-u watch serials also..
Rags:-no i am just browsing in mobile and say that vedio by reafing comments.
Raina:-oh so u were browsing for me in net aaa.
Rags smiles..
Virat:-oo hello mr married here unmarried is trying still she is not accepting and u were recently married and trying her…and maintain a line.
Dhoni:-in that line virat will be always first right..
Sanskar:-noo time changes member position in line also changes..
All looks at him.
Virat sees him by lifting one eyebrow and rags signals her assisstent to give his clothes.
Sanskar:-wont u check my clothes fitting.

Rags:-first u wear them and haa plzz come on time..
Sanskar smiles and goes and comes back and says u gone get a surprise today..i just informing u do that you wont get heart attack ok..
Rags looks on and he winks and goes from their.
Rags opens her mouth and virat smiles and closes her mouth which brought her to senses .
Virat:-come my dare girl dont be tensed.
Rags:-i am …am i..
Raina:-its clearly shown on your face..
Rags thinks and calls sony..
Sony :-hi baby..
Rags:-sony wat is sanskar planning to do night ..
Sony:-wat do i knew.
Rags:-oh stop it sony i know u very well u will be first to implement this sort to crazy and idiot plans ..

Sony:-u cant say its a crazy or idiot plan without seeing.
Rags:-gottch u thats means u knew sony see if i sense anything wrong i will call ur mom and i will say that u r going to take sanayas because u were asking her to marry.
Sony:-samething i will say to your mom also.
Rags:-haa do that for me by the way my mom will feel happy by thinking atlast i took some decision about my life but your mom will kick and marry u to that Bussiness tycon immediately offf i think i should arrange everything for ur marriage.
Sony:-this will all happen when u dont like that plan right but u will love it and cuts call.
Rags:-sony sony and pulls the tie in her hand by forgetting about kohli he too comes with her.
Kohli:-areyy yar will u kill me..
Dhoni:-uske hathomai marna be acha lagta hai naa tujai.
Kohli:-haa toh that doesnt mean i Will die.
Rags arranges his tie and says sorry..
Mean while sanskar comes out.

Dhoni:-actually match will start now
Rags:-before few days u were talking about true frdship and all and now ur backing off responsibility of saving your frd…
Dhoni:-oh come on yar im still on that but just want to see him with u..
Sanskar:-now r u ready to check my dress ..
Rags:-you were fit.
Sanskar:-how can u say that with out checking.
Rags:-my job is that i can see and say whether its fits u or not.
Sanskar:-but i am wearing it and my collar i feel it loose.
Rags:-forgets that she is checking raina collar and catches it tightly.
Kohli and dhoni laughs.
Raina:-wat r u doing yar..
Rags:-sorry shit.
Sanskar:-leave him na rags i am ready to be in his postion.
Rags:-i just want to clutch that sony neck..
Raina:-are u sure sony neck not me.
Rags checks him and says ok.
Sanskar comes to her she looks ar him
Three are watching them.

Kohli:-this is called wow moment.
They three giggles..
Rags:-its fit ..
Sanskar:-no its loose here.
Rags checks and says again its fit sanskar dont play around me i have lot of work.
Sanskar:-i dont want to see my self as a looser on stage wat if it malfuction happens.
Three dhoni kohli and raina widen their eyes.
Rags gives wat expression with wat word.
Rags:-fine then u can change your Outfit
Sanskar:-i wont…
Rags:-why u have so many problem with this dress and my design right then change it no need of wearing.
Sanskar:-actually someone made this especially for me by keeping me in their mind thats why my favorite colour sea blue is as my outfit and goes from.
Rags:-hits her head and says shit how can i do it and untill now i Didnt thought of it oh man i gave a chance to him.
Dhoni:-pats on her shoulder ..

She turns ..
Dhoni:-no worries sometimes it happens.
Remainig two nodes their head..
A announcement within 2 hours show will start.
She takes them all to make up room and goes to get ready….
Show starts every one walks dhoni walks with her daughter diya everyone claps and says wow so cute…
Then slowly rags comes on stage by wearing a black and cream mix big gown and tied her hair upside as always looking cute she joins dhoni goes back and stands …
Show completes and all standing and talking suddenly lights goes off…projectors starts showing and light rags closes eyes with hand but slowly opens and shocked to see a photo of pair of eyes with Spects ..
A voice is heared from back.
Voice:-ahh these eyes which i met and noticed first you wont believe her eyes are awesome just awesome but that eyes are used to hide behind those spects u wont believe me then see and shows another pic of eyes..
All shouts wow..
Rags looks here and their..

Soon a pair of lips shown.
Voice:-we can feel soft things but did u ever saw a soft thing i mean by seeing did u ever feel it might be so soft no then see this lips by seeing it i felt how soft might it be..rags smiles ..
Voice:-and that lips are smiling now..
Rags stops smiling.
Stranger:-is she here.
Voice:-may be may not be wait and watch..
Half face is shown.
Dhoni virat raina gets doudt and sees towards rags..
Rags:-wat see there wat their in my face..
Virat:-i dnt knew why but is that u.
Rags:-who knews.
Virat:-hmm wat..
Voice:-relax frds i knew u were eager ti knew who is it who is having those innocent looks and any one can say by seeing those eyes their is lot of love and those eyes were always seen me like this ..she changed a lot for me by thinking i might see her or like her by outerlooks but she never knew that i used to love her from first day when she is dark skin with spects short hair and all..
But now she became fair and removed spects looking beautifull but still i love that girl and sees towards rags who is having tears in eyes.
Voice:-if that girl accept i want to show her picture then and now…
Rags nodes her head.
Dhoni:-it means its u oh my god thats mean he is ..

Raina:-i am excited to see your childhood pic.
A two photo is reaveled all gets shocked and turns towards ragini..
Voice:-this person is fool to not accept your love in these 9 years i tryed a lot to reach u but u went so far from me but i never accept my defeat see result is i am infront of u ..
A light is shown on him and releaved to be sanskar..
Sanskar:-i love you miss ragini rao will u be from rao to mashewari..
Rags tears are coming from eyes but smiling ..and nodes her head…
Sanskar comes to her and they both hug.
All claps for them.
Her four frds hugs eachother and cries and clapping for them.
They breaks their hug he cups her face and kisses on forehead and say sorry for the pain u have to go threw these days because of me and i love you.
They hug again….

Finally frds happy ending …
I hope you loved it…

I am preparing two new ff completely different …
I will soon release promos…may be today or tomorrow

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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