Swara :looks at her shockingly
Mahi smiles (fb shown where swara mixes sleeping pills in the juice and called someone and guided them to kidnap Ragini…. Mahi who hears it was literally shocked and with help of his father’s bodyguard she accused the goons and avoided Ragini to drink that juice)
swara looks at her angrily
Mahi:i dont know swara u will stoop low this much.. They love each other and moreover they are already married, it’s second time they are marring…. Whatever u did is biggest crime.. That too in our family,
Swara:shut up u r crossing ur limits
Mahi :no swara it’s u, who crossed urlimits, do u think u love Sanskar?? Really no.. It’s ur obsession on him
Swara:raises her hand to slap her
Mahi:holds her hand, if you really love him u will definitely wants him to be happy but u (she gives disgusting face) and leaves
Swara:angrily fisting her hand
Mahi :(again came back) if you plan anything against ragsan again, I will expose ur true colours infront of our family

@sanskar ‘S house
All the rituals got completed ….
Mahi and her family :k guys v r leaving
Suj:but bhaiya
Ashok :(mahi’s Papa) sisy v r here only na, v will come again
All nods happily ..when they started to leave
Mahi:turns and smile at her
Rag immediately hugs her
Mahi :didnt know how to react becaz it was her first meeting with swaragini
Rag :(less audibly) I heared everything
Rag:watever swara did?
Mahi:gets the thing, feel bad by seeing her and hugs her again
Sanskar and laksh :wat is going on between you
Mahi:its between our sisters, y u people r moking in it
All smiles, Ragini smiles wider Becaz mahi is addressing her as sister (not as cousin)
Mahi:dont wry didi.. Whatever happened is only for goodness
Rag nods

@night sanskar’s room
Rag is sitting in the bed with moist eyes by thinking of Swara’s doings to stop their marriage ,when she heard a door opening sound she immediately wiped her tears
san:goes and sat opposite to her ,holds her hand, at last everything happened finely
Rag nods without looking at him
San:wifey v r married before 1 month itself ,placed his finger under her chin to look him… (worried) wifey Wat happen
Rag:nothing it’s happy tears (without looking at him)
San:cupped her face, Wat happen?? Don’t I have rights to know it?
Rag:cries more hugged him tightly and said everything to him
San:k leave it,, I will take care of it, u no need to stress for it
Rag:(cries more) but sanskar
San:sshhh I told na
Rag:no sanskar, if I didn’t love you, if I didn’t marry u.. Swara will never change her character.. It’s all because of me
San:before she completes angrily pushed her (she falls on the bed) angrily u don’t want to love me and u don’t want to marry me na, k I will release u from this relationship, v will get DIVORCE, because u can’t live with me with this guilty feeling na and after our divorce u me and laksh all will be happy and swara, she will be super duper happy because she is not going to get my love throughout her life
Rag:stammers sa San
San:(angrily) shut up..understand one thing if a person changes her character according to the circumstances, do u think he/she is good? Then how u will be a reason for Swara’s changed behavior.. Today u again made me of regretting of loving you (angrily went from room)
Rag was numb and tears are continuously coming in her eyes
After an hour
As soon as sanskar came, Ragini immediately hugs him (San doesn’t responded it)
san:pulled her slightly from the hug,(without looking at her) go and sleep, v will talk tmrw
Rag:(cracking voice) sanskar
San:plz Ragini I might hurt you again, v will talk tomorrow
rag:back hugs him, I loved to love you and I love that I got married to u, whatever I spoke few minutes before its my affection towards swara ,that’s it sanskar but I didn’t mean to hurt you, u r the one who I can share my feelings she sobs
San closed his eyes

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