A crazy little thing called love episode 10


At fashion meeting many fashion designer are waiting for in meeting room for sponcers..
Soon a man comes and says this time its a big fashion shows every one will get a group and concept is sports..like cricketers football playesr hockey kabadi and all.
Each designer will get a sport and their team …
Rags gets cricketers she breaths in as relief as she didnot get football team now they all left to
Party room ..
Rags sees sanskar their and sanskar also see her…
Sponcer says which team belongs to which designer…
And one model will given to each fashion designer as show stopper sony is given to sanskar team and rags says i will choose my own show stopper as i have my ideas ..
Sponcer accepts to her.

Rags goes and talks towards indian cricket team sponcers is Introducing her to them.
Sponcer:-hello ms.dhoni ..
Dhoni:-hi ..
Sponcer:-she is..
Kholi:-ragini rao a famous designer ..right.
Rags:-smiles yes but just designer not as famous as you people.
Kholi:-that sweet of u.
Dhoni:-shakes hands and says nice to meet u and we are happy to get u as our designer for this concept.
Raina:-after all we are gone look hot and handsome by your hands.
Rags smile and both shake hands.
Kholi:-thats not fare u didnot give me shake hand and they both does.
Dhoni:-stop flirting with her i think someone is already impressed for her.
Rags sees him doudtedly.
Kholi:-who is that i will threw him out of ground like sixer.
Dhoni:-then he will kick u like a h
Goal to net and shows in a way ny pointing.
Rags turns and they also see and that person is sanskar.
Rags turns back and looks upset but comes back to senses.
Kholi:-he is football playes and a famous photographer right sanskar maheswari ..
Raina:-hmm yar i lisened a lot about him.
Sponcer:-shall we rags u have too Sigh contract also…
Rags ok and waves bye to them but comes back immediately.
Rags:-mr dhoni i need to ask u something if u dont mind.
Kholi:-plzz dont ask him for a date i feel bad ..
Rags smiles and says dont worry i wont..

Kholi:-thanks to u.
Dhoni:-u want to ask something.
Rags:-if u dont mind i want your daughter diya to be a show stopper for u ..if u dont mind then only i want u both to walk on ramp as show stoppers.
Dhoni:-but on one condition
Dhoni:-she should look worlds best princess.
Rags:-i promise she will looks worlds best daughter to a worlds best captain calm and cool u see.
Dhoni:-i have no problem infact i liked u idea.
Rags:-ok when i need u just bring her with u its just matter of few times visit we wont disturb her ..
Team india comes there and says u can call us how many times to want we wont get disturb infact we love to get disturb.
Dhoni:-i promise u and i will make sure these people will stay away from u.
All shouts thats not fair ..

Rags laughs ok then i have to complete few formalities and goes From their..and see sanskar talking to sponcer and sponcer nodes his head.
Sponcer comes to center of stage and says.
Sponcer:-sry frds their is a special announcement.
Mehta is unable to partispate in fashion desiging so we are disturbuting the team to remaing designer and i will anmounce their names now.
Rags:-mehtas team is shit football team..
Sponcers announcing all names are almost finished and only rags and two members left ..rags looks upset as it conformed that sanskar is in his team.
Sponcer:-so sanskar and mayak will be in ragini rao team.
Dhoni sees shocked expresions of raina and kholi face and laughs and says.
Dhoni:-tough competation lets have fun …..
Raina and kholi looks at him and say he he very funny.
Rags stands and sanskar comes there rags sees him and about to go.
Sanskar:-just one second lisen to me once..
Rags stops and turns and asks him to say fastly.
Sanskar:-i am sorry its a very big misunderstanding once let me clear it.
Actually that day when u came to propose me..
Rags stops him by showing hands.
Rags:-i forget that day even exists so plzz dont u dare to remind me..
Sanskar:-i am not reminding u i just want to clear everything.
Rags:-u already cleared everything from my heart which i had once towards u..
Music starts loudly…

Rags:-say it loud i cant understand
Sanskar goes near to her both are having eyelock.
Sanskar leans towards her and whispers in to her ears.
Sanskar:-i am sorry and i am sorry that because of my unknown fear i made u far from me but not anymore i love u..
Rags widen eyes and looks at him
by moving far from him and about to go but he stops her by holding hand..
Dhoni sees this and goes towards them…
Rags:-leave me sanskar
Sanskar:-i want my answer
Rags:-i wont because i wont belive in this all stuff and tries to free her hand but he holds tightly ..
Meanwhile dhoni comes their and taps on her shoulder because of his presence sanskar leaves her..
Dhoni:-forwards his hand and says may i can have a dance with u and blinks her eyes and says dont worry i am here.
Rags takes his hand and goes on dance floor .
Dhoni:-are u ok.
Rags lost in thoughts….

At sanskar school last days..
Rags decide to once propose to him and sees him standing at pool side and goes ..
Sanskar is four steps a side ..
Sanskar turns and shocks too see ragini standing with red flower..
Sanskar get nervous by seeing upwards a bucket full of water is their and he about to go.
Rags:-closes her eyes and says i love you but soon realises she is wet by some yellow color.
Rags see herself and sanskar..
Sanskar about to meanwhile his all classmates comes and makes fun of her by saying behanjii is came to propose mam see ..
Rags is crying seeing her tears sanskar get worried and swara laksh see her like that and covers her with towels and laksh goes and inform it to their frds
Rags sees sanskar silence and thinks he only did this and goes from their silently.
Flash back ends.

Dhoni:-shakes her and rags comes to senses.
Hi u ok right.
Rags:-hmm ya i am fine thank u for your support.
Dhoni:-oh come on its my duty as Your frd.
Rags:-really dhoni i am saying from my heart u r really a person with golden heart.
Dhoni and rags side hugs and rags sees sanskar watching her…

Precap:-sanskar pins rags towards wall
Frds i like dhoni a lot as a cricketor and as a person thats why i thought to keep these 3 were my favorities i hope u didnt get bored

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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