My crazy girl chapter 3.(swaragini)

Hy guys,Actually when I was thinking of the story I realised that this part”a disguise”actually constitutes to the ‘girls’ part of the story,so the three parts of the story actually merge to form the title
At the party,swara is wearing a purple kurti with splashes of red yellow and greenwith a long yellow skirt with blue squares(it’s a dress disaster).she has the same hairdo and same specs and braces only bangles in addition(mis matched)(swara fans don’t be upset at the end of this part I.e. disguise).
Ragini is in a siver and white dress with open hair,white watch and silver pendant with “R”(she is looking absolutely gorgeous)

Sanlak are in tees jeans and blazors(what else can I do)
They come to the party talking
Sanky: lucky,dint my speech affect you .Now also you want to go to that ragini.
Lucky: no bro it didn’t as when I saw her I got interested in her and I will surely try to impress my angry bird.
Sanky: yours,abhi se hi(from now only)
Laksh: yes I really really like her.
San: I will pray for you to go to heaven and will also take care of maa baba.when you go.
San: your ddefination.

Swara:ragu these parties are not for people like me
Ragini widens her eyes.
Swara: I mean I am swara bharadwaj, the nerd of the college,whot can I do here.
Rags: give me campany ,what else(whispering)beside esi boring party mei koyi tadka lagane wala bhi to chahiye(we need someone to add some twist to this boring party)I have not forgotten today morning.
Swara: remember Miri, and cool down,lets have cold drink.
They go and sit on a table.
Laksh spots them and drags Sanky to their table.
Raglak get busy talking.
Sanky is on his phone
Swara finishes and gets up to go but her string of the skirt is tangled on the table cloth and a bit of her skirt is stuck under the nearby chair,
She takes to steps and THUD!!!!!!

Precap: reason for noise,ragsan fight.An ‘oh shit’moment.

I know my updates are very short but it is very difficult to write as my hand gets heavy due to the cope up for just 1 more week.

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  1. Kakali

    Awesome.. loved’s SwaSan n RagLak story na. ?actually reading for 1st time..!! well update soon !! Thnk u.. ;-*

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    Awesome update dr…..waitng for precap….keep rockng n stay blessed sweety????
    N plzzz take care of urself dear…get welll soon??

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    superbbb dear….

  5. A.xx

    fab and still loved it xx

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