Crazy Drabble|| Charger || (By Anya)

Holaa! Everyone! How are you all? WEll I’m a little bored so thought to write something.Well the below mess in the form of writting is my worst real life experience but i have given it the Oberoi touch! ; )

And I know most of you will think that I’m crazy but you can actually think about it as I think I’m a little high LOL But anyways here is it.

Kindly ignore grammatical mistakes and Typos :sweat_smile:

Happy or crazy reading ;P


Drabble – Charger!

“Rakesh Mera charger kahan hai?”rudy asked a servant and when he said that he don’t know he dismissed him not before asking to send some one else.”Yaar where the hell is my charger.I’m not getting it”he said frustated as he was finding it for the last 2 hours but couldnt find it.After a few minutes when he asked all the servants about the charger he left the place and moved towards the hall where Chulbul and annika were having a hearty talk.

“Annika bahbhi kya aapne mera charger dekha hai?”he asked as soon as he reached and moved and sat at the arm rest of the sofa on which she was sitting.”Nahi rudra I don’t know”she said confused “Chulbul tune dekha hai?”He asked hopefully and glanced at him”Nahi rudy ji humne nahi dekha”he said and adjusted his round specticals making Rudra face fall.”Tumne kahan rakha tha last time yaad karo”Annika said”Main utne der se yahi soch raha hoon par mujhe yaad nahi aa raha hai”he said and closed his yes to remember once again.

“nahi yaad aa raha hai”he said sadly and droped his shoulder in defeat.”accha koi baat anhi rudra you can use my charger”Anni said making him look at her with a smile”thank you bhabhi but where is your charger?”he asked”in my room”she replied instantly.”Ok listen I have some work in the kitchen so I’m going you can go and took the charger by yourself”she said after looking at her watch and went away after getting a approval nod from him.

“Chulbul come and help me out”he said and both of them headed towards annika’s room.After a few minutes”GOD! where the hell is the charger?My mobile is going to be death soon par ye charger nahi mil rahi hai lagta hai usse mere se diushmani ho gayi hai”he whinched like a 5 years old boy”arre aap kyu ro rahe hai?Mil jaayegi humlog ek baar phir se dekhte hai aur agar nahi milli toh hum annika bhoujai se ek baar phir se baat kar lete hai”she said with a sweet boyish ascent and both of them once again started their seach operation.

“Chulbul mujhse aur nahi hoga I want the charger at this very moment!chalo bahbhi se puch kar aate hai ki unhone kahan charger rakha hai”he said with an irritated voice and followed the route to the kitchen where annika was stirring something on the burning flame,dnacing and humming in addition to it.”DJ Waale babu mera gaana chala do—“he heard her singing as they both neared her.he tapped on her shoulder but it seems she was lost in her own world’bhabhi”rudra shouted while removing the ear plug from her right ear making her jump in fear and chulbul gulp down her snikker which was going to escape his mouth.”Oh god! rudra aise koi kissi ko darata hai?”she asked while trying to keep her breath calm he just made a pupy face.

“accha bolo kya hua?”she asked with a sigh”Annika bahbhi mujhe charger dilwado–annika bahbhi mujhe charhger dilwado—“he sang while chulbul danced,making wierd voice form his mouth giving BG music.”Ek miniute Ek minute ye tum dono kya kar rahe ho?”she asked while making them stop singing that rediculous song”par haan rudra tumhari aawaaz tumhare bhaiya se toh sau takka acchi hai par tm bolna kya chahte ho sahi se bolo”she said after a pause”Arre annika bhaujai rudiji ko charger chahiye”chulbul said as a matter og fact”But I have asked you to go and take it by yourself”she asked confused”haan hum gaye the aur hum dhoonde bhi par mujhe nahi mila”rudra said”accha thik hai ruko main ye bana kar aati hon”she said”Nahi nahi abhi chaliye bhabhi mere phone ki battery is going to be dead”he said and staretd to drag her,she just put off the burner and went wih him followed by chulbul.

“Arre maine yahi toh rakha tha aur mere phone ki battery bhi khatam hone wali hai abh main kaise chage jkarungi?”she said while keping her hand on her waist.and pushed the pillow away to see wether it was there or not.”chulbul tune mera charger dekha hai? mujhe nahi mil raha hai”Om asked as soon as he entered the room.”Kya O tumhe bhi nahi mil raha hai?Yaar aakhir ye sabh ke charger q nahi mil rahe hai?”rudra now just stomp his foot harder on the ground mkaking him hurt himself,annika just ignored him and continue to look for her charger along with chulbul.Om just gave a confused look”ye ho kya raha hai yahan?”he asked and pulled chulbul lightly to aske him about it”Omkara ji kissi ko apna charger nahi mil raha hai”he said and came out of his grip.”what do you mean?”he still didn’t understood anything.

“O mujhe mera charger nahi mil raha ahi”rudra said irritately”Mujhe bhi aur na hi mujhe shivaay ka mil raha hai”annika said while searching the drawers”Aur mujhe bhi nahi mil raha hai”Om said.”Mujhe lagta hai kissi ne charger chupa ke rakh diye hai’chulbul concluded making the other three look at him in an instant.Om just smack his head saying you always utter nonsence but aniru were having diffirent conclusions.They looked at each other and gave a knowing look,nodding they went straight outside in the hall followed by om and chulbul.

“Ye chota chuha nazar kyu nahi aa raha hai?”rudra asked curiously while rubbinh his index finger on his chin”You are right ye sahil mujhe bhi subah se nahi nazar aa raha hai”annika said with the same expression.”aaplog sahil ko dhoond rahe hai wo mujhe store room main jaate hua nazar aaya tha”chulbul said and soon all of them were in the store room.All of them gasp as they saw sahil surrounded by a number of wires and charger connectors spread across the floor.”sahil ye tu kys kar raha hai?”annika asked “Arre annika didi aap yahan?Nhai yahan toh poori paltan aayi hui hai.Kya hua?”sahil asked in a cheerful voice.

“ye tu kya kar rahe hai?”Rudra asked? “Wo school project tha toh ussi ki preparatons kar raha hoon”he said as a matter of fact”Par mobile chargers ke saath kyu?”Om asked”Ohh ye!mujhe jo inki zarurat thi ab ho gayi hai aap sabh apne apne charger le sakte hai.Thank you!”he said while showing his white teeth and gave all the chargers to them.

“arre Ye bhi nahi chal raha hai”rudra said the 3rd time while seeing if the charger is working or not”Ye bhi”Om said with a desperate sigh as they were seeing if any of them were working or not but each time it came dead.Rudra just jumped over the charger which were of no use and cursed under his breath.”Oh bete ki ye toh chal raha hai”Annika screamed being elated”arre bhabhi ye chal rha hai acchi baat hai chaliye abh mujhe de dijiye”rudra said and extended his hand to grab it when Om interupted”Nahi annika tum mujhe dogi wo mujhe ek bahut zaruri client se baat karni hai aur mujhe uska no. bhi nahi pata toh wo pehle mujhe milna chahiye”he said and snatched it”Point toh hai rehne do rudra tum baad main kar lena par pehle main karungi ok”she said while rudra just sulk in a corner singing”dushman na kre poore parivaar ne aisa kaam kiya hai ek din ka ghum humme inaam diya hai”whiel the rest rolled their eyes but later argue”bhabhi this is not fair mujhe wo pehle chahiye”he said and started snatching it from om’s hand and then started a tug of war between them”chulbul help me”Om said and he also started helping him”Bhabhi atleast you help me”rudra almost pleaded and she to started pullinh and in the process it slipped from there hand and landed a little away from their feet.

They were shock but they saw someone picking it up”whta are you all doing here?Anyways I needed a charger as my phone is almost dead and I was not able to find it in the room so thank you all of you for this”Shivaay said and went away while flicking his hair and the rest of themhad their jaws thouching the ground as all this time they were fighting for a charger and when they got it shivaay came and took it away.

“Gayi bhains paani main!”annika exclaimed while the rest sigh.


So this is the end! I hope you like it and if not than it is also ok!
I know I’m gonna recieve a whole lot of chameli free today so do give me a favour and for good heaven give it in pairs.But no tomatoes :worried: please it spoil the whole dress as well as the makeup :joy:

P.s : Hello my dear lovely readers I just wanna tell sorry to all you becoz I was not able to reply anyone on my last previous works.I’m hell busy these days So please pardon me and yes don’t you dare think that i didn’t appreciate them.Just scratch that thought from you mind asap becoz eah one of them are dear to my heart <3.

With Love,
-Anya : )

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  1. Hey dear it was very awesome ☺?

  2. AditiB

    This is so good…..I love it Anya dear….so good….it made me laugh hehe….I looooovvveee u for writing this….

  3. That was just hillarious ????….
    You know while reading this os, I couldn’t stop laughing because the same thing happens at my home too!?. Me and my sis always play tom and jerry for the charger and atlast the charger ends up in my father’s hand. ( Just like the way omru were fighting for it and it ended up with shivay) ?.
    And yeah the OS was just Awesome ?.
    Keep writing dear…..

  4. Simply superb dr and it is a real time scenario and in every house world war ll occur if v don’t get charger…..I jus loved it….

  5. Awesome…hahh very nice dear…very funny

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  7. Aarti32

    Hilarious ??
    It happens wid me almost everyday..Coz papa ko kabhi charger milta hi nhi?

  8. Awesome…..loved it….

  9. Anu16

    Nice n funny…. loved it to the core

  10. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

  11. Jerry_36

    Hey Anya !! Its amazing. Wonderfully written in a typical Anya style. So hilarious. Died laughing. Rudra he is so adorable.
    No words to praise this os of yours. Charger- I also forget it where it is kept at times and then a big chaos is createx by me. This is a Realistic one.
    Acted as a stress buster for me. Lovely one. Post soon like this. More and more. Love yaaa❤

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