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Hello people…its kavya…i thought of writing a one shot as it would be easier for me. For soooooooo many days i had been finding one shots of swasan,well its quite obvious as because we all swaragini fans are quite depressed with Ragini and Laksh’s relation as per the serial….soo at last i have thought of writing a Raglak one shot as its sort of my dream to see them together…hope that you all will like it and comment…and yaa i am sorry for not updating my other ff that is ‘it started with a hate request’ as you know due to xams…but Il surely update it after 22nd march…so till then njoy this ff.

The scene starts with an unknown dark place where a car is almost crushed and there’s a lorry just standing before it. By the scene it can be clearly understood that there had been a very big accident. Its a stormy night as rain starts pouring heavily followed by thunders and flashes every minute. Then suddenly we see a boy coming out of the crashed car. He is badly injured as there’s blood all over his face and other places. Even then he tries to tell the lorry driver to call the ambulance. But that fool gets frightened watching the situation and runs away. The boy goes near the girl’s seat and holds her hand.
Boy:(while crying) nothing will happen to you Ragini…i promise. I wont let anything happen to you.
The girl is also very badly injured and can’t speak anything. But somehow she struggles and opens her eyes. After some times she just takes the boys name…
Ragini: Laksh.
Laksh’s grip on her hands tighten. He thinks how to save her,when he suddenly finds some men passing by. He was drenched with blood plus water but he didn’t care. He went to them and asked them for help. Those men didn’t reply to him and called the police and ambulance. As soon as they told the address they left from there. Laksh thought for a second: how inhuman if them. But at least they called the ambulance.
He again went and stood beside ragini holding her hand. He tried to open the car door but couldn’t.
That’s when he found the ambulance coming with the police officers. The police officers started there inspection without allowing the nurse to take the patients to the hospital. Laksh was surprised and screamed at them…
Laksh:(screaming)are you all nutzzz…she will die dude…please let us go to the hospital.
One police officer looked at his side but did not reply. He screamed and tried to make them understand,but it was no use. At last after some time the police officers allowed the nurses to take Ragini and Laksh from there. Laksh knew that Ragini’s situation was getting worsened every second,but they had no way.
He held her hand and squeezed it while she suddenly opened her eyes. She again called out his name, but it came out fumbled due to the oxygen mask.
Laksh remembered all those days when she used to call out his name in the morning to wake him up.
Ragini:(warmly) Laksh.
Laksh: hmm…
Ragini: laksh get up nor you’ll get late.
Laksh: just 5minutes more.
Ragini:(pulling his years) ya…from 6o’clock you had been saying 5mints…and now its 8.
Laksh: owwwww…oho darling cummon you should sleep at least 8 hrs a day.
Ragini: achaaa really…
She starts tickling him when he holds her wrist and pulls her. Ragini falls on top of laksh.
Laksh:(teasingly) and morning romance is also good for health.
He tucks her hairlock and goes closer to kiss her when suddenly they hear some footsteps.
AP comes near there room with aarti unknown of what’s happening and then when she sees this she starts fumbling,
AP: ohoo…am so sorry,am so sorry…i should have knocked. Am so sorry…ok you all continue…no no i mean…il come later…il do some work. Sorry sorry.
She leaves while Ragini gets shy.
Laksh: ohooo…mom’s timing are soo bad.
Ragini glares at him while he winks.
Flashback ends—

Ragini is taken down from the ambulance and taken inside the operation theater. Fortunately the doctor’s didn’t say anything even when they see Laksh entering with them.
At night. Laksh is standing in his balcony holding a coffee cup and Ragini comes and joins him. Suddenly Laksh smiles.
Ragini: what happened?
Laksh: nothing.
Ragini: why were you smiling then?
Laksh: i was thinking about our babies.
Ragini:(blushing) nonsense.
Laksh: no seriously. If its a girl then it should be a chubby,bubble and she should be lovely like you. If its a boy then…
Ragini: then it should be as handsome as…
Laksh: Me.
Ragini: no,no… Ranbir Kapoor.
Laksh: what? Y not like me?
Ragini: who told you that you are handsome…
Laksh: achaaa, then why did you marry me?
Ragini: i was a very big fool to fall in love with you. Matti mari gayi Thi meri.
Laksh acts like getting angry and chases her while she runs away showing her tounge.
Flashback ends—
The doctors tries the defibrillation but it was no use. Her heartbeat stopped. Laksh saw this and broke down. She held Ragini’s hand tightly and cried…
Laksh: plaese Ragini…open your eyes. I had promised you Il never let anything happen to you. Plaese Ragini.
Laksh gets up and tells the doctor to try once more. For the last time. The doctor looks at the patient and tells the nurse that he’ll try once more, and so as he tried the electrical cardio version her heart started beating this time. Laksh gets happy and holds her face. Ragini opens her eyes and look at him. Tears roll down her cheeks and it is suddenly shown that the doctor smiles at the nurse and moves through Laksh’s body. Laksh sadly looks at Ragini while she moves her head side to side saying no. He cups her face and gives her a last kiss on her lips…and then goes as the doors of the other world kept wide opened, welcoming him to join there heaven.

Soo guys this is a one shot…hope you all enjoyed it. And i am informing this to you so that you don’t have a confusion,that is yes…Laksh was dead long ago. He had spot death. But it was his soul which stayed with Ragini…till she got back her life. So if you all guys have enjoyed it then please do comment after all its a one shot,so please don’t be silent readers.

Credit to: Kavya

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  1. thank u kavya ragini and laksh one shot your’s is the first and the one shot is awsome
    i just loved it once again thank u thank u thank u so o so so much for raglak one shot
    but so emotional . laksh is death my god and his soul stayed there but nice

    1. Thank you janebetty…thanx a bunch for loving it?

  2. I loved it….

    1. Thank you joya

  3. ohh noo…….poor laksh….nice yaar

    1. Ha ha…really…we shouldn’t sympathies with him as per the recent track of the serial…and thank you for liking my ff.

  4. i like your one shot very much but laksh died its so sadyr

    1. Thank you kayanat khan..?

  5. I was literally crying reading the last part… His soul stayed with her till she got back her life… Sad ending… Thanks for the first one shot of Raglak…

    1. Really mine one is the first one shot of raglak….yuuhuuuuuuuuu….thank you soo much ani for your comment and you are most welcomed…

  6. awsm dear………. plz write more

    1. Don’t worry puja I’ll write more one shot and ff’s once my xams end…and thanx for your comment.

  7. Awwwwwww so sad for laksh and Kavya please try to update your ff and best of luck for exams……..I know how stressful it is to provide time to both studies and ffs

    1. Thank you soo much tooba…for your support and wishes?

  8. Awesome

    1. Thank you shagun

  9. Awesome love raglak thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment…nd you are most welcomed as even i am a die hard fan of raglak.

  10. First of all thank u for a raglak os… it’s awesome… very emotional n touching one dear… luved it…

    1. Thank you taiana?

  11. Very nice. But plz always make happy ending next time i love happy endings

    1. Ok next time when Il write a ff or os Il try to make a happy ending of raglak?

  12. It was beautiful…… Heart touching…..loved it

    1. Awwwww…thank you nita.

  13. Awesome dear ……

    1. Thank you Juan…

  14. Amazing yaar

  15. Omg really gd loved raglak one shot but laksh dIed anyway its really good ur an exellant writer

    1. Awwwww…thank you soo much coz as per me i am a really very bad writer.?

  16. U made me cry dear.amazing story.loved it to the core.

    1. Sorry to make you cry dear, i didn’t do it purposely.

  17. U simply made my heart cry Kavya…I was at a loss of was reallly very good nono awesum nono…i 🙂 Btw i m waiting for ur ff,…i m missing it soo much(pouting in… 😉

    1. Awwwww,sorry Bisha…but don’t worry after march 22nd Il update two two episodes everyday.?

  18. So sad yar… Last sentence made me cry… Its emotional one

    1. I know meghs….thank you for commenting.?

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