Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs) Shot 5 by Marsuu

Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs)
Shot 5:
Recap: Sanskar request swara to participate in dance.

Next morning:
Swara is going in the corridor when suddenly sanskar came from front.
” hello Swara” he give his bestest smile to her.
” hmm” she didn’t look at him.
” you are angry??” Sanskar asked as he sense she isn’t behaving normally.
” yes” her voice was stern.
” and why??” Sanskar asked.
” that you should know” swara said before leaving. Sanskar stood their with open mouth, he seriously don’t know what he did that made swara angry.
Scratching his head,he went to his class.

Sanskar enter inside the class and saw swara who was as usual reading some book. He went to his gang and silently sit which is quite opposite to his behavior.
” what happened sanskar?” Laksh asked as sanskar was lost in his own thoughts.
” hmm yrr swara is angry with me” he was so sad that is clearing seen from his face.
” but why??” Nikil asked
” that she didn’t told wait, sahil did you told her that I threatened you?” Sanskar give dangerous look to sahil as If he will kill him next second.
” no no I didn’t said anything I swear” sahil was really scared from sanskar.
” she was normal when you went in the morning to study??” Kavita asked
” ohhh shitttt!!!!! I didn’t went in the morning, my stupid sleep ohh god so that’s why she is angry” sanskar curses himself for being so lazy. He instantly got up and ran to swara’s bench.

Sanskar sit beside her without even asking.Swara give him one look then again got busy in reading.
” swara I got to know the reason behind your anger” he said sheepishly.
” good” here comes her minor whisper.
” I’m really sorry that I didn’t came to study Actually I’m not habitual to get up early so..” He apologized holding her hand.
” then you should have informed me earlier I was waiting in the corridor for half an hour” she said with pout.
” you should have knock at my room door” he said
” I did twice but no response” swara roll her eyes.
” huh!! All are sleepy heads in our room” sanskar said glaring at boys on last beaches.
Swara smile looking at his expressions.
” you are not angry??” Sanskar asked happily.
” no but don’t repeat” she warned him.
” never, thank you cutiepie” sanskar pull her cheeks amusing her. He ran from there before swara could react. She signed and smile at him.

Crazy gang was in empty class for the dance practice. Sanskar was setting music player and all. He turn towards all but didn’t find swara.
” where is swara?!” he asked going close to them.
” we didn’t call her” ragini said showing her not so good attitude.
” and why???” Sanskar got irritated with her drama.
” we thought you will personally call her” kavita teases him.
Sanskar’s frown face changed listening to her words. He look down shyly.
” omggg Sanskar Maheshwari is blushing” laksh started laughing making fun of him.
” shut up” sanskar punch him before leaving to call swara.

” let’s go swara”Sanskar came running, swara was in class only.
” where??” She lifted her head confusedly.
” dance practice madam com on get up” sanskar made her stand closing the books.
” Sanskar I don’t know anyone in your group except kavita then..” She said little nervously.
” you know me that’s enough bcoz you are going to be my partner alright??” He tried to assure her.
Swara nodded and slightly smile.

” okay all stand with your partners” sanskar said instructing them. He on the music.
” our song is Enna Sona from OK jannu movie any problem??” Sanskar asked.
All shook their head in no. Sanskar went near swara and held her hand.
” you follow me and swara” he said.
All took their position, kavita with nikil sahil and kavya, ragini and laksh.
Sanskar pull swara closer startling her.
(Enna Sona Kyun Rabb ne banaya,
Enna Sona Kyun Rabb ne banaya)
Swara’s hands are on Sanskar’s shoulder, she is all the time looking down. Sanskar turn her suddenly and she stumble
” ohh sorry” sanskar is very good in dance and he absent minded did quick movement.
All stopped as the link was broken.
” you okay swara??” He asked out of concern while she slowly nodded
” she is not prefect for you sanskar I should be with you” ragini said getting jealous from swara as she want to be at swara’s place. (Writer will never let this happen???)
” don’t you dare to say anything to swara she is just perfect for me” sanskar shouted at ragini shutting her mouth.
All were shocked with his words ” She is perfect for me” while swara ignore as she think he mean in dance only.
” She is right Sanskar, I don’t know dance” swara said with sadness.
” so what you can learn” sanskar said sternly.
Sanskar again restart the music
(Aavan Jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Aavan Jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Enna Sona, enna sona
Enna Sona, enna sona….)
Sanskar slowly teach swara each step and she also was more careful and learning properly.
Once they learnt swasan were dancing perfectly.
For the further few days they keep on doing practise. Sanskar has made swara so flexible and comfortable.

At night, Sanskar came in girls room to meet Swara as tomorrow is the dance performance and he want to know whether Swara is okay bcoz he is aware his little baby get nervous very soon.
” swara” sanskar called her but she was not in room.
” she is in balcony” kavita said.
Sanskar went to balcony and saw swara writing something in diary. He tip toed to see what she is writing but swara has kept her arm on the top.
” Swara what are you writing??” Sanskar asked out of curiosity.
Swara got astonished as she didn’t expected him there. So she immediately closed the diary.
” nothing” she look around.
” plz tell na I’m your best friend ” he pleaded but swara shook her head saying
” it’s not that important”
” still I want to see” sanskar snatch the diary from her.
” sanskar plz don’t open it” swara shouted. Her heart was beating so fast.
” please Sanskar” swara requested.
” sorry take it” Sanskar give diary back to her. He can’t upset her.Swara took the diary.
” why you came here?” Swara asked changing the atmosphere
” ohh I came to ask you are okay I mean you are not nervous to perform??” He asked.
” yes I’m little nervous bcoz I never danced on stage” she was biting her lower lips.
” hmm don’t worry if you did any mistake or you forgot the step I will cover it” he assure squeezing her hand lightly
” thanks” swara smile.
” not needed now go and take rest, write your secrets later” he winks pointing at the diary.
Swara smile and came inside.

Next day:
Girls are getting ready in one room and boys are in other for the dance.
Swara is wearing light pink frock till her knees.
She is looking so cute with her long open hairs till her waist. All girls are wearing frocks but their colour is different.
” Swara apply little” kavita said telling to put make up.
” no kavita I don’t use all this” swara said.
While all girls are loaded with makeup and swara has not even touched it. She looks simply beautiful.
Laksh came inside to keep few things in the room and he was shocked to see something and ran out instantly

” Sanskarrrr” laksh shouted entering inside the room.
” what happened to you??” Sanskar asked looking at him
” swara is not wearing specks” laksh was breathing heavily as he came running.
” what????? Are you serious?” Sanskar stood on the bed in excitement.
” 100% sure I had seen her” he said.
” let me go and see” sanskar ran out of the room.

” sanskar you here???” Kavita asked as she noticed him
Swara turn towards sanskar, his breathe got hitched as he admire her face. But he was not able to see inside her eyes as she was standing far.
He was about to go close when there was announcement that they all should assemble at the back stage.
” yeah I came to call you all” he said not getting any other reason.
Sanskar left from there.

All took the position on the stage. Swara was all the time looking down and poor sanskar was still not able to see her eyes. The music was onn and they started dancing as they did the practise. SwaSan were doing very nicely, all eyes were on them as they are in the center. Sanskar twirl swara as it was the last step. He roll her and then they have to face each other.
Swara fall on his chest. Swara’s eyes met his, he was drowned in her beautiful dark black orbs. His dark brown fixed on her dark black, it was magical. Sanskar felt getting hypnotise with her eyes. He just never want to break this eyelock. They didn’t stop the dance. Sanskar unconsciously lean closer and whisper
” I love you swara”
Swara’s eyes widen, her body got numb as she registered his words. Still they didn’t took their eyes off each other.
To he continued….

Precap: ragini’s farewell and swara’s reaction on sanskar’s confession.

Well I’m going to remove ragini’s character from this story. Actually I had already told that I don’t want negativity in this ff and to imagine ragini as positive is difficult for me, I hope you understand.
Kindly no bashing.
Thank you.

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