San:(heart pains) he immediately hugs her back tightly when he feels his shoulder is completely wet… ragu plz don’t cry, I can’t c u like this (his eyes became teary)
Rag:(break the hug) and looks at him, San sansk sanskar I I we went(wrds r not coming from her mouth because her throat is dry and it’s like chocking for her)
San:(felt bad by seeing her condition) hugs her tightly no need to say anything, I don’t need any explanation Now.. Ur health is important to me than anything, plz b calm, nothing happened, v will discuss it later.. Stop crying
Rag:nodss but continuously tears are coming from her eyes
San:cupped her face and started kissing her face fully and hugs her again…. I love you.. I love you Ragini
After few minutes (both were shown hugging each other)
San:sshh sleep v will discuss it later
Rag:But I need to talk to you
Rag:two days before papa called me and told me
Fb shows Shekar called Ragini and told something to her and she was shocked to hear that her sister swara tried to commit suicide, she immediately went to hospital where she got Admitted and seeing her in that condition, her heart melts as soon as swara saw her, she immediately hugs her and cries badly and apologize to her
Swa:plz Ragini I know I did a sin but I’m changed now.. Papa and ma is not speaking to me, not trusting me.. Plz at least u trust me Ragini she cries…. I loved sanskar but when I came to know he didn’t love me like I do, it pained me alot, my love has changed to obsessions.. I don’t know Wat and all I did… She cries
Rag :doesnt know how to react
Swara:hugs her plz Ragini.. Ma is saying this is also a drama (she finds difficult to complete sentence) cries
Rag:melts and hugs her back
Fb ends
rag:i know sanskar how much pain v went through that time but by seeing her like that I don’t know Wat to do
San:then y didn’t u inform me before
Rag:i don’t know how to tell this to u because still ma and papa didn’t forgive her…so I thought u also
San:so u thought I won’t forgive her
Rag :nods but she is regretting Now for her doings
san:i need time
rag:nods (after a pause) sanskar
San:looks at her
Rag:do u think I’m not loving you like u do?(her throat chocked)
San:sry ragini (stammers) I told all that because
Rag:because u were angry (completes him)
San nodes helplessly
Rag smiles sarcastically
San:im really Sry
Rag:its k sanskar I’m used to it
San feels bad Before he says
Door knock
Both get departed and went down and had dinner together

Rag:slept at corner of bed
San:ragini r u angry on me?
Rag:no sanskar
San:then y r u sleeping at corner, v use to sleep together na
Rag:hereafter v will sleep like this itself.. Whenever v fight v r going apart at that time my heart (both look at each other) so if v always like this means v will get less pain during fights
San nods helplessly
Both sleep at corner of the bed, after much strain both slept

As soon as she woke up sanskar, she forwards full cup of coffee to him
San:looks at her
Rag:she started drinking another cup of coffee (she brought 2 cup of coffee)
San understand and drinks it and went to restroom
Rag in mind I’m Sry (entire day she speaks formally with sanskar)

San:wat r u trying to prove
San:if v lik this v will get less pain during our fights, I accept it but Wat abt now?? R u not in pain now,, without fight ..r u happy now
Rag:then Wat do u want me to do?? Do u know how much it pains for me whenever u r going away from me
San:its all because of u, whenever I got angry, whenever I’m scolding u for a reason.. U should tell to me clearly wat had happened
But instead of it u simply standing and crying
Rag:wat ?r u giving any chance to explain to my side…
San:u should try to get a chance
RRag:if I try to speak u will break things
San:(goes towards her) Wat r u saying Ragini.. U could create a chance like this to speak by saying he pulled her and kissed on her lips
Rag :widens at first and started responding to him…..
After 10 min both break the kiss and joined their foreheads with closed eyes
San:(breathing heavily) if u do like this..may b my anger will get reduce and u will get chance to speak….
Rag blushed hard and hugs him tightly….
Rag:promise me if v fight again
San:i will drink half cup of coffee of urs and sleep by hugging u and calls u afternoon and accept ur mrng and night kiss…..our daily things can’t be changed by our Fight.. I promise (he completes her)
Rag:tightens her grip (both were still hugging)
San:kissed on her shoulder and I know v both have special place in our hearts
Rag nods by moist eyes
San:tmrw v will meet swara
Rag breaks the hug.. Really
San nods and kissed on her cheek
Rag smiles widely
Both dozed off by hugging each other……..

Hope you like it
Overwhelmed by ur comments
3 episode more to end… Sry guys.. No new ideas r popping… I’m trying hard

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