as soon as sanskar woke up, started to admire his Ragini who is getting ready in front of the mirror …
San (being lost) started to move towards her
Rag who senses his gaze looks him through mirror
Both had a eye lock ,without breaking a eye lock Ragini stands and abt to turn but before her move, sanskar wrapped her around her waist
San :(huskily) beautiful
Rag:blushes bents her head
San:smiles widely by seeing sindhoor on her forehead and tightens his grip on her waist
Rag :(stammers) u ha hav have to go
San:nods as no and kissed on her shoulder
Rag closed her eyes and breaths heavily
San (being lost) moved her hair Front, started carcassing her back sensouly
Rag placed her hand in her thumping heart to control it

San :started rubbing his lips on her back, Ragini moans ……
San removes her blouse knot ,Ragini widens her eyes and turns towards him immediately and pushed him away
San :scares a little bit by sensing her anger, stammers Ragini I’m sorry I didn’t did it intentionally (worries)
Rag:laughs widely by seeing his face
San:((understands her prank) annoyingly sit in the bed
Rag:laughs kk (laughs again) I’m sorry
San:turns opposite side
Rag:(seriously) I’m sorry by holding her ears
San:but he turns his face

Rag:i told Sry na, she holds his hand
San:jerks his hand and turns his face
Rag:thinks for a while, suddenly pecked his cheek ,immediately bends down
San:widens and blushes and looks at her ,goes close towards her
Door knock
Ragini widens and asked him to go
San nods as no
Rag pleads
San smiles and went

When Ragini came down with her mother,swara eyes widened by seeing her, she tries to speak to her but Ragini all the way avoided her and always be with their parents

After few minutes
Main door knock
As soon as Janaki opened the door, shocked to see her brother’s entire family
san:dont u allow us inside, y r u staring like this
Jan :smiles and welcome them,actually I was surprised that’s y
San:where is uncle and swaragini ??I want to tell one important thing to everyone ,call them Laksh :omg plz call, since mrng he is nagging us Aunty
Jan nods and calls Rag widened to see her sanskar
Ram:atleast now tell
San:one person in our family (he starts)

Rag:(widens by getting Wat he is going to say) nods as no
San looks at her
Rag:pleased him through her eyes

San looks at her blankly, not understanding her point
All were eagerly listening him

I know it’s very short update, Sry guys, hope you like it,

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