San:(in low voice)i dont want to became father again
Rag:(immediately gets up frm him)???
San:yesterday only v promised v will decide everything by together…i dont want to risk again
Rag:(confusingly)wat risk?
San:our life..i dont want to c u suffer again..our champ is enough for us
Rag:sanskar u r u remember wat doctor said?
San:i know each words of her..(fb shows how doctor estimates them abt PIH?and told them now ragini is perfectly alright and in second pregnancy may b she gets PIH again ,v cant assure it but the complications r rare only..its abt 5 percent chance no need to wry)
San:even its 5 percent also ..i cant do it
rag:(cups his love)i can understand but nothing will happen to me when u r with me
San:nods as no..plz ragini v dont need another child
San:placed his finger on her lips…plz
(his eyes shows concern and love ,more importantly scareness that he will miss her)
rag:nods unwillingly
San pulled her into a hug smilingly
San:do u have body pain still?
Rag:immediately nods as no
Rag:(smiles abit ) happy pain
San chuckes a bit..
Rag in mind i know u become emotional nowadays after my delivery..u will understand the reality and change ur decision…

Leap of one and half yr
@one fine day
Main door knock
As soon as mahi opened the door widens to c sathya and swara with their baby..
Sat:wat madam?shall v cum inside
Mahi smiles and immediately hugs him tightly…i missed u idiot
Sat:but i didnt
Mahi breaks the hug and hits him playfully..
Both smiles
Swa:im also here ragini
Mahi:sry sry cum in
All become happy by seeing them..ram and suj were happy to c everyone ..
San hugs swara happily…
Raglak looks at each other…laksh protectively covered ragini on her shoulder..
Lak(to rag):dont worry v r only best cousins among three..
Rag:yeah laksh
Mahi:wat u people r murmuring
Raglak nods as nothing

All r busy with their respective cousins (raglak/swasan/mahisath)
Swa:i hav a big doubt ..v 4 r cing after a long v r gossiping lik this but u people were in same home..then y r u behaving like u r seeing eachothee after so many days
Lak:wat to do ?i got busy with my ragu got busy with her hubby…so v didnt have time
All giggles by their childish act

After few minutes…
Mahiragswara:v prepared ur fav items…
@dinning area
All sat together and had lunch together after a long time
suddenly laksh shouts that he ate the mirchi ,ask for the same time sathya also shouts for the same reason..
Mahi is looking at both of them with a glass of water in her hand..she startled for a minute ,whom to give and ragini who saw her immediately gave water to laksh and mahi relaxes and give it to sathya…
All chuckles by seeing it…

All plays with their babies and do some chitchatting
Mahi:its boring..shall v play
Sat:r u still kid?
Mahi nods Yes im
Swa:k shall v play hide and seek
Rag widens her eyes and sanskar coughs badly by remembering their honeymoon..rag immediately gives water to him…
Swa:(worriedly)pats his back,r u k now
San nods

Swasat stayed there itself
@mahilak room
Lak:is holding mahi’s hand…i know sathya is ur favourite cousin like ragini to me..but(stammers)
Mahi:smiles a bit and kissed on his cheek
Lak:(widens)again stammers ,in dinning area
Mahi:again kisses his another cheek smilingly
Lak:gulps u give water
Mahi:pecked his nose…sry ,im having affection towards him and with u…(blushes)dont u know it
Lak smiles widely and hugs her sry too

@swasath room
Sath:so u become possessive
Swa:not lik that..but
Sath:(makes her to sit on his lap)she is my frd/well wisher/cousin..i can give any name to it but u r my love…and u itself know it, u itself how much i value u and mahi in my life…
Swa:sry sry
Sat:u also worried for sanskar na
Swa:he is favourite cousin
Sat:same to same
Both laughs

@ragsan room
Rag blushes by remembering sanskar’s face when swara told to play hide and seek..suddenly reality strikes her..her face fell and saw her sanskar who is between them child is ther..rag goes towards him
Rag:(in mind)i thought u took that decision being emotional but…u r staying away from me..eventhough our daily routine things didnt change, somewhere in my heart i missed ur naughty talks and ur touch but not ur love…becaz by staying away frm me u r showing how much u love me..y u love this much idiot??i know how much u r controlling urself when u r around me? (smiles abit)i didnt deserve this much love sanskar(ruffled his hair lovingly and kissed on his forehead with moist eyes)
After few seconds sanskar slowly opened his eyes and looks at his sleeping ragini
Sanskar touches his forehead where she mind i know im hurting sry ragini

Hope u like it
Im dragging it ..dont know its upto ur expectections…
I will end it if u didnt like it

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