Mahi :(stammers) Wat r u saying?
Rag:yes mahi (she tells everything to her)
Mahi:super duper happy that her laksh loves her lik she do but suddenly her face became dull.. …NO THIS CAN’T BE HAPPEN
Ragsan :???
Mahi :i never had this type of feelings towards him.. I’m sorry by saying she went by hiding her tears…
Ragsan stands helplessly…

@mahi’s room
Sathya :(angrily) Wat happen to you mahi? Y u hided ur love?
Mahi:becaz I know the pain of second heart break and I don’t want to give to swara
Sath:but laksh loves u
Mahi:this feeling is enough for me Sathya.. I don’t need anything else.. If I say k to ragsan, imagine the consequences happen in our family.. More people will b affected
Sath:u r over thinking
Mahi:plz Sathya.. I want to be alone
Sathya nods and went

@ragsan small house
Ragsan were shown sitting in the bench in front of the pond ..Ragini is placing her head on his chest and sanskar wrapped his hand around her shoulder
Rag:now Wat v will do? Mahi doesn’t love him but laksh loves her alot and swara.. (in cracking voice) Wat will she go through after knowing this
San:(worries) hey, immediately break the hug and cupped her face ….u don’t worry, I’m there na I will solve this issue, definitely all will be happy at final…
Rag:smiles and hugs him tightly, y u love me this much sanskar? Sometimes I feel I didn’t deserve this much love
San:(fake angrily) break the hug, if you speak again like this, I won’t talk to you
Rag giggles and kissed his cheek lovingly
San smiles widely…

Swara calls mahi
Swa:i need to talk to you? Mahi plz cum to this place immediately
Mahi nods without understanding anything

@xyz place
Swara and mahi Sitting opposite to each other..
Swara:y r u nervous mahi
Mahi:(stammers) not like that swara
Swa:do u love laksh
Mahi :(widens)
Swa:k if I marry laksh, do u think I’ll b happy? Definitely no mahi because he loves you and every girl wish is to get unconditional love from her husband.. And I already did a big sin by separating a love, plz I don’t want to do it again
Mahi:swara (her eyes become moist)
Swa:do u love laksh or not?
Mahi :nods
Swa:i want to hear it from ur mouth
Mahi :i love laksh,swara…i don’t know when and how it happened but.. I tried not to fall in love with him but I can’t (cries)
Swara:(shouts) laksh did u hear that?
Mahi widens to c laksh who is coming from the back of the pillar
Laksh came towards her without breaking a eye lock with her
Mahilak looks into each other
Swa:(clears her throat)
Mahilak gets out from their eyelock
Swa:i think I should go now by saying she turns but laksh holds her hand
Lak:sry and ty swara
Swa:i already told na.. Plz guys I’m k.. U People move on ..bye (she hugs both of them and went
Lak:so u love me?
Mahi:bents her head and blushes
Lak:placed his finger under her chin and make her look at him
Both lost in their eyes
Laksh :goes close towards her to kiss
Mahi :immediately kissed on his cheek and runs blushingly
Lak:smiles widely by touching his cheek where she kissed

Sath:ty swara
Swa:smiles (fb shown where Sathya went to Swara’s home and told everything to her)
Sat:shall I drop u?
Swa:no Sathya ji..i will go by myself
Sat:didnt I have that much rights (pouts)
Swa:nods smilingly

Sat:tell me the truth ,don’t u feel bad
Swa:no satya ji… Actually I think god has given this punishment which I did b4..u know laksh loved me but I used him to go to reach sanskar….. That’s y I’m paying it for now
(her eyes become moist)
Sat:do u know who is good in this world??? Those who accepts their mistakes and regretting for it.
Swa looks at him both had a cute eye lock
Swa:i think I should leave now
Sathya nods

As soon as ragsan enters into their home
Shocked to see entire family….ragini’s family and mahi along with her family
Ragsan looks at each other confusingly

Guys done…
Only one episode more to end.. If you people have any ideas to drag it ,plz share it with me because I don’t know Wat to do??? No ideas r popping…

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