Sanskar is not understanding her act,ragini stops him
Rag:i will say it
Laksh :ragini now u started??
rag:smiles nothing much, actually I was angry on him for marrying me without u people presence, that’s y I didn’t talk to him well but yesterday I have forgiven him, he wants to share this news to all that’s it

All chuckles and teases them
Ram:to tell this only, u nagged us since mrng
San:pappa no I……
Rag:holds his hand (San looked at her who eyes him as no)
San:fakely smiles I mean yes, it means alot to me that’s y
Lak:only 4 days left for marriage,dont wry bhaiyya (teases them)
All the while swara is clutching her fist tightly ..after few minutes Ram and laksh return To office expect Sujatha and sanskar

@ragini’s room
san:(little bit angrily) do u know Wat u did again?? Y u stopped me?? I thought to expose swara ‘S doings in front of our family but
Rag:plz b cool, nw u r angry..i will talk to u later (she starts to move)
San:holds her wrist, I want to speak to u now itself
Rag:looks at him, Wat u will get by exposing her truth? It’s not the time to defame her in front of our family, Wat mistake she has done?she loves you sanskar, she did all the things to get u, she thought I’m a barrier between u and her, that’s y… Now it’s time to help her to get rid of her sadness /heart break… I told all the things to u yesterday because I don’t want to hide it from you but that doesn’t mean u will break my swara heart
San:leaves her hand… I’m sorry… But I didn’t did it intentionally and I don’t want to hurt swara but I’m scared if she tries to stop our marriage
Rag:may be sanskar but it’s not a correct way
San:then Wat shall I do
Rag:thinks for a while, ahh idea first v will make her understand that u didn’t love her and second v will make her understand how much laksh loves her
San :nods happily today evening itself I will speak to her, it’s superb idea
Rag:then v will plan to reduce the distance between swalak
San:so MISSION SWALAK starts
Rag:nods happily.. Both smiles
(talked for few minutes)
San:k bye ragu I have to go
Rag:u r not angry on me na
San:how can I dear?? He starts to leave
Rag suddenly hugs him
San:(widens) now a days u r giving me more and more heart attacks
Rag:hits on his shoulder and chuckles but it’s less than u only
San:smiles hugs her more tightly

@evening @restaurant
Swara happily goes there as sanskar called her to cum
San:i want to speak to u importantly
Swara nods smilingly
San:i love Ragini alot swara, I can’t even think any other girl in my life.. And I like u very much, u r my cousin, v r together since our childhood but love it will happen on only one person and it’s my Ragini …im Sry and at the same time I’m feeling guilty that my heart is saying that because of me only u changed like this
Swara :but
San:again don’t lie swara plz.. Ragini said everything to me,, plz don’t act like u r sacrificing ur love
Swara:got very much angry Yeah sanskar I acted in front of u but do u know how much i love you? I can even ready to die to prove my love
San:dont b stupid swara, I’m already married and v r going to marry again within 4 days
Swara :i can go any extent to stop it.. That much I love you
San:(fake angrily) o crap, don’t u have sense, like a child u r repeating it, I didn’t love you, if u die also I won’t care about it, just get out of my life, I called u to say this only… Good bye
Swara eyes become teary

“if u die also I won’t care, his words continuously rings in her ears
San:in mind Sry swara I want to do it to hate me.. ..his heart pains by seeing her tears (guys he likes her alot as a cousin) fake angrily leaves

@night Ragini is waiting for him (San) desperately
swara is crying in her room and sanskar is rolling over the bed by feeling pity on swara

Next day
Swara is silent throughout the day, Ragini feels bad for her but convince herself by saying that her sadness will b changed by happiness with laksh

As soon as Ragini came from restroom, Happy to c sanskar in her room
She immediately goes towards him and hugs him
Rag:y u didn’t cum yesterday, I missed you alot and u didn’t even atten my calls..
San:kissed on her head, Sry by saying he hugs her tightly

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