Ragsan reached their home…. ..(Ragini didn’t talk to sanskar through out a full journey)
@ragsan room
San:holds her wrist when she is abt to go restroom to change her dress.. .r u angry?
Rag:looks at him with moist eyes
San:(worries) hey goes to cup her face
Rag:(in cracking voice) r u hiding anything from me? I know there is some other reason that’s y u hesitate to start our life
Rag:if anything happen in our life again to separate …(sobs) I can’t live
San:ragini u r over thinking
Rag:becaz I know u r hiding something to me which is stopping you to start our life.. It means again v will separate(her throat chocked) she cries….
San:(felt bad) immediately hugged her tightly..i hided one thing from you but nothing will happen to our relationship
Rag:cries more (she is scared that she will loss him again)
San:(break the hug) cupped her face Ragini plzzz.. K u want to know it right
Rag:looks at him
San:yesterday I have seen laksh crying in balcony and today I have watched him in shopping mall Ragini…I think he loves mahi
San:but I’m not sure…. I thought to talk to him today but u
Rag:how will I know??
San:thats y I hesitate to accept ur gift
San:ragu v should not conclude without knowing anything, so leave it, tmrw v will decide
Rag:but sanskar… Swara
San:i told na
Rag:nods unwillingly

After 2 hrs
San wakes up from his half sleep by movement of Ragini who is on his chest
San:ragu didn’t u sleep till yet?
Rag:im worried (tilts her head to look him)
San:thats y I’m scared to share it with you
Rag pouts
San:hugs her tightly and rubs her back lovingly.. See tmrw I will speak to laksh if nothing like that means then their is no problem, or if it so means v will speak to mahi and swara becaz swara can’t lead a happy life by marring him when he doesn’t love her… Is it k?
Sanskar doesn’t get her reply so he pulled her slightly to see her face but to his shock she has slept
San:am I told any bed time story to her?(chuckles to himself)
His mind OMG how cute my Ragini is? He pecks her lips and looks at the clock which showed 12.45am ,he went and took something from bureau and goes towards his Ragini….
San:HAPPY FIVTH MONTH ANNIVERSARY WIFEY by saying he slides the bangles which he bought it for her…and dozed off by hugging her……

Rag:peckedhis forehead as usual and wakes him with half cup of coffee
San:smiles widely by sensing her lips on him ,woke up and sits (after they had coffee)
Rag:i loved this gift… By saying she pecks his lips….
San:widens and pulled her when she start to leave
San:immediately goes close towards her but Ragini placed her palm on his mouth when he about to claim her lips…
San:poutz this is not fair ..u only started na
Rag smiles but v have alot of wrk today. go and get ready v have to meet mahi
San:mahi but before that v have to speak to laksh
Rag :i already spoke with him
San:(surprised) Wat he told? ???
Fb shown
@laksh room
Lak:ha ragu
Rag :am I ur favorite cousin?
Lak:smiles u itself know it… But y r asking this type of question
Rag:becaz u didn’t share ur pain to me
Rag:u love mahi right?
Lak:stammers no who told to u?
Rag:plz laksh.. Tell the truth… It’s not abt u only.. How will swara live with you when u didn’t love her? If you hesitate for her for a one day pain then
Lak:before she completes he immediately hugs her and cries.. .yes Ragini I love her,i don’t know when and how it happened? but I’m scared to tell my feelings towards her and swara …after knowing this she will (cries)
Rag:ssshhh pats him.v r der for u…dnt wry..v will solve it
Fb ends….

San:(feels bad) but swara
Rag:im doing this for my swara only.. How she will live with him when he didn’t love her? If she cam to know after marriage
San:actually I was saying this yesterday but u slept
Rag:is it?
San:pulls her nose.. Yes cutie
Both smiles
Rag:hugs him
Ragsan :both together Happy Anniversary

After few minutes both went to mahi house
@terrace of mahi’s house
Mahi:didi sanskar coffee
Ragsan smiles and took it from her
Mahi:y u people r nervous
San:do u love laksh?
Mahi widens

Guys overwhelmed by ur comments.. The love which u r showing on me is flawless.. Even though I’m not replying to your comments, u people never forget to comment on my ff.. I’m very much blessed to get u all
I love you frds

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