A crazy little thing called love episode 11

Next day at rags office she completes designing clothes and call all team and sanskar and another person.
Rags is wearing peach colour jeans and cream colour shirt with flowers on it..
Messy hair and tied up..
They were taking their measurements ..
Dhoni brings diya…
Rags:-hello sweet heart and shakes hands with her.
She completes taking measurements and makes gmher sit and takes dhoni measurements also virat comes and opens his hand in sharuk style..
Rags smiles and takes measurements and stops smiling..
Virat:-are u ok.
Virat:-after party are u ok.
Rags:-looks up and say i am fine.
Virat and dhoni:-we saw ur interview..
Rags:-so come yar its nothing their.
Dhoni:-if he is troubling u i am just reminding u we r their.
Virat:-may our captain cool will act cool but me u knew.
Dhoni:-o hello when it comes to my frd i will also act.
Rags and virat looks at him by lifting eyebrows and ask u will act.
Dhoni:-cool only….three laughss..
Rags sees sanskar and her stops smile she closes eyes and opens it and starts talking.
Rags:-u were late mr.sanskar maheswari..and sees camera in his neck and says dont u dare to take to take photos here if my designs are out then u will be out from here.
All looks at her rags sees and says i mean to say ..
Sanskar:-no photographies cool ..
I lisened that u were always cool type person but i never met that cool type person.
Rags:-if depends on other how are they to me any way plzz stand here.
She starts taking measurements and he keeps on smiling and moving.
Rags:-will u plzz stand properly.
Dhoni:-virat is he her past.
Virat:-i too think so if we ask her also she wont say anything..
Dhoni:-lets see who knows this fashion show may bring them close…
Virat:-hmm she is wonderfull person and i hate to say but he too nice person..
Dhoni keeps his hand on virat and laughs and he laughs..
Measurements are done all leaves from there rags turns and collides with sanskar..
Rags:-u did not left yet..
Sanskar:-i want to talk to u ..
Rags:-u already said and i lisened and i dont want to lisen and about to leave sanskar catches her hand and pins her to wall.
They both were every close to each other ..his breath is making her hair fly in air..
Sanskar:-u were lisening to me on that day after u left we asked our frds why they did like that ..
They said that they actually planned for me and laksh but u came in middle they were about to stop by seeing u but after u proposed they applied on you and i was about to reply u on that only that
I love you too..
Rags:-but i dont and pushes him.
Sanskar:-why wont u ur eyes are saying that u love me then why.
Rags:-my eyes will say nonsenses u dont need to care.
Sanskar:-i was afraid to accept your love in school by thinking i wont deserve u thats way i kept away u but when u really left me i was like a dead person in these 9Years i came to knew that everyone deserves love and i am fool to think like that..and on that when laksh is flirting with u i got jeously i tried all my ways to stop but he didnot lisen that why i said all those with out my knowledge…
I just want to one thing before i leave..
Rags watching him with teardy eyes and sanskar also having tears.
I love ragini rao i just love u more than anyone and i will wait for your answer untill our show in paris….
I wont force and leaves her and goes from their….
Rags sits down and cries loudly..
Scene change….
Nimmi:-its seems all about missunderstandings.
Sony:-thats wat i said all time something is missing we should talk to each other to solve it but no one lisened.
Tina :-oh madam this misunderstading were so deep ok.
Any way everything is solved now wat u r going to do .
Rags:-Dont knew have to think…
Sony:-wont u answer to him.
Nimmi:-close your eyes and think peacefully ok.
Nimmi:-say about you show.
Rags:-tomorrow its going to finalize my dresses once it done we will leave to paris ..
Precap:-last episode
Sanskar and ragini confession.
Last episode…

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