My crazy girl chapter 1.(swaragini)

So hy guys I am realy exited about this ff,thats why I am posting the first episode today only.

St. Eves College.
Everyone is gathered around the front gate.They are waiting for the arrival of Sanskaar Maheshwari and Laksh Maheshwari.
Girl1:I have heard that these 2 are the most handsome boys in whichever college they go
Girl 2:thats why all girls are here.
But I still don’t get why the boys are here.
Girl 1:stupid,to make sure that there gfs stay in their limit.Swara don’t act so foolish.
Girl2:okay ragini.
(Yes they are none other than swaragini.
Ragini is wearing a blue jeans and white graphic top with a high ponytail.
And swara is wearing a blue kurta green chudidar and green duppatta.with her hair oiled and
her braces and thick specs.

A car comes and 2 boys come out.
Both are wearing jeans and tee shirts.
One has a black leather jacket and the other brown.
The brown jacket guy is laksh and the black one sanskaar.
As laksh and sanskaar go inside the college all girls follow them
While swaragini smirk.
In 1st year claas.
Ragini and swara were sitting together.
Sanlak enter and see them .
Laksh immediately falls for ragini but when he sees swara he makes faces.
Lak:see bhai earth and sky pair.
One is so beautiful while the other ugh.
San :yes let’s go.
They go and sit behind swaragini.
Lak(to swaragini ):hey I am laksh and this is my brother sanskaar.
Rags: hy I am ragini and this is my friend swara
They share hys and hellos
San:ragini are you in social service
Rag:no why
San:then why do you roam around with charity cases like her.

Pointing to swara and then sharing a hi-fi with laksh
Raginis expression chanhes to anger.
While swara hides her mouth with her hand hiding her smile.
Rags:so you think she is a charity case. But for me she is my friend and it is not right to judge someone by thier looks. I and swaea are friends known to each other we know that 3rd class jerks like you cannot come in between our friendship. So don’t try you fat headed idiotic stupid duffer.
She says the laat line while pointing her finger at them

Guys I will post as soon as I get time till then enjoy this.
Why did swaragini smirk.
If you have any guesses then pleaae tell me in your comments .This is a completely unemotional story so no emotional scenes or rona dhona will be there.

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  1. Totally different one
    But what about the pairs? ??

  2. crazy princess

    wat r the pairs nd i think swara has dis get up to show dem sumthing nd teach dem a lesson lets see plot 8s really interestingggg???

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  4. Jazzy

    amazing and i think they r bf gf heheheh

  5. Awesome

  6. A.xx

    amazing and i think they tried a social experiment where swara has dressed up like this to test people,,,post soon as I loved it xx

  7. Asra

    awesome dear …..loved it alot dear….tkcr dear….

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  10. nice..continue

  11. Suprrrbbb love it rago u r so cute

  12. plzz give raglak or ragsan more next part soon

  13. I guess its their prank….swara dont wear these spacs n.braces….

  14. This story is completely different. Its great. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

  15. Anurta

    Interesting concept u ‘ve written a completely different story and its really amazing
    Post the next part soon waiting eagerly for it

  16. awesome…!!

  17. wow…very intetesting n hope it is swasan…go ahead

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    nice…guess swarag r acting to teach sanlak a lesson

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