@early morning
Ragini opened her eyes when she feels tickling sensation on her feet, widened her eyes when she saw her sanskar playing with her payal
Rag:jerks and sat down, sanskar Wat r u doing
San:smiles and lied on the bed ..actually I didn’t get sleep without my wife presence but my wifey,huff
Rag:smiles ,lied Beside him by placing her head on his chest. ..wat u did yesterday in front of ma pa
San:wat I did
Rag:tilts her head to look at him, really u don’t know Wat am I asking
San:wifey it’s my right and
San:i know u also like it

Rag:blushes and hugs him more
san:im very happy today.. V r going to marry again in front of our family.. I craved for this moment since a long time
Rag:me tooo I always dreamt of our marriage
San:(lovingly) Ragini
Rag:looks at him
San:when do u start loving me?
Rag:blushes I fall in love with you when I didn’t know the meaning of love
San:teases her.. K but when did u realized
Rag :do you remember Tina?

San:thinks for a while ahh that girl who studied with you during HSC
rag:she loved u
San:(shockingly) wat
Rag:pouts ha when u came from ur college to pick us, she seen u, and she started asking about u, I really got angry, how dare she can ask abt u to me, she tries all the way to get near to u. And one day she told to me she is going to confess her love to u, I was shocked then finally I told to her v r in love, v will marry after I finishes my study..
Whenever she tries to reach u, my heart pinches and when she told she is in love with you, OMG can’t able to describe my insecurities at that time.. I reliazed I’m in love
San:lost and thinking
Rag:(looks at him) Wat r u thinking

San:abt tina
Rag:raises her eyebrow
San:i missed her (sarcastically)
Rag:angrily gets up from him.. Wat u miss her? I will give her address go and meet her along with her husband
San:laughs by seeing her anger.. I was kidding
Rag:k u leave I have to get ready (get up from bed)
San:holds her wrist I told na wifey I was kidding.. Sry

Rag:its k (with out turning) now go
San:smiles and pulls her,rag fall over him
Sanskar smiled and roll over with her to make her lie on bed and he is on her
Rag:widens and turns her face
San:pouts Sry by saying he kissed on her neck
Rag gasps
San:teasingly u will get it until u will get rid of her anger on me (both had a cute eye lock)
Rag:im not angry on u.. Seriously leave me
San:then prove it

San:shows his lips
Rag:blushez nowadays u become more and more shameless
San:wat to do? If I have saint lik wife, then I have to b shameless only na
Rag:(complaining) sanku
san:smiles and hugs her

Lak called mahi
Lak:y u didn’t cum till yet.. I’m waiting for you.. Function is going to start within few hrs
Rani (Mahi ‘S mom):laksh
Lak:aunty vo vo I thought it as mahi
Rani:smiles v started.. Don’t worry v will reach within half an hour

After few minutes
Mahi:everyone commented about my dress, u didn’t like it
Lak:do u know one thing? I hate this color
Lak:but today I regret of disliking it,u r beautiful
Mahi:looks at him (both had a cute eye lock)
Mahi:breaks it I will be back by saying she left

In rest room
Mahi to herself Wat am I doing?? Mahi plz control urself.. He loves swara. U know it.. R u ready for second heart break. No na then y?? Her eyes become moist god please I shouldn’t like him plz god

Ragsan got married ritualy.. Everyone eyes is filled with happy tears. ..Swara is clutching her fist tightly and thinking how her plan is backfired

Suddenly mahi holds her hand and pulled her into a room…
Swara :angrily Wat r doing
Mahi:dont u want to know who backfired ur plan to stop ragsan marriage
Swara :??
Mahi :of course it’s me

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