San:wat happen? Y r u looking nervous?
Suddenly they hear ayush crying sound..She immediately rushes downstairs ,signing in releif…
Rag to herself wat should i do??should i hide it from him …yeah i should do it

After few hrs
Rag enters into their room and saw sanskar standing infront of the balcony,she goes towards him
When he abt to turn
Rag:plz dont turn
Rag:i have to say one important thing..i dont know if i say these now(her eyes become moist)u wont talk to me..but i cant hide it..
San:tries to turn but she stops him
Rag:(tells everything in a go) im sry sanskar..i know u might feel bad but nothing will happen to my health…plz talk to me like b4..dont b angry on me
San:(in irritating tone)atleast should i turn now?
San:how could u do this? (turns by saying)
Rag:dont b mad ..(cries)
San:(worried)hugs her..hey hey dont cry…u know i cant c ur tears
Rag:hugs him u hate me ?
San:(break the hug and cups her face)do u think will i?
Rag:nods as no..but
San:(smiles)and peck her lips…i know it mrng itself
Rag:looks at him shockingly
San:c wat u did?(by saying turns and shows his neck which has bite marks)
Rag:blushes and hides her face on his chest
San smiles widely and hugs her …thank u ragini..i was scared that u will hide it but u very happy
Rag:i thought to hide it frm u but OUR PROMISES ,v made (fb shows how they promised that they shouldnt hide eachother)r u really not angry on me
san:nods as nod..if i didnt drink also ,it might happen
San:blinks his eyes
(fb shows he met his college frd in mumbai and when he went to his home ,his friend’s wife got labour pain ,sanskar helped him to get admit in hospital and they delivered a girl baby)
San:o i forgot a important point..she is also having PIH and its her second pregnancy and i have seen senior doctor who told me ,b4 six months only new technology has been imposed and there is not even a single percent complication in PIH during second pregnancy(smiles widely)
Rag face fell
San:wat happen
Rag:wat if doesnt happen like this ? I mean if still 5 percent complication is der ..will u b upset with me???
San:in my semiconsious state also ..i cant do it by putting ur life in danger
San:i will never touch u
Rag:b4 he completes she hugs him tightly…i love u…y do u love this much
San:smiles and hugs her tightly
Rag:this room ..contains all our memories
San:especially that window where i use to cum untime to c u
Rag chuckles
Both talked to each other

When ragini enteres into the room happy to c sanskar playing with aysh
Rag:came smilingly and sat beside with him
San:placed his head on her lap by keepin aysh in his stomach
Rag:smiles and started carcassing his hair
Suddenly ayush crawls and goes towards ragini and cries by patting her hand
San:immediately gets up from her …wat happen beta
Ayysh smiles and lies on ragini’s lap
Rag burst into laughter by his act
San looked ayush shockingly

Hope u like it
Next episode is long one
Dragging it for 2 episode

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