I Crave for You (RagLak) – Part 3

hi guys this is Soundari back with the next part of I Crave for you. sorry for the delay. was quite busy. thank you for all your comments in the previous part.. hope you like it too

Recap : RagLak Romance. Laksh got to know that ragini is not a hooker. He escapes from ragini who was under alcohol effect..

Next day morning :
Sun rays fell at the face of a sleeping beauty whose royal sleep was disturbed by those shiny light waves. She felt as if her head was about to explode. Never in her life had she experienced such a massive headache. She woke up holding her head. When she was finally able to steady herself she looked around to find herself in an unfamiliar place. She tried to recollect her weak memory as much as possible but the more she tried the more her pain gets increased. She curses herself for getting so drunk.
Laksh also wakes up from his deep slumber. Once he gets fully awake he finds a girl sitting on his bed holding her head. He gets remainded of last night of events. He calls room service and orders for a lemon juice for ragini. Ragini who finally gets aware of another person due to the call focuses her attention at laksh direction. She’s shocked to see a male in a room with her which seems to be like a hotel. She slowly gets flashes of last night happenings. Her ex lover breaking her heart cruelly, her decision to experience body pleasure, she getting drunk in a bar but she couldn’t remember anything other than that. She was still holding her head.
Meantime the room service arrived with the lemon juice. Laksh received it and took it to ragini and holds it in front of her. Ragini still unsure of the situation looked confused while laksh understood her thoughts .

“I know you are confused. But first drink this to get over your hang over then we can talk things clear” laksh said with a gentle smile.
Ragini nodded understanding and took the juice from him and gulped it down at once.
“it may take some time for you to get over the hang over, so u sit here and relax while I fresh up and be back” saying so he left with his towel towards bathroom while ragini rested her head on the headrest of the bed trying to recollect last night’s events but in vain.
The only thing that she could remember is seeing a handsome man near the bar and she deciding to spend the night with him. At first his face was not clear but as time passes she could somehow understand that it’s none other than the person in the washroom.
“did I really lose myself to him last night? Not that I regret it as I’m the one who wished to do so but I don’t want my first time to happen when I’m not in my sense. But it doesn’t seem like anything happened to me last night. I’m still in my vodka smelling clothes and it seems as if he slept on the couch. So he doesn’t take advantage me. Strange. Doesn’t all men want only this then why didn’t he?” while she was drowned in her thoughts she heared the clicking sound of a door open and laksh stepped out of it in bathrobe.
She half expected him to be only in his towel as he left only with that but she then smacked herself for her thoughts.
Laksh who noticed her checking him out smirked slightly and brought her back to reality with his question ” are you feeling better?”
Ragini after coming back to reality found his smirking face understood what she was doing bent her head in shy and simply nodded a “hmm” while his smirk grew wider.
“So I guess let’s have a real talk now or you want to get freshen up too?” asked laksh taking a seat on the couch.

Ragini who was embarrassed like hell in order to scape the situation quickly said that she wants to use the washroom and left in lightning speed while laksh smiled at her antics.
After sometime ragini emerges out of the washroom with another bathrobe with her hair all wet finds laksh sipping on his green tea.
She too took a place near to him on the couch and looked at him unsure of how to start.
Laksh who was controlling himself a lot seeing her in a wet bathrobe and hair finally decides to break the ice by forwarding his hand “hi. I’m laksh .. laksh maheswari”
Ragini finally getting her courage extend her hand and said “hi. I’m Ragini Gadodiya”
“nice meeting you. I guess you have lots of doubts in your head about what happened last night and before you predict something weird i confess that nothing happened between us”
“I know “ ragini said timidly while laksh adored her for her hotness combined cuteness.
“ so you remember everything. So I guess there’s nothing for me to explain” saying so he was about to get up while ragini held his hand in quick action.
“no. I don’t remember anything other than seeing you in the lounge. After that I can’t remember anything. I just said that because i…. i…. can….feel that” ragini said with her face all red like tomato while laksh who sat back on the couch thought surprised “yesterday she was on full jungle billi mode. But today she’s all shy and timid. I don’t know which is the real she.”

His thoughts were disturbed by her tiny voice “ so.. what..happened.. last night. Did I do something bad? Did I trouble you a lot?”
Laksh smiled gently at her and started narrating the events about how she landed in his room and him thinking her as a hooker, she confessing about her ex to him and he stopping all the advances and finally her passing out due to alcohol effect. He himself excluded the part where she was pouncing on him and trying to get closer to him because he can very well see how embarrassed she is when he mentioned about the kiss and he doesn’t want to make her anymore uncomfortable.
After a good amount of time ragini raised from her seat saying “ thank you for being so considerate about the situation and for not taking advantage of my condition. I guess I have given enough trouble to you. Do you have another pair of dress? I’ll dress up and will leave as soon as possible”
She was about to move forward while laksh hold her wrist tightly and the force made her to land on his lap . ragini looked at him with widened eyes while he slowly took his lips near her ear and whispered softly “Did you really mean it when you said that you wanted to experience it with me?”
The question made her eyes wider larger than before and looked questioningly at him. When her eyes met his intense gaze she found herself to be captivated by him and she slowly nodded YES.
Laksh smiled satisfied at her and asks “so won’t you regret if it happens now?”
Ragini bent her head shyly and nodded no
And that was more than enough for our laksh to proceed further and he gently took her lips in his and started chewing on it gently asking for entrance and the screen blurred.

Precap : so what will happen after their love making? Will they part ways or does destiny has something in store for them?

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