@midnight 12.00 am
Ragini called him, within a pick, he attended the call….
Rag:happy birthday hubby by saying she kissed him through phone
San smiles
Rag:didnt u sleep? Within a pick u attend my call
San:(huskily) waiting for ur call. .
San:dont blush like this
Rag:immediately looks here and there
San:i know what you will do? I guessed it wifey
Rag:then y can’t u guess that thing? (annoyingly)
San:(smiles) actually it’s an intelligent idea na so I thought u won’t do it
Rag :(narrawed her eyes) Wat is it means?
San:controls his laugh (by sensing her reaction)
Rag:k bye
San:cum soon na.. I’m missing you b(m)adly..
Rag blushes

@next day
Sujatha was asking mahi to call Ragini and ask her to cum soon to arrange a b day party for sanskar…. Mahi convinces Sujatha by telling sum lies….

Rag reached evening only
As soon as she entered into the home.. .everyone r waiting for her
Mahi:all r waiting for u only.. Cum Didi
Rag smiles where is sanskar. ?
Suj:thank god they didn’t came from office till yet.. Y r u late
Ragmahi consoles her by telling a fake reason….

As soon as sanskar came happy to see Ragini …
Suj forwards knife to Ragini and sanskar to cut the cake…..

San:(fake annoyingly) everyone gave me a gift except u
Rag smiles..
San:pouts And looks at her at his corner of his eyes
Rag:goes towards him lovingly. ….
suddenly she got fainted….
San:shouts Ragini …..

After few hrs
San is angrily looking at sleeping Ragini and sleeps after much strain..

@next day
San avoids Ragini ..when she forwards a coffee to him… He went to rest room without giving a glare to her
Rag eyes become moist and is waiting in the room itself…

After 1 hrs
As soon as sanskar came from restroom.. She goes towards him
Rag:(in cracking voice) Wat happen
San:(angrily) leave… I don’t want to talk to you
Rag:but sans
San:got angry and holds her shoulder tightly.. Wat u did Ragini? Who told u to tattoo my name? Yesterday fully u r in pain becaz of this.. Do u think I’ll get happy by seeing ur pain .. I’m not a sadist (fb shows doctor came and checked Ragini and told him that she got tattooing and fever /giddiness r the side effects of it.. Which will be cured within a day…yesterday fully sanskar cries/angry by seeing her troubling of pain/fever)

Rag:plz sa
San:(angrily) get out of my sight
Rag:(cuts his sentence) by locking her lips with his and started kissing him passionately
San:slowly his angerness vanishes (he immediately break the kiss when her tears touches his cheek)
Both looks at each other
Rag:u promised me b4 our daily things won’t change when v fight
San nods
Rag:then drink the coffee by saying she gave the half cup of coffee
San drinks by looking at her
Rag:do u know how much happy I’m to c ur name on my hand
Rag:let me say first.. This indicates I’m yours only.. I want to show my love towards u.. I don’t know Wat to do. .And I’m happy in it and I want to tell it everyone u r my life
San:but it’s not needed Ragini. .V both know how much v love? U don’t need to prove anything and yesterday fully u were in pain.. Do u think I’ll b happy by seeing it. (his eyes became moist)
Rag:cupped his face, Sry sanskar
San nods.

Leap of two days… Even though ragsan daily activities didn’t change.. Ragini feels uncomfortable in his behavior because he is quiet upset with her….

Sanskar over heres when Sujatha instructs mahi and Ragini regarding fasting for tmrw for karvachauth..

@ragsan room
San:ragini no need to do fasting tmrw
Rag:but it’s our culture
San:plz Ragini at least for me
Rag:im doing it for you only sanskar
San:(annoyingly) that’s y I’m telling…. Don’t do..
Rag nods and goes towards him and sits on his lap and hugs him tightly …do u know when a girl will most vulnerable pain in her life
Rag:do u know when a guy will go through a vulnerable pain
Rag:kissed on his cheek… When a girl delivers a baby, she will go through a pain which is equal to fracture of several bones…and a guy goes through the same pain when he hear his wife screaming while waiting outside in labor ward for her…..
San:eyes become moist by imagining the situation
Rag:cupped his face lovingly but that pain fades away within a fraction of second when they see their baby in their hands.. Becax it’s HAPPY PAIN SANSKAR
san:looks on
Rag:so I got happy pain while tattooing… Tmrw also I’m going to get it by doing fasting for you.. Plz don’t stop it.
San:immediately hugs her tightly..
Both eyes become moist
San:im Sry
Rag:breaks the hug.. I won’t forgive you
Rag:unless u give a KISS
San smiles and holds her neck and pulled her towards him
Both had a deep eye lock
San:goes close and started kissing her passionately
Rag smiles in between the kiss and hugs him tightly

Hope you like it

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