Craziness Vs Innocence (SwaSan fs) Shot 1 by Marsuu

Hello guys!! This is Mars with a new crazy story?? Don’t make fun of the title I got this one only???.
Okay coming to the story, this is a teenagers story and there is no family drama as whole series will be shooted in school and hostel???. I thought now a days I’m getting serious with my stories so here is light humorous story showing friendship, attraction and teen love.
Let’s see who is crazy and who is innocent???
Hope so you will like it.

Craziness Vs Innocence(SwaSan fs)
Shot 1:
Sanskar Maheshwari: 17 years old currently studying in 12th standard. Flirting, teasing, making fun, zero in studies, craziness are few words which describes him perfectly. He is extremely handsome that all girls want him as their boyfriend but he is waiting for his princess. He is spoiled brat who do everything except studies.He is leader of their gang.

Laksh Maheshwari: 17 years old cousin
of sanskar.He is also not good in studies and spoiled.He has girlfriend kavya. He always support sanskar.

Ragini Gododia(??? she in my story shocked??? Me too?? but you will enjoy trust me, if you really know what I mean??) 17 years have high attitude and ego. She thinks she is the best (but I doubt?) She has huge crush on sanskar and is always after him may be he will accept her (not even in her dreams?)

Kavya Mehra: 17, always with ragini she is laksh’s girlfriend. she is also little similar to ragini.

Kavita Kapoor: 17, she is sensible calm and sweet girl but crazy at the same time.She is Nikil’s girlfriend and they are really serious in their relation.She doesn’t like ragini much.

Nikil Khanna: 17, same like sanskar and laksh crazy and zero in studies but he is not flirty as he really loves kavita.

So Sanskar Laksh Nikil Kavya Kavita and Ragini all are classmates and spoiled gang of the school. Their gang name is “Crazy Gang”. Sanskar is the leader and the most popular boy of the school.They always fail in semester exams just try to get passing marks in finals. No teacher like them infact they are known as disturbance of the class.
No one mess with them as all are scared of their pranks. They are back benchers.

(Where is our heroine??? Coming coming how can I forgot shona??.)
Swara Bose: 17 years old, wearing specs but she is beautiful to extreme level. Her innocence can attract anyone. She was topper in her previous school and is new in Sanskar’s school as her mother, shomi got transfer from Delhi to Kolkata.She is innocent but not coward(remember it) Her answers are enough to shut the other person’s mouth.(that u will get to know)

Ram and Sujata maheshwari: parents of Sanskar.
Ap and Dp Maheshwari: parents of laksh.
Shekar and janki Gododia: parents of ragini.
Shomi Bose: only parent of swara.

All are living in hostel and its joint hostel of boys and girls in St Joseph Convent School. Maheshwari’s are the trustees of the school.
Kavita kavya and ragini live in one room while Sanskar laksh and nikil share one room.

Story Begins:
Basketball Ground:
Sanskar is tapping the basketball on the ground alone as it’s evening and he is passing time. He is roaming in whole ground. He loves basketball alot and is champion in it.
While he was fully indulge in playing with that ball sweating and breathing heavily then only one girl came near him and said
Girl: hi Sanskar
Sanskar stopped tapping the ball and look at the person.He got irked seeing the girl.
Sanskar(irritated): what ragini!???
Ragini: may we talk for sometime??

Sanskar(sternly): no
Ragini: but why??
Sanskar: bcoz I don’t want and plzz for god’s sake stop sticking to me.
His tone was highly frustrated but it didn’t effected ragini and she said
Ragini: see Sanskar in our gang all are couples kavya laksh and kavita nikil except both of us.
Sanskar: then???
Ragini: don’t you think we should also start our relation.
Sanskar: we already have relation.

Ragini (happy): really what relation?
Sanskar: brother sister you are my elder sister.
Ragini: I’m not your sister and we are of same age then how elder.
Sanskar(shrugs): now you look elder to me what can I do???
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: hey plzz you leave don’t eat my brain.
Ragini left from there fuming.

Sanskar(shouted): good bye sister.
Laksh who listened them came near sanskar and said
Laksh: why don’t you get committed sanskar instead of flirting here and there.
Sanskar: I’m not mental to be with ragini and moreover she is my sister.
Laksh: I know you don’t like her even I’m not saying ragini but any other girl there are many who are crazy after you.
Sanskar: you know laksh I’m waiting for my princess who will become Sanskar’s Queen, the day I will get her I will stop all this flirting.

Laksh: and when she will come???
Sanskar: that destiny knows. Who knows she may come today only(winks)
Laksh: you and your high standard talks.
Sanskar: leave it you won’t understand.
Sanlak went to the hostel.

Shomi came to leave swara at hostel. She preferred hostel as she is most of the time busy with her work and their house is also far.
Shomi: swara take care of yourself and concentrate on studies.
Swara: yes ma u don’t worry and you too take care.
Shomi: okay bye

Swara: bye.
Swara picked her bags and came inside the hostel. She searched for room no.5.
At last she got it.

Room No 5:
Swara knocked at the room, soon the door got opened by a girl and she is kavita.
Swara: hello I’m newcomer
Kavita: ohh you are new one who is going to share room with us.
Swara: yes
Kavita: plzz come inside.

Room is big enough to accommodate four students. There is four beds for single person and four cupboards and four study tables.
Ragini and kavya make faces seeing swara. Swara’s bed is last one so she keep her bag on it. Ragini went near her and said with full attitude
Ragini: Ragini Gododia
Swara(turn): who??
Ragini: me who else?
Swara: ohh

Ragini: now u r going to live in this room so you have to listen to me.
Swara(confused): why???
Ragini: bcoz I’m head of this room.
Swara: even I’m going to pay equal rent didi.
Ragini (shocked): didi?? I’m just 17
Swara: you are very tall to me so i thought to give respect.
She said blinking her eyes. Kavita chuckles bcoz swara is unknowingly insulting ragini.
Ragini: do you know

Swara(cut her): no
Ragini: I’m telling that u know I’m the most beautiful girl of the school,boys are dying to talk to me.
Kavita(mumble): that’s why still she is single.
Swara smiles listening to her and said
Swara: what should I do then give you miss universe tag???
Ragini: don’t fly too much
Swara: I don’t have wings.

She said innocently moulding her lips.
Ragini stamp her foot on floor and left.
Swara got busy in setting her clothes.

Swara is standing in the balcony staring at the stars when kavita came and stood beside her
Kavita: hello
Swara (smiles): hi
Kavita(extend her hand): so friends I’m kavita
Swara(shake hand): swara
Kavita: you don’t pay much heed to ragini she is egoistic type.
Swara: ohh
Kavita: well you look very sincere. How are you in studies?
Swara: thanks let’s see here but I was topper in my previous school.
Kavita: great means you are not suitable for our gang.

Swara(confused): gang.
Kavita: our crazy gang where all are zero in studies and spoiled.
Swara: ohh I myself will not join that gang plz don’t mind.
Kavita: no no its common all say this only.
Swara: let’s sleep we have school tomorrow.
Swakav went inside and slept.

Next Morning
St. Joseph Convent School

Class 12:
Swara is sitting on the first bench alone and reading some book. Crazy gang is sitting on last benches all are there except sanskar.Its early morning when students are coming to school so there was time for the class to start. Then only sanskar made his entry and his gang shouted
Nikil: here comes our hero
Swara has the urge to see him so she lifted her head up and saw sanskar but he directly went to last benches. Throwing his bag on the floor he jumped and sits on the upper bench where we keep books.
They are laughing and shouting which was irritating Swara but she didn’t reacted. Only few students were there in the class. Accidentally sanskar’s gaze spot swara who has almost buried her face in book.
Sanskar (narrowing her eyes): who is she???

Kavita: new comer and out roommate.
Sanskar: she looks beautiful lets add her in our gang.
All were looking at sanskar as if they had seen some ghost.
Laksh: you called a girl beautiful sanskar are you okay.
Sanskar don’t even look at girls to praise them is far thing.
Sanskar: yeah if God has gifted her beauty then I should praise.

Kavita: but you never praised anyone earlier.
Sanskar: then I had never seen such beauty also earlier.
Ragini was fuming all the time but who cares?
Ragini: she can’t be in our gang.

Sanskar: and who are you to decide this???
Ragini: I mean sanskar she is not of our type she is very studious.
Sanskar: did I asked you ragini?? no na then don’t speak
Kavita(taunting): someone gets so much insulted but still not leaving the gang.
Ragini was about to say when sanskar said
Sanskar: let me call her here
Kavita: she is not interested to be our gang member.
Sanskar: ohh then let’s tease her.

Sanskar made paper ball and throw at swara. Swara looked back when the ball hitted her.
Sanskar: hey specs one come here.
Swara set her specs and went to last bench.
She stood in front of Sanskar
Swara: yes
Sanskar: intro
Swara(confused): what???
Sanskar: introduction dear (fake smile)
Swara: Swara Bose
Sanskar: Miss or Mrs??
Swara: I’m 17 so if you have common sense you can guess.
Sanskar was shocked to know that this little girl will speak like this he thought she will be scared.
Swara: may I have the honour to leave plzz.
Sanskar: okay

He said senselessly. Her actions, her beauty made him numb.
It was another shock for all that he didn’t teased her.
Sanskar: she took my heart lucky
He said placing hand on his heart and act like if dying.

Ragini: what was in her???
Sanskar:she is really pretty.
Ragini: but she was wearing specs.
Sanskar: yes with specs she made me crazy when she will directly see in my eyes I will surely get heart attract.
All laughs while ragini make faces.

Soon the teacher came so they settle down on their seats.

To be continued…..

Well don’t worry about so many characters bcoz camera will focus on swasan only????.
If you don’t like kindly ignore but don’t bash over here.
Plzz leave your comments if you want to read further.
Thank you
Take care

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    1. Mars

      Yupp swara is smart to shut others mouth???? I’m happy that you loved it thank you so much dear
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      Love you????
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    1. Mars

      Hey it’s okay it’s your point of view and I had thought of ragini’s character like this only and it’s needed in the story and don’t come to conclusion plz its first part.
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