Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs) Shot 3 by Marsuu

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Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs)
Shot 3:
Recap: Swara came in sanskar’s room.

Principal Office:
Sanskar enter inside after asking permission.He saw his father sitting in front of principal sir.
Sanskar(mumble): yeh pita shri kaha se tapak pade(from where my father came here)
Ram: come here sanskar
Sanskar: hello papa
Sir: Sanskar have you seen your performance in the class.
Sanskar shook his head in no.
Sir show his test papers.
Sir:even after adding the marks of all subjects then also total is not 10+ how you are going to pass the semester?
Sanskar (thought): who wants to pass.
Ram: Sanskar I had decided if you will fail in these semester exams I will make you watchman of my company no need to study.
Sanskar: what???
Ram: yes so better start studying or get ready to be watchman.
Sanskar make faces.
After getting lecture on why studies are important, why we should become good person and all that from his father and principal, he left to his room. He didn’t care what they said as every time they give same lecture.

Sanskar’s room:
All are sleeping when suddenly sanskar got up with jerk. He seems scared as if had seen bad dream.
Sanskar(shouts): luckyyy nikkyyyyy
They both got up and look at him with look ” what the Hell is your problem now??”.
Laksh(irritated): now again you want to see swara???
Sanskar: not swara
Nikil(shock): then which girl??
Sanskar: ohhoo not any girl I went to office na there papa came and told that if I will fail in this semester he will make me watchman of his company.
Laksh: but I don’t think you take them seriously.
Sanskar: yeah I ignored but after seeing this dream I can’t take risk yrr
Nikil: but what was the dream??
Sanskar: don’t laugh okay
Laksh and nikil nodded.
Sanskar: I saw I failed in exams then was sitting at the gate of my company as watchman and the worst thing swara saw me like that what if this comes true what about my respect in front of swara yrr.
Laksh and nikil are already rolling laughing.
Sanskar: idiots don’t laugh give me solution.
Laksh: you stitch one watchman uniform bcoz its impossible to pass.
Sanskar: shut up
Nikil: I think you need a personal tutor.
Laksh: yes Mr Avasti Sir.
Sanskar: I can’t tolerate him in class and will take tuition never.
Laksh: why not swara she is topper and will explain you as friend.
Sanskar hugged laksh tightly.
Sanskar: you are best lucky love you
Laksh: ohye I’m not gay
Sanskar: even I love my swara you get lost.
Nikil: now sleep talk tomorrow.
Sanskar: I was thinking now only.
Laksh: its 1 at night.
Sanskar make faces and trio slept.

Next morning:
All are getting ready for school.
Laksh: sanskar plzz put knot on my tie.
Sanskar: I don’t know
But then something came in Sanskar’s mind and he give him his tie
Sanskar: you take this one it has knot give yours to me.
Laksh: why??
Sanskar : I will ask swara to put the knot (winks)
He ran to swara’s room.

Girls Room:
Sanskar knock at the door and ragini opened it.
Ragini: omg Sanskar you in our room.
Sanskar: where is swara??
Ragini: I’m there what you want.
Sanskar: I want to meet swara so move aside.
He enter inside and saw swara packing her bag.
Sanskar: swara
Swara: ohh hi Sanskar.
Sanskar: plz can you put knot on my tie.
Swara: sure just let me pack my bag.
Sanskar: yeah take your time. You are so perfect swara the way you set your books according to periods too good and you are so intelligent how smartly you give answers in the class.
He keep on praising her standing beside . Kavita , kavya and ragini’s jaw hit the ground. Is he the same sanskar who even don’t know what is politeness and here is behaving so sweetly.
Swara: thank you give me tie
Sanskar put it around his neck and said
Sanskar: make knot here only it will save time.
Swara was little hesitant but moved closer but her height is small so was not able to reach. Sanskar slightly lifted her through her waist.
Sanskar: now it will be easy.
All other gulp seeing them like this.
Swara move back as she didn’t like all this.
Swara: give tie plz I will make knot around my neck.
Sanskar: okay no problem.
He sensed her uncomfortable.
Later, she give tie to him.
Sanskar: swara plz can to teach me I’m very poor in studies I have to pass these exams.
Swara: which subject???
Sanskar: all plzz
Swara(smiles): okay
Sanskar: when should I come.
Swara: tomorrow morning 4 am
Sanskar(shout): this much early???
Swara: I’m free at that time only.
Sanskar: okay I don’t have any problem.
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: bye take care
Swara: bye
Sanskar turn to leave and saw shocked faces of girls. He smirked and left whistling keeping hands in pocket.

Next morning:
Sanskar got up at 3 am only as he is so excited to be with swara. He is staring at the clock that when it will hit 4.
And when finally time comes to leave he took one small comforter and left with one book only.
Swara also came out from her room.
They met in the corridor.
Sanskar: good morning swara
Swara: morning where we are going to sit.
Sanskar: under the tree that is on back side.
Swara: its dark won’t you get scared?
Sanskar: there it will calmness and I’m there no need to be afraid.
Swara: okay.

SwaSan came in ground and settle with the support of tree. There are lights which are enough to study.
Swara: we will start with maths.
Sanskar: okay
Swara: you bought the note book??
Sanskar: my notebook is blank you use your only.
Swara nodded and solved first sum and explained to sanskar.
Swara: did you get it??
Sanskar: no its so new to me.
Swara: don’t worry you know formulas??
Sanskar: swara I don’t know anything you start from starting.
Swara: okay
Swara made him learn formulas and rules then again explained the sum
Swara: now understood???
Sanskar: areee this is so easy don’t know what that takla(bald headed) was teaching in class.
Swara: Sanskar why you take such names for teachers.
Sanskar: its for fun swara.
Swara: if next time you will speak like this I will not talk to you. If you can’t respect teachers don’t insult also.
Sanskar: plz don’t get angry I will never say promise.
Swara: you listen to me(smiles)
Sanskar: bcoz you are best friend.
Swara(raise her brow): and when we became???
Sanskar: now
Swara: okay let’s study
They started solving question. Swara was teaching very properly and he was understanding.
After two hours they completed one chapter.
Sanskar: swara may I sleep for 15 mins then will continue again.
Swara: okay.
Sanskar put comforter on both of them.
Swara: I don’t need.
Sanskar: it’s cold take it.
Sanskar lie with the support of tree and slept.
Swara look around and yawn. She has slept late night as she was doing self study and for sanskar she got up early. Unknowingly she also lie and slept.

After an hour:
Whole gang is finding swasan as they are no where.School will start in half an hour. They both are sleeping in ground. That ground is at back side so no one come in the morning ,at evening time only students play.
Laksh: let’s check in back ground only that is left.
Ragini: yes why they both vanished??
Kavita: who knows.
They all came in ground and saw swasan sitting under tree and sleeping. Swara’s head is on Sanskar’s shoulder and covered with one comforter.
Ragini: what the hell they are doing??
Kavita(chuckles): sleeping
Laksh(jerk): Sanskar get up
Sanskar open his eyes slowly and smile seeing swara so close to him.
Nikil:(loudly) ohyeeee sanskar
Sanskar: ssshhh swara is sleeping.
All roll their eyes at him. He has really become mad after her.
Laksh(whisper): let’s go to school if your romance is over.
Sanskar didn’t listen him just keep on staring swara. Her big hazel eyes are closed.
Laksh(irritated): Sanskar
Sanskar: lucky swara is so beautiful yrr.
All felt like hitting his head with something but did he care noooo.
To be continued….

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