San:do u know what and all she did? (he tells everything to them abt Swara’s dngs)
Shek was shocked…@ tears are continuously flowing from laksh eyes knowing her true colors…..

San:(to Shek) uncle hereafter v didn’t have any relationship with her…and don’t discuss this with ma and pappa, I don’t want to separate our family because of her(swara)
Sanlakmahi leaves the hospital

As soon as shekar enters into the room, saw swara who is slowly opening her eyes after Anaesthesia
Swa :pappa
Shek:slaps her hardly
Swara widens…..

@mahi ‘S home
Rani(mahi’s mom) :is there any problem? Y laksh is like this?
Mahi:i will tell u later. Today laksh is going to stay here only… Is it k for u
Rani:wat it means is it k? It’s his home too, He have full rights to stay here
Mahi nods happily

She enters into guest room where sanlak is present …saw laksh crying badly and San is consoling him..
Mahi:(feels bad) guys shall i
San:cum mahi
Mahi:guys coffee
San:thank u
Mahi:for coffee?
San:for everything u did.
Lak:looks at her (all his behavior towards her came in front him, he felt bad) mahi (in cracking voice
Mahi:watever happened in our life, v can’t change it but v can try to accept it and overcome from it laksh…
Lak:nods by biting his lip in order to hold his tears
San:today u stay here itself,becaz if u cum der, all might become suspicious abt ur behavior and if they cam to know the truth, our family got separated
Lak nods by understanding

@outside of mahi’s house
San:mahi take care of laksh
San:starts to leave and again came back and hugs her (friendly hug) thank you for everything, if you didn’t do anything like today then my life will be…. And Ragini (tears formed on his eyes)
Mahi:u both r good people sanskar, my dad use to say if any bad things happen to good people god will sent one person to remove the bad thing.. I think that’s y it happened like this
San:nods thank you mahi
Mahi:(fake annoyingly) how many times u will say thank you? Is formalities needed between cousins
San:smiles kk sry
Mahi glares him.. Both smiles
San:mahi Sry for laksh’s behavior (he starts)
Mahi:i can understand sanskar, u don’t wry, and promise me you should not say thank you and Sry to me again
San:nods and went

As soon as mahi enters into guest room, her heart pains to see laksh who is still having tears in his eyes
Mahi:laksh didn’t u sleep
Lak:i will
Mahi:k if you want anything just call me, my room is beside this room only(she starts to leave as she thought he need some lonely time)
Lak:(in muffled voice) mahi
Mahi:turns towards him.. Do you need
Lak:before she completes he hugs her,, stay here itself.. Plz don’t go??
Mahi:nods and rubs his back

@sanskar home
Suj:where is lak?
San:ma he is staying in his friends house
Suj:but y suddenly.. That too without informing
San:friends reunion mom.. They planned suddenly.. He told me to convey it to u
San:leave it ma.. It’s a small thing

As soon as he entered into his room, saw his Ragini standing in balcony
San:smiles happily and goes towards her but he stopped his steps when he hears her sobbing sound, his heart pains
Rag:(immediately wiped her tears and turns towards him)fakely smiles (guys she don’t know anything happened in hospital)
San:immediately hugs her tightly as much as possible….nothing happened on that day, I’m urs only (he tighten his grip on her pressing his body towards her)
Rag:doesnt understand, stammers Wat r u
San:breaks the hug and started kissing her all over the one can separate us
Rag:(doesn’t responds to his hug and kiss and she don’t know Wat is happening) plz b clear
San tells everything to her (whatever happened)
Rag:swara…she cries badly how could she stoop low? Am I not her sister? Y she did like this? She cries badly.. Y sanskar? Y it’s always us? Y she cries
San console her
After few minutes
San:hereafter v r not going to have any relationship with swara.. V have to forget her and her place in our lives
Rag nods by wiping her tears

Leap of one month
Laksh is slowly overcoming from his heart break with help of ragsan and mahi..

One fine day
San came to restaurant as he had small meeting over there
As soon as he entered, he was shocked to see Ragini with SWARA and both were laughing and chatting
San called her immediately,
Rag:signals swara to b silent
San:where r u?
Rag:i came to meet my friend, y Wat happen
San:which friend
Rag:(stammers) my school frd u didn’t know her
Rag :y wat
San:(before she completes he cuts the call angrily)
Swara:wat happen
Rag:nods as nothing

@ragsan room @evening
As soon as sanskar enters into her room
San:(angrily) where u went afternoon
Rag:(acts as normal) I told na
San:i want truth
Rag:really I went with my frnd
San:glares her angrily with blood shot eyes
Rag:(stammers) I went with swa swa ra
San raises his hand to slap but stopped himself when he saw her scared
San:(angrily) so u forgived her easily… …that much easily.. U both sisters enjoying.. U didn’t even care about my feelings
Rag:sanskar i
San:immediately Brokes the things, stop it, don’t dare to speak anything.. Do u know how much pain and guilt I went through on those days? U very well know abt it but u didn’t care about it na.. After all who am I too u??? U want everyone to be happy expect me
Rag eyes are filled with tears by his statement
San:(sadly) do I have any place in ur heart?
Rag:(cracking voice) sanskar
San:no no Ragini plzzz.. Let me complete do u know how much i love you? I always stands with u but it doesn’t mean I didn’t love my parents and my bro.. It’s means u r very special to me.. To my heart..but for u I’m just ur cousin.. Cousin nothing else… U didn’t even care about my feelings…. U r started lieying to me…
Rag :plz understand I (she starts)
San:shows his palm to stop her.. I don’t want to speak to u.. If you want to do anything for me.. Plz stay away from me(he says angrily and leaves)
Rag:fells on her knees and cries badly

After few hrs
She starts searching for him and saw him standing in the terrace with teary eyes
San:(without turning) do u want me to stay here or do u want me to go out of this house
Rag:sobs silently and went
She went to his room and cries badly and desperately waiting for his arrival but he didn’t come back to her.. She cried and dozed off unknowingly

As soon as she woke, saw sanskar already got ready
Rag:sanskar r u going office earlier today
San:he simply leaves not even looking at her
Rag heart pains more and more
She immediately gets ready and goes downstairs

@dining area
Rag to suj:ma I will serve
Rag:she serves food to all.. When he about to serve sanskar.. He immediately stands
Suj:wat happened sanskar
San:ma now only I got a msg, I have to leave earlier.. Important wrk is der
Suj:in10 min wat will happen? Have breakfast and go
San:its k ma.. I will have it in our office’s canteen, he leaves without looking at her

As soon as sanskar came from office
Suj:san Ragini didn’t eat from mrng..i refused her alot but she didn’t
San hurriedly goes towards the room and saw her crying badly by wearing his dress and hugging it tightly… He immediately went down and came with food
Rag:looks at him
San:sits infront of him and forwards food in a spoon
Rag:sanskar I didn’t
San:he immediately placed the spoon inside her mouth when she opens to speak
Rag cries and eats the food…
San is making her to eat without looking at her
Rag heart pains more and more
Rag suddenly starts hiccups
San:worried and make her drink water by keeping the plate aside
Rag :(after she drank it) grabbed the glass and place it aside and looked at him with teary eyes ..san feels bad before he starts to leave she threw herself on him
rag:cries and hugs him as much as she can by wrapping her hands around his neck
San feels bad for her but didn’t respond her hug

Do you like it
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