As soon as ragsan entered into the home
Lak:hugs them. ..(excitingly) mahi accepted my love and swara, she too understands me…
Rag:wat r u saying
Lak:yes ragu that’s y all came
Ragsan looks at each other not understanding anything
Sathya :i will clear u(he narrates everything to them)
Ragsan were super duper happy but suddenly something strikes in Ragsan mind, they go towards swara
Rag :r u really happy swara

Swa:smiles and open her mouth to speak
San:dare to tell a lie
Swa:smiles widely and hug them.. I’m really happy.. U people don’t feel for me, in fact it’s very bad to see ur face… Swara giggles
Ragsan widens
San:pinches her ear
Swa:ahhh(acts lik paining)
Sathya immediately comes and free her from sanskar
San:???(after a pause) she is acting dude
Sathya looks at her
All smiles by seeing it

All elders decided to keep mahilak marriage as soon as possible
Mahilak blushes widely
Swa:see I don’t know laksh know blushing
San:omg not only laksh swara, our mahi
All cousins teases them

All elders saw these and r happy inside

But shekjan feels bad by seeing swara
Ram:wat happen to you both?
Jan:nothing bhaiya
Ram:i know my sister very well.. I know u r feeling bad for swara, don’t worry v will c good groom for her… U no need to feel, it’s my responsibility
Ashok:ram I have one idea…. Do you people like Sathya? He is very good boy and educated and he is also a partner in my company, moreover he is my nephew’s son.. Y I’m saying all this means? Y can’t v get marry Sathya to swara?
All looks at each other
Rani:v r not compelling u
Shek :v r k with this
All nods happily

After few minutes. …they called everyone
Shek:v all decided one thing.. Hope you people also agree with us
San:wat is it?
Shek:v want to marry swara with Sathya
Swara sathya was shocked
All others r happy
Swa:but papa
Sath:im k with this marriage
Swa looks at him,

Swa:but I’m sorry sathya ji I can’t
Sat:i need to talk to you, u decide after that

Sat:v have to do this marriage.. Or else my mahi Will b guilty by thinking that she snatched it happiness and if u didn’t accept this marriage, think about laksh, he will also go through it only
Sat:think and decide swara by saying he went

After few minutes
Swara came and accept to marry him
All were super duper happy
After few minutes all went to their respective homes

@night in their respective rooms
Swara: to herself he is going to marry me for mahi, he doesn’t have any other feelings towards me, then y that idiot is doing this (by thinking it dozzed off)

Sathya to himself Sry swara.. I’m not doing this for my mahi, I’m doing this for my life.. But I lied to her …

Lak called mahi.. Mahi smiles widely and attends it But doesn’t speak to him
Lak:mahi r u there?
Mahi:hmm (blushes)
Lak:mahi speak something
Mahi:blushes again
Lak:i love you
Mahi :me too
Lak:wat I didn’t here it(acts)
Mahi:little bit loudly me too
Lak:wat mahi(irritates her for two to three times)
Mahi:loudly I love you idiot
Lak:laughs I know it
Mahi blushes by understanding his prank

@ragsan room
San::i told u, c at last everything ends in good way
Rag:but I can’t confirm it b4 speaking to swara.. Is she really happy in this marriage
San:omg u again started.. K I’m feeling sleepy by saying he pulled her on him
Rag:sanskar (annoyingly)
San:pouts..without hugging you how will I sleep ?
Rag:blushes and pecked his lips
San:widens and goes close towards her to kiss her but Ragini pushed him away and starts to leave
San:this is not fair wifey,since mrng u r doing like this… I won’t Leave u today by saying he pinned her to the wall

Before Ragini could react, he locked her lips with his
Rag widened by his sudden kiss

Guys done
U will get more ragsan scenes in upcoming episode
I’m dragging it… I don’t know it’s good or bad
…i will end it when you felt bore

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