Rag:closed her eyes after few seconds feeling his love and started responding to it…
After few minutes both break their kiss and looks into each other ,Ragini became shy and starts to leave
San:tries to hold her hand but unfortunately he holds her back blouse and it was torn by his strong pulL by revealing her skin on her back..
Ragsan widens
At the same time… Door knock
Rag:immediately covered her with pallu and entered into rest room without giving a glance to sanskar
San :smiles blushingly by rubbing his neck, while seeing the torn cloth in his hand ….suddenly his mind sanskar Wat u did? Wat if she get uncomfortable with u ?Wat u will do if she was embarrassed? Wat u will do if she hurt? His thoughts get disturbed by continuous door knock

He went and opened the door and shocked to see laksh standing there
San:wat r u doing here?
Lak:plz u have to help me
Lak:cum with me
San:but where
Lak:mahi’s house
Lak:plzzzzzz( pleads)
San:nods understanding ..wait I will inform to Ragini and cum
Lak:hey don’t tell her that v r going to
San:(cuts him)i know it laksh

Rag is in restroom still… Blushing profusely
San:knocked the rest room door… Ragini
Rag:(her heartbeat raises) low voice ha
San:im going out with laksh… V will cum as soon as possible, don’t wait for me.. Sleep
Rag:low voice hmm(in mind y he is going out now, idiotic sanskar, don’t know what to do me, little bit angrily)
San :in mind OMG whatever I thought is right only, that’s y she is not responding to me like this (he thinks for a while) …ha idea

As soon as Ragini came from restroom, widens and smile by seeing SORRY note with cute pout symbol on the bed

@mahi ‘S home
Laksh entered into the mahi’s room through window and sanskar is waiting for him in car outside of the house

Lak:sits in front of her sleeping mahi and started admiring her face, suddenly his odd behavior towards her flashed in his mind (lik his slap /his harsh words) his eyes became moist.. He started carcassing her hair lovingly…
Mahi smiles in her sleep
Lak:im Sry for whatever I did it to u but I promise you I will never let u shed any tears from ur eyes …i love you mahi
Mahi:(murmurs) I love you too laksh
Lak smiles widely and pecked her forehead lovingly and took bracelet from his pocket which has L” SYMBOL in it.. My presentation to u by saying he slides it in her hand and went slightly

In car
San:looking at that torn cloth…. u r not angry on me na, I know u won’t by saying he placed it near his heart

@ragsan room
As soon as sanskar came.. .Saw her sleeping cutely
San smiles and took her in his embrace and dozed off

@early mrng
As soon as Ragini woke up.. Smiles widely by being in his embrace but break the hug and goes little up to face his face… .
Rag :cupped his face and kissed on his forehead
San:opens his eyes by feeling her lips
Both smiles but suddenly Ragini gives a glare to him and turns opposite side
San:wat happened
Rag:y u said SORRY? U have rights on me.. And already I told to u I will not get uncomfortable with u
San:pouts I was scared that I hurted u… I can tolerate vulnerable pain also but I can’t tolerate to c u get hurt…everyone say Sry and ty are not needed in a relationship but it’s wrong??
Rag looks on
San:becaz I want to thank you for my whole life for holding my hand To see this world with you…
Rag :hugs him by placing her head on his shoulder… Y u r soo kind to me? Y u love me this much?
Both Break The hug and looked into each other
Rag:(without breaking the eye contact) shall I go,,
San:nods as no
Rag:i have to do breakfast
San:plz b with for few more minutes
Rag:nods by seeing his love in his eyes
San hugs her…..
Rag:buried herself more into him
Ragsan :this is amazing (both together)
Both smiles widely By feeling each other warmth
@mahi’s home
lak:i want to c mahi
Rani:laksh u can… .but b4 marriage its not good to c her like this
Lak:aunty pakka but it’s the last time
Rani nods smilingly

@mahi’s room
Door knock
as soon as mahi opened the door, got excited to see laksh there
Mahi hugs him immediately by placing a kiss over his cheek : I loved this gift
Lak shocked and frozen
Mahi:breaks the hug and looked at him
Lak:fell down as he was frozen
Mahi laughs widely by seeing his reaction

@Swara’s home
As soon as Ragini came, swara hugged her happily by saying mom Forgived me
Rag :excited and shouts……..

Guys do u really like this episode
Becaz I’m dragging it by writing whatever comes to my mind….
Hope you like ragsan/mahilak scenes

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