…Coz their LOVE was not meant to be EASY… #TwiNj FIREFLY LOVE STORY!!! {Prologue#2}

Hello friends??? How are you guys?? Hamesha yehi pochti hun koi jawaab nhi deta..!!
Well, I m here with 2nd prologue of this ff..
One thing I want to clear. There is a change. In the 1st prologue I mentioned that it was 17th death anniversary of her parents, i m changing that. It’s 11th death anniversary. Hope you guys aren’t confused. Nd the city I mentioned is Bangalore..! Not delhi Okk??

Prologue 2 ~
Mumbai’s busy roads are shown. The camera focuses on a college. A boy is shown surrounded by his four friends in the college..! Their group of 5 was famous in whole college. There were 3 boys and 2 girls in the group. They all were the spoilt brats. Everyone of them has their own unique emotional story which they never shares with anyone. The boy which was shown hates his mother a lot. They all were preparing for something.
@ night
The 5 of them were on the stage performing. The college was a music college as well. It was a concert going on in which they were competing with another college’s students. The same boy was in the centre holding the guitar and singing the song. The other boy was handling the drums. The third boy was handling another guitar. The girl was playing the piano and the other girl was handling the violin. There performance ends and all claps for them.
They are shown on the side of the road with the jeep parked. The girls were sitting on the jeep and the boys were standing. The same boy who was singing said looking at the stars, ’See guys, these stars, how brightly they are shining. I just love them.’ The other boy said, ‘Haan we all know you love stars..! West ye nhi bataye ga kyun?’ ‘Arry hamein kyun bataye ga ye…? Hoga koi secret!’ the girl said. ‘Hey, please, you all know there isn’t any secrets between us..! We all tell each other everything that happens in our life. Then what’s this matter yrr? Kyun chhupa raha hai?’ the other girl said.. ‘Ohh guys.. come on..! Tum log aesa kyun soch rahy ho ke ye kuch chhupa raha hai..!’ the other boy said. ‘Guys,, kya hogaya hai…! There isn’t any secrets between us..! U all knw that..! Nd there isn’t any reason behind me loving stars..! I just love them that’s all..!’ the boy said. ‘I know.. hum to joke ker rahy thy..! Ye jo tera buddy hai is ne mazaa kharab ker diya..!’ the girl said..! ‘Haan kyun ke ye kabhi hamare saath nhi hota jab bhi hum tujhe pagal banaty hain..! Kuch deal hogi in dono ki!!’ the other boy said..! ‘Aesa kuch nhi.. kya bolty rehty ho tum log..!’ the boy said.. ‘Chalo isi baat pe ek group hug…!’ the other boy said..! And they all shared a group.
Suddenly some fireflies came there..! The boy who said he loves stars make faces while the others were excited..! ‘Wooww..! I have never seen them glowing..! I want to..’ the girl said..! ‘Huhh.. what wooww.. they never glow..! Pata nhi khwabon me hi glow kerty hongy..!’ the boy said who loves stars.. ‘Nah yrr.. they glow..!’ the other boy said..! ‘Acha kab glow kerty hain..!’ he said frowning.. ‘wesy guys.. me ne suna hai when there is love they glows..!’ the girl said..! ‘What the hell?? This isn’t possible..!’ the boy said who loves stars..! ‘Jb tujhe tera true love milega tb dekh lena inhein glow kerty huay..!’ the boy said.. ‘Love doesn’t exists..!’ the boy said..nd remembers his mother..!

So here I end this….!
I know bht confusing thaaa…!!
But your all confusion wouldbe clear when I’ll start this.. well itna bata deti hun… the one who loves stars is Kunj…! Rest you all will know..!
Well.. now I’ll take a leave.
Lots of love❤❤??

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