Which couple do you love the most? Swasan? Raglak? Swalak or Ragsan?


Which couple do you love the most? Swasan? Raglak? Swalak or Ragsan?

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with the last chapter of Swaragini (I am From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for any of these couples because I was bored has hell But I will choose any of your choices. It will be based on a true love story. Let me know who you would like to see. I will write some stuff below and you guys tell me.

Anyways keep smiling / shining like always xx.

~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx

Titles that you would want and the story based?

– “My heart and your heart doesn’t equal anymore”

– “I knew it was you because I remember your smile”

– “I am leaving you because I want you to be happy”

– “My destiny and wonders are under you”

So guys these are the titles you can choose from and the most voted one will win. Alright basically you can see what the story will be like but I will give a little hint for each title.

Look Below aha.


Title one Hint of the storyline

“My heart and your heart doesn’t equal anymore”

Something has happened in the past that made two hearts broken and they don’t equal anymore with each other. (Hint 1)

Title two Hint of the storyline

“I knew it was you because I remember your smile”

He feels like they know each other but something has happened that broke their smile for each other. (Hint 2)

Title three Hint of the storyline

“I am leaving you because I want you to be happy”

Someone left someone because they deeply loved each other. But why leave for their happiness?


Title four Hint of the storyline

“My destiny and wonders are under you”

You were made for my destiny no wonder you’re always under me with full of happiness. But why did you have to leave me?


Well guys I am finished telling you the titles that you guys need to choose. I’ve also given you guys some hints for each title for their story. Now you need to choose the couple.

Is it going to be?

Swasan? (Swara and Sanskar)

Raglak? (Ragini and Laksh)

Swalak? (Swara and Laksh)

Ragsan? (Ragini and Sanskar)


Now it’s up to you guys and tell Nusz and I will write a chapter on these couples based on the couple and title that got voted the most. If you guys don’t say anything then I can’t do a Fan-Fiction on them. So you guys have to choose and let me know ASAP. This is probably the lost one I am posting because I am bored and summer will end for me in Cad so I will start school in September soon. Also I won’t be able to write that many Fan-Fictions anymore because I will be in grade 12 xx.

Moral – “Life isn’t always easy but when you have your family and friends around you sometimes you forget the bad things that are happening to you. You just need to smile and shine xx.”


Last question of the day is guys I have a few questions about the show Swaragini and the lovely couples.

What do you like the most about Ragini?

What do you like the most about Swara?

Do you think Swaragini share a great bond or not?

What do you like about Laksh?

What do you like about Sanskar?

Do you think SanLak share a great bond or not?

Why do you guys like Swasan, what’s so magical about them?

Why do you guys like Raglak, what’s so magical about them?

Why do people still like Swalak a lot?

Why do people want Ragsan again?

Do you think Swaragini is losing their storyline?

Do you want them to focus on the couples and the sisters most then the drama in the family?

Answer all the questions so I can get to know you guys better and I know I am making way to many Fan-Fictions on these couples but this is the last one. So please guys don’t hate on me for making so much Swaragini ff ideas but I need to know which one you liked the most. Also please remember to read my Swasan Fan-Fiction and the link is below it xx.


Thank you for enjoying lots of love by ~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx

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  1. swasan is best..their cate understanding each other everythng is beyond perfect..they share an awesome chemistry..their friend ship is i like most..they are most adorable couple..they stood with each other in every situation..they are sooo cute nd lovely couple..i love them most…i also like naughty couple swalak..but i think swalak is little immature…

    i love swara most..
    swara is a cute bubbly fun loving modern girl.. a real sherniii..she fight with society for truth..she always stood with right..she knw how to handle things maturely..she is soo beautifull cute innocent girl..i love her alot..mostly her attitude..attitude of swara bose is extraordinary thing..swara always knw how to love and respect others..she is not a coward like ragini

    i dnt like anything in ragini..she is coward dumbo stupid mahan behenjii type girl who doesnt knw how to handle things..always follow the path of wrong..spread negetivity(past)didnt ask forgiveness even now..always do hidden war..always broke the trust of her loved one..then wtz the good quality of ragini..

    i love sanlak and swaragini bond…

    1. dear rithi………from ur perspective…u very well described ur fav couple.U said y u like swara/swasan………..it is very well written uptill there…..u SAID U DON’T LIKE ANYTHING IN RAGINI..THAT IS ALSO FINE AS IT IS UR CHOICE………………..Who the hell asked u to say y u dislike ragini…………….the writer clearly asked u WHY DO U LIKE RAGINI.IF U DON’T LIKE HER U COULD HAVE JUST IGNORED THAT PARTICULAR QUESTION………..for ur kind information…she repented for her mistakes………..next time plz don’t hurt Ragini fans…

  2. SWASAN ……… forever and raglak forever??????

  3. Ragsan

  4. RUPA


  5. Mica

    swasan is numero uno,
    swalak was cute couple, their naughtiness, witty, like it alot, but then laksh character changed due raglak, hat off for ragini to made laksh become conservative one hahaha.
    big NO for ragsan, first, they are never being couple in swaragini, 2nd, ragini seems too old for sanskar.
    love swara for her character, but i have ever cursed her for forcing laksh to accept ragini once her crime revealed, her love for ragini made her blind.
    i don’t like ragini ‘s character, too boring,, hate her crime, but i accept her kindness nowadays. actually, i was jealous for ragini’s fortune. :3 :3
    prefer swara’s beauty and her s*xy body than ragini, but can’t hold myself to adore ragini’s skin type.
    loved old laksh, spoil brat witty person
    love sanskar, he is the best husband ever.
    prefer cute s*xy exotic laksh than sanskar, he is too handsome for me

  6. Silent_writer

    ragsan n tile one n then all four couple have their own style n these four have their own personality by heart by love lby style I love four of them

  7. Silent_writer

    ragsan n tile one n then all four couple have their own style n these four have their own personality by heart by love lby style I love four of them….

  8. AnuAnn

    Want swasan as pair .. I love swasan more than any other couple… I’m a diehard fan helly fan only becoz of Sr .. Now I’m watching SR for swara and swasan .. I loved swara’s character a lot I too like ragini whether she’s -ve or +ve bt not more than swara. I love SR bonding..and sanlak too.. Coming to pairs
    Swasan; at first they r my most fav couple after arshi..but now I love them more than arshi.. Loved their chemistry to the extreme .. 100% heavenly couple or cuttest couple in the world

    Swalak; what to say at the beginning I’m one of their biggest fan.. They have a good chemistry. An awesome teenage couple .. At first I really feel bad when it become swasan… BT now no regrets .. Love swasan like swalak

    Raglak; now I like them as a couple.. Looks cute
    Rags an ; I like their friendship both off screen and onscreen bt never ever as couple.. I hate them to the core as a couple..
    I loved sanskar’s character to the core becoz of this character I too become a varunholic..
    And abt Laksh I too liked his character from beginning ..
    I love helly and like tejaswi

  9. Swasan

  10. Swasan

  11. My favourite is RAGLAK.

  12. first swasan and then raglak

  13. Priya15

    One and only ragsan di.. I knew u r a ragsan fan too.. And I want ragsan bcoz it’s just in ff We can see them… OK any of the ff is OK for me.. But u pls send me the link through pm once u upload it..

  14. Just shut up rithi dont try to say a single word against ragini. Who are you to say anything about ragini stay in your limits don’t try to fly (like swara) And one thing swara is dumbo not ragini

    1. hahhahhashaha very funny ragini is not a dumbo?????very funny..actually i didnt find any good quality in ragini..accept the fact that ragini is a dumbo type girl..no no no actually ragini is a looser..there r many examples which shws that ragini is a dumb girl…srsly if ragini is not a a looser coward or dumb she defenitely fight with society dont do any nasty hidden thing..actually she is a nerd behenjiii..i hate raginiz chrctr she is soo boring type she only knw how to expose her body parts and how to blackmail others..nothing else..she is good for nothing type..really a dumb girl

      1. PinkChocolate

        It is fine if you dont like Ragini. Purely ur choice. But that doesn’t mean you speak so rudely against the particular character. Moreover I’m most irritated by ur last few lines. Atleast yu could have tried to respect a “GIRL” being a “GIRL”. I pity!

    2. rithi plzzz don’t comment bad abt ragini.. she only askd y we liked each pair nd cast of SR .. so plzz try to comment abt it.. if u dislike ragini ..its okkk.. nd u can say dt.. but plzzz don’t bash ragini’s character there r many faans of ragini, nd they w’ll get hurt by this.. nd don’t want to start a new fight becoz of it.. A HUMBLE REQST

  15. Akshaya

    Raglak forever

  16. Swasan forever????…pls.write based on swasan…

  17. Megha123

    Title 1 raglak plzzzzzz

  18. Ragsan❤️

  19. PinkChocolate

    I would love to c yu writing a RagLak story! I love RagLak immensely cuz their love story is extremely different from normal hate-love relationship that is generally portrayed in other serials. And too much different from very normal love stories that kick starts from friendship and ends up in love. RagLaks’ story has all phases unlike the other pairs. Heart-breaks..Hate..love..obsession..realization..redemption..care. And now they happen to be an amazing cute pair??The way now Laksh stands for her and the way she has always loved him(Even after knowing he kidnapped her and even tried to kill her) makes Raglak super cute. Very importanly I feel Ragini’s character quited natural. Her possessivenes, her obsession rather than being detective all the time. Moreover Tejaswi and Namish do a brilliant job? Title…hmmm..I prefer “I knew it was yu cuz I remember ur smile”?

  20. Guys plzz dont fight…….yaar……and Rithi we are not forcing you to love ragini……i respect your POV …..but juz dnt hurt Ragini fans by saying bad about her …….if u dnt like then ok but dnt say bad about her……I knw Ragini is juz a character of Serial…..but we love her…so instead of wasting your time talking bad about whom you hate, you should start utilising your time talking about whom you like….hope u understand and sorry if i hurted u..

  21. SHR963

    Raglak………….like how Pinkchoclate said………Raglak faced all emotions throughout their relationship…She loved him…Then they hated each other…Cheated…tore each other apart… Yet fixed themselves…..Love is never always sweet……it is bitter,spicy ,salty…and so on…Raglak went through all…..And i love the off screen chemistry of temish toooo

  22. Swasan raglak only bcz ragsan and swalak sound like siblings

  23. Swaaaassssan?

  24. Ragz_teju


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