After few minutes
Ragsan break the hug And looked into each other eyes
Rag:(pouts) u didn’t answer my question
San:(acts like thinking) I don’t know whether to tell this or not
San:becaz I’m scared that u will again starts ur Ramayana
(sanskar told everything to her Wat had happened in restaurant,even his rude behavior)
Rag:eyes become moist (in mind I shouldn’t fall in love with sanskar, y it happens to me)
Before she completes her thinking, she felt pain in her cheek,ragini looks at him shockingly
San:(angrily) if you ever think like this again, u will get numerous slap
Rag:(stammers) but
San:shut up, I also felt guilty yesterday for hurting her but not for loving u… So u shouldn’t feel guilty.. Did you get it??
San:k bye I’m leaving, he turns but suddenly Ragini holds hIs hand
San:looks at her with questioning look
Rag:bowed her head with pout
Rag :silently stands
San:(smiles to himself) if u leave my hand, I will go
Rag:nods as no
Rag:dont go(very less audibly)
San:k I’m also feeling sleepy, I will sleep here itself by saying he slept at the corner of the bed
Rag:too sleep on the bed and she pouts seeing a long distance between them and seeing sanskar who is sleeping by showing his back …she feels very bad for hurting him again and again, in muffled voice I’m sorry
San:who hears it ,turns towards him ,his heart pains to see her moist eyes, he hugs her
Rag:smiles with tears and hugs him back
San:never ever think like that
Rag:breaks the hug and looked at him and nods
San:if u do it again, I will not speak to you
Rag:before he completes placed her lips on his
San widened by her act but started responding to it
After few minutes both break their kiss and Ragini hugs him tightly to hide her blush
San :chuckles and started kissing on her neck
Rag gasps
San:(lost) bites on her chin
Rag:moans ,both looked at each other lovingly and sanskar goes close towards her and hides his face on her face inhaling her fragrance
Suddenly both break their act and sits
Rag:im only yours sanskar but
San:smiles kissed on her cheek where he slapped… Im also thinking the same thing
Rag:stammers after after
San:rests on the bed and pulled her in to the hug, after swalak marriage, v will start our life
Rag:smiles widely and hugs him tightly
Both dozed off happily in each other embrace

@sanskar home
San:laksh u go and meet swara
Lak:but mahi told after ur marriage
San:cuts him but laksh Wat if she needs u
San:i mean she will be hurt by my marriage,if u be with her Now, she will get rid of her pain

@ragini’s home
As soon as he entered into swara room
Swa:cries and hugs him tightly
Lak:worried hey Wat happened
Swa:nods as nothing but cries
Lak pats her back to reduce her pain
After few minutes laksh asked her a reason but she refused to say,
Lak:shall I leave
Swa:plz b with me for few minutes
Lak happily nods

Mahi calls laksh ,as soon as he attended it
Lak:sry Sry Sry
Mahi:(fake angrily) did you seen how many missed calls u get it from me? I waited for you 2 hrz in a shopping mall but u didn’t cum
Lak:actually he told everything to her Wat had happened between swalak,
Mahi:all the best laksh
lak:ty (smiles)
As soon as she cuts the call, her face fell but consoles herself

Hope you like it

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