I Crave for You (RagLak) – Part 2


Hi guys this is Soundari back with the next part of I Crave For you. thank you so much for your valuable comments in the previous part. hope you like it too.

The person sighed seeing ragini and rolled his eyes and said “HOOKER”
Ragini who was still gawking at him without even blinking her eyes got back to reality on hearing him murmur something but she couldn’t exactly get the word. The person who had enough of her staring finally said “So if you are done checking me out can you please get to work for which you are here”
Ragini who was under alcohol effect smiled in a slurry way and said ” youuuu loooook moooore hannnnndsomeeee thannnn riiiishhiii”
The person without understanding said ” who is rishi? I think you misunderstood.. I’m laksh.. Laksh maheswari”
Ragini giggled ” rishiiii iss my exxx..”

Laksh in mind ” so she’s talking about her ex customer”
He groaned ” I have never in 100 years thought that my first time will be with a hooker that too a drunken one”
While he was deep in thinking ragini moved her tender fingers on his abs arousing his sensation..
He felt tingling sensation wherever she touched.. Her hands traveled from his stomach and then traveled to his chest and then to his jawline. Small hairs pricked her skin but it felt nice.
Slowly her fingers traveled to his cheek cupping one side of it with her tiny hands. Unable to control anymore he held her hand that was touching his face and pulled it with a force.. The sudden force made her to land on his chest with his other hand wrapping around her waist. Their lips were at an inch distance while both stared at each other’s eyes..
Both can feel the hot breath of the other person..
Ragini slowly whispered “I wanna experience it with you”
Those words left her mouth with a very less frequency but its enough for him to hear sighting their distance.
He immediately crashed his hard lips on her soft and juicy lips. Both being little experienced had an inappropriate kiss but it was nothing compared to their previous ones. Even though the kiss was not a perfect one but they both felt like they were out of the world.. It was such a heavenly one that both doesn’t want to stop the kiss but the need for oxygen made them apart..
Laksh looks amazed at her and thinks “I know I’m little experienced with kisses but what about her? Why does she kiss me like as if she is one too. Already she would have kissed n number of people then y does it feel to me that she is not an experienced one?”
Once again his thoughts were broken by ragini who threw himself at him and hugged him tightly.. She was about to reach his lips once again when laksh moved a little.
Ragini frowned and kept her hands on both sides of her waist and looked angrily at him like a wild cat while laksh looked surprised at her.
Ragini like a queen ” you? why do you move? Don’t you want me? You are also a man right? Then even you will be obviously craving for my body like rishi .. Then why are you moving.. After all men only want bodies and not hearts..”

She said in a slurry voice while laksh looked confused at her.
He felt some sort of pain in her voice which stopped him from proceeding further but first and foremost he wants to know who the hell is that rishi
He slowly moved near ragini cupping her face in his palms. His mouth traveled to her ears and he whispered softly ” who is rishi?”
With that single question all the pain that she has been bottling up overflowed like river and her eyes stung with tears..
After half an hour :
Ragini was still muttering profenities cursing rishi with all the golden words possible while laksh sat before her with his face in his palm.
He sighed “So we both are same cases.. Only the causes are different.. And she is not a blo*dy hooker. Thank God I stopped myself before doing something which I’ll regret later”
He remembered her words “He cheated me. He said he craved only for my body. He doesn’t love me. He said everyone approached me only for my body. I want to know what the hell is that so called body pleasure. I want to know now.. I want to do it with someone who is much handsome and hot than him. ” last line brought a smile on his face. She in her half conscious mind complemented him which he very well know came from her heart.
He looked at her. No doubt she was another form of angel sent from heaven. Her slender curves and innocent face can make any boy fall in love with her. But she is right even I’m seeing only her external beauty. Men are same. But then he remembered her saying that she wants to do it with him only to experience the pleasure. Even he wants to experience the same but want to do it only in their right mind. He doesn’t want to face any guilty feeling as he is already being through a lot more right now.
Once again his deep thoughts where disturbed by her moves. She slowly crawled on her bed like a ready to pounce wild cat with a smirk on her face while he looked shocked and at the same time aroused.. He very well know what she is up to and jumped from his couch he was sitting before a while. She started to keep her hand on his lap while he gently slapped it away making her pout like a child who was denied her favorite chocolate.. His feelings are going wild with even these simple actions of her while she started her next attack. His eyes are only concerned on her lips which he tasted a while back. He wants to hold her tight and kiss the hell out of her for his whole life time but he very well know that it’s not the right time. So he tried to divert his mind from her angelic features while she kept approaching him with different ways. He ran through all corners of the room in order to escape from her clutches. He very well know that she is a Virgin and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her drunken state. This cat and mouse game continues with her trying to pounce on him while he kept escaping from her by jumping here and there. This continued for sometime unless she fell unconscious due to alcohol effect. He slowly lift her up and placed her on the bed and covered her with blanket while she snuggles closer into it.
With a heavy sigh he moved towards the couch and closed his eyes drifting to sleep.

Recap : RagLak conversation
So guys sorry if it is boring.. I don’t want them to have their first time without full consent of both.. Hope you understand

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