My crazy girl chapter 2.(swaragini)

So hy guys,I know I said wednesday but just something happened and I couldn’t write yesterday, so here is your update.

My crazy love chapter 2
Ragini stomps of class while swara follows her.
Lak:bhai,what was this.
San:a burst out of stupid emotions.
Lak:stop it,I really like her.
San:you just met her not more than 20 mins ago
Lak:haven’t you heard of attraction at first sight
San:no,cause it is something discovered by your brains only.
You need to learn something. Girls should propose you not you propose them.It just proves your desperation.
Lak:then why do you accept all girls proposals.
San:cause girls very seldom propose guys.I know many like me but they are either taken or have a stupid ego.
Lak:so you will never denie if a girl proposes you and will never propose someone.
San:thats correct.(we will see)

Swara stops ragini and asks her to take a breath and calm down.
Sw;it’s okay cheer up dear
Rag;,but how can they just speak about you like that.
Sw:they can speak all they want,but you know na what we need to do.
Rag:hmm lets go.
Both go to class.
After lecture.
Sanlak come to swaragini
San:hey I am really sorry
Rags:its okay but don’t you dare repeat this.I really can’t stand people make fun of my friends.
Laks(in mind):hope I come under that list soon.
Swa:I guess we should go.
Rags:bye guys.

They go.
Next day
Swaragini reach college
Swara is in a red and orange kurta salwar
While ragini is in a white crop top and blue skirt till mid thighs
They enter college
Sanlak are waiting for them at the gate.
Laksh goes towards them
L:hy,swara hy,ragini
Swaragini:umm hy
San(to himself ):what is this idiot doing.
Swaraglak keep on talking about random things.
Sanky comes to them and says:have you heard about the party tomorrow.
Rag:what party
Lak:musical night.its awsome we should go.
Swarag:we will be there

Precap:at the party

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      Actually its my photo around 4 yrs back

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