Shot 25

lak is standing in front of swara
Lak:nervously holds the ring to slid it in her finger …he turns to look mahi at once
Mahi:is holding her tears..
Sathya:who understands her situation immediately whisper something in her ear and she smiles widely
Lak:saw her smiling widely.. It’s pains his heart more that she is not feeling for losing him like he do…
atlast swalak got engaged…. All were happy.. San looks at Ragini by raising his eyebrow but she suddenly turns her face……

San tries to speak to her but fails

San:in mind y she is behaving weirdly? He looks at wallclock.. Time is 11 pm wat she is doing till in kitchen???

Rag is cleaning vessels
Rag:immediately left the vessel which she is holding
San:goes towards her
Rag:(without turning) hmm
San:y r u avoiding me yaar
Rag:(stammers) nothing like that sanskar..

San:plz tell this by facing me ,am I did anything wrong
Rag:sanskar I have to do lot of work
San:immediately holds her hand and turns towards him…
San:hugs her, …is anything troubling u
Rag:(started getting shivers by his touch) immediately break the hug. Sanskar it’s nothing much, plzz understand v will talk later and one more thing I’m not angry on u
San nodes unwillingly and went
Rag relaxes…
After few steps again sanskar came back
San:ragini, (doubtfully) r u uncomfortable with me after that afternoon incident (not sure)
Rag:lowered her head

San:im really Sry Ragini… (he hits his forehead) I’m a fool, I thought u also want (he stops) ….im Sry..i promise I won’t do it again without ur will but plz don’t avoid me like this… I’m ready to wait until ur acceptance to start our life (feels bad) and starts to leave…
Rag:holds his wrist
San:looks at her
Rag:y r u speaking lik this? She hits his shoulder… I will never get uncomfortable with u (both look at each other and had a cute eye lock)

San:then y u
Rag:(cuts him) I’m feeling shy to face u
Rag:(in complaining voice) sanskar
San:kk I won’t laugh but again he starts to laugh
Rag:hits on his chest and tries to leave
But sanskar pulled her into a hug….

@next day
Lak called mahi
Lak:mahi shall v go to outing
Mahi:sry laksh, me and Sathya Cam to theater
Lak(hurted):k mahi bye
Mahi:laksh wait (but he already cuts it)
Sathya :wat happen

After few hrs @restaurant
Sathya :i can’t able to see u like this
Mahi:smiles sarcastically,

Sath:u will get better than him
Mahi:he said the same lines in pub (fb showed how laksh convince her from her first heart break)
Sath:mahi plzzz
Mahi:dont wry I’m used to it.. There is no love in my life
Sath:i always thought my mahi is different from other girls but I’m regretting it now
Sath:do u think love is only between a man and woman? There is no love in ur life.. U told those lines but Wat abt uncle and aunty had on u? What abt my affection towards u? It’s not love mahi
Mahi:smiles with teary eyes and holds his hand
Sathya winks at her I love you mahi
Mahi:smiles widely

@next day
Sanlak and swaragini went to shopping for wedding….
San:i will call mahi too
Lak:she will be busy with her cousin(he stressed last word)
Rag:k let him also join with us.. It will b awesome na, all together
San called mahi but she refuses to cum but after much efforts of ragsan, she agreed

@shopping mall
All together did shopping
Lak:shows two Shervani to mahi, which will be good for me
Mahi:but laksh, u should ask it to swara (stammers)
Lak:(strictly) I asked you mahi
Before mahi opens her mouth, Sathya pulled her and showed her two shirts and sighs which is best
Lak:got irritated and went

After few minutes
Mahi is searching Saree for her, she couldn’t find anything
Lak:shall I help you
Lak:saw one beautiful orange color Saree, he immediately picked it and shows to mahi, it will b good to u
Sathya :but I don’t like this color laksh

Lak:fakely smiles But I think she likes it
Sath:nope I know my mahi… I selected one Saree for u, he shows sky blue color Saree, I know u like it mahi? After all it’s Ur favorite color
Lak feels bad
Mahi looks at each other ..feels bad by seeing laksh face, pleads Sathya through her eyes
Sath:wat r u doing mahi? I can’t understand
Mahi:widens I will take this two Saree
Sath:no way mahi, u have to select only one
Mahi:eyes him.. I like blue alot but I have many dresses in that color so I will take this Saree by saying he grabbed it from laksh and goes
laksh smiles happily…….

Mahi:im Sry sathya.. I’m sorry
Sath:so he become important to you than me
Mahi:nods as no.. U understands me well more than anyone so I thought u wnt take it in a wrong way that’s y
Sath:dont act(teased her)
Mahi:sry (pouts)
Sathya turned his face
Mahi:goes in front of him.. Plzz,holds her ears
Sath:smiles and hugs her
Both smiles
Laksh has heared their conversation and fist her hand angrily

Swara is confused to select a lehenga and she is searching for ragini to help her
Sathya smiles by seeing her confused face And goes towards her
Sath:r u confused to select
Sath:may i
Swa:(she don’t know Wat to say because it’s her first meeting with him she knew that he is mahi’s cousin) silently stands
Sath:sry I think u r not comfortable with me,starts to leave
Swa:wait…Sathya looks at her

Swa:u itself select ..i consider u also a member of my family, don’t forget u r cousin to me when u r mahi’s…
Sath:smiles and nods..after few seconds
Swara:its too good Sathya ji… I like it.. Thank you

All went to restaurant after shopping
Rag:i liked all the Sarees sanskar, thank you for helping me to select it
San:my selection is always good wifey.
Rag nods and smiles
All had dinner and went

Swara:u people go, v will go with mahisathya
San:but y
Swa:ragu will tell to u

Swalak and mahi Sathya went in one car…they dropped swalak in their respective home and finally they went to their home

san:ragini where are v going? Y r u driving the car now
Rag:suprise hubby
As soon as car stops.. He widens to c their small house
San:(confusedly) y here ragu

As soon as he entered into the room, shocked to see their room which is decorated with flowers
Rag:(blushes) tmrw is our 5 month anniversary, I don’t know Wat gift u got it for me but i want to give myself to u as a gift for this anniversary
San:nods as no…sry Ragini I think v will start our life after
Rag:cuts him but it’s going to happen na
San:exactly it’s going to happen… Not happened so v will wait as per our promise
San:plzzzzz shall v go to our home
Rag nods
Both went

Guys is it boring???????
Sry for less ragsan scenes but mahilak scenes r needed that’s y…..

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