The crazy friends who turned into lovers ( Preetan Kundali Bhagya Fan Fiction )

Hi friends, I have brought a new story for the Preetan lovers.

A short summary before starting : Karan and Preeta are best friends. Karan is a footballer and a dashing guy with much guts. Preeta is professionally a doctor. She is an attitude girl. Both of them live in a traditional and rich family. Another main lead is Srishti who loves Karan’s cousin Sameer.

Scene 1: On the road.

A man is moving on the road with a car and he hits Preeta by mistake. Preeta becomes unconscious.

Karan comes out running from nowhere and starts shouting.

Karan: Oh gosh! Oh man! What have you done? (smirking) Did you kill my innocent friend?

Man: Sir, sir…

Karan: Now I need to call police.

Man: ( getting scared ) No sir, no sir.

Karan: Then now I need money for her treatment, OTHERWISE…

Man: No sir, I will give you money. ( Gives 5 thousand )

Karan: Just this much ???

( The man gives more 10 thousands and runs with his car )

Karan: Hello, Drama Queen he’s gone.

( Preeta wakes up )

Preeta: Gone??

Karan: Yes..

( Preeta starts laughing and Karan too joins )

Preeta: ( trying to control her laugh ) We, we made a fool out of him.

Karan: And you what a superb acting.

Preeta: You also were not that bad. But..

Karan: But what?

Preeta: You did overacting.

Karan: What did you just say? The Karan Luthra is the Best. You don’t need to teach me. OKAY you Physico!!

Preeta: Yeah yeah, loser Luthra.

Karan: What???

( Karan gets a call. )

Karan: Yeah, I am coming.( to Preeta ) I will see you later.

Preeta: But where to give this money?_

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