I Craved for it (Raglak os)

Hey guys,it’s Aashi again with a raglak OS . Hope you all like it and do tell how was it.
Ps: This story has a happy ending ? .


Note: Not Proof Read.

Ragini pov

After all the struggles, finally Laksh accepted me with whole heart. He filled my life with the beautiful colours. We made new memories, after all those struggles I started living. I got my sister Swara back, Sanskaar my best friend back and most important my Laksh forever. We had buried all the past and started to live in a bright hope for future.

One day laksh came to me, we had a talk about our own little family.
He said he wanted a baby girl, he told how desperately he wanted a sister, but Uttara was sent to a hostel at a very young age. He couldn’t provide her love and warmth which a brother wants to give.

Few days later, all four of us- Swara, Sanskaar, Laksh and me, went to a office party. We danced, drank and immersed ourselves in flamboyance. That night we made love, he made me feel like a complete women, we marked me as his! That was the beautiful night of my life.

But then Adarsh Bhaiya and Parineeta Bhabhi came as a villian in our life! They snatched my Laksh from me. My life was again a white canvas with no colours in it. I craved for laksh, his touch and everything.

Swara, who wanted to support me also left Maheshwari mansion and Sanskaar also supported her, though he was hurt by her gesture. I made her realized that she was wrong and sent her back to Maheshwari mansion.

One day while working at home, I felt vomit sensations and after that I blacked out. When I woke up, I could see the gleaming faces of everyone, they told me I was pregnant. I was beyond happy but missed laksh. My happiness was incomplete without him. I wanted to cherish this moment with him. I wished that it should be a baby girl, as whenever laksh come back, I could give him the happiest news at that time.

We tried finding laksh a lot, we had no clue where he was, but one day we came to know from a lady that he was in hospital, I thought my wait was over but I got the biggest shock that laksh had died few days before. Grief took over.
I started walking on the road, I wasn’t knowing where was I going, and then I met a accident. I lost my baby. I lost everything. Everything was finished, all hopes of mine were burnt in a day. I didn’t wanted to live. I was a body without any soul, wandering wherever the life take me.

And then everyone came to know Swara was going to be a mother. I thought how lucky she was, she had her husband with her, she was going to be a mother. Everyone started taking care of her. At time I felt jealous from her but I shrugged my thoughts and this I won’t let my jealousy took over my love for her.
I craved for everything she had.

But one day police came up with a news of laksh, that he was found in market, we three went to search him. And without any clue came back. I thought laksh was nothing without Ragini then how can can Ragini live without. If today I’m alive, because he was alive. I felt a ray of hope in me. My heart beats for him! He was alive this was what I could feel.

And then I met a minor accident with mansi car and then at her home I found laksh. He denied being laksh, but he was. He had those scintillating eyes for which I had fallen. Name doesn’t change that he was my laksh.

We tried a lot to proove him he was laksh, but everytime failed and then after maa got a heart attack, he accepted he was laksh, I was happy. I wanted to share all my sorrow and happiness with him.

I wanted to feel motherhood again but doctor words echoed that I cannot be a mother again after that incident. Though laksh would be back, but our dream of family could never break fulfilled .

And then Mansi and Nikhil plan came out. They were caught and laksh was back!!
And then Mishka came into my life, she filled all the colours of being a mother in a life.
.“The hand of a bride becomes the hand of a mother. Ever so gently she cares for her precious child. Bathing, dressing, feeding, comforting—there is no hand like mother’s. Nor does its tender care diminish through the years.”
I told about my miscarriage to laksh. Mishka heard our conversation and she wiped my tears. She said you are mom and always will be, filling all the colours in my white canvas.
We had a bond which none could break,she was now my own child. She was our- Ragini and Laksh child!


By love,

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