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In SDCH canteen,
A group of three girls were having chit chat.
They were none other than sanchi,isha and pragya.
They are doctors and were studying in different medical colleges. A month back,they joined savitri devi college and became good friends.
Isha:- yaar, our new proffesor is damn hot . I mean kya lagta hain. I even suggested him to think about modelling!!
Pragya:-aisa kya? Dekhna padega ek baar humko!!

Sanchi was hell irritated now
“What the hell! Kabse hot hot laga rakha he! Just ignore na! And see isha there is 50 percent off on cosmetics in abc mall!” She tried to change the topic.
Isha:- dude, i even can sacrifice my cosmetics for this hot hunk!!
Pragya:- abe kya hot hot kar rahi hai!! Banda caring hona chahiye,Hot to chocklate bhi hote hai!!
And she patted herself for her statement.
Sanchi:-bohot bura tha!! And she hi fi isha!

Pragys elbowed both of them ..
Sanchi:- to is hot proff ki band bajani padegi!!
Ishgya looked at their frnd in utter surprise,they both understood that sanchi is seriously upto something!!
They gulped their saliva in fear !!

Isha:- sanchi,seriously dont do anything that will kick us out of this hospital ,becoz is not just a professor ,but our mentor as well!!
Pragya: aur baklol!humne suna hai ki ye mentor bohot khadus hai,specially jab uska dimag kharab hota he;then wo bohot dangerous ho jata hai!
Sanchi:- so what,wo khadus hai to main bhi kuch kam nahi hu! Let him see who is the boss here!
She completed her sentence.
She left the canteen in search of him.she was walking aimlessly in corridor since she didnt knew location of his cabin

” dekhu to sahi kitna hot hai!!” She thought .
A girl was passing by sanchi.she stopped her and ask her about new mentors cabin.
That girl gave her direction of his cabin along with small speech on how-hot-he -is.
Sanchi rolled her eyes and left to his cabin.
With five or six minutes,she was in front of his cabin.
☆Dr.kabir kapoor☆

The name plate reads.
She sighed little and assured herself “come on sanchi ,u can do it!!”
She finally knocked the door.
“Come in ” came his husky reply!

She opened the door and walk inside his cabin and closed the door.
She looked at him and thought for the first time in her life ,isha was right..
Wait ,she wad ogling at him when he caught red handed!!
” miss.sanchi,staring ur teacher is bad thing!” He mouthed slowly.
Her hazel brown orbs met his chocolaty orbs and she admitted in mind that he is actually hot.
“I just came to say hii!!” She grinedd .
He was amused at her boldness.

“Ok.kaha jo kehna tha? Ab jao bahar!” He showed her way to go out .
She was little surprised at his action but soon covered her surprise with smirk.
” u cant talk to me like this!” She literally commanded.
“And what if i continued the same!u will bite me?? ” He again husked in monotone.
“Ohh pls,i dont want to invite any disease for myself by biting uh!” She barked looking straight in his eyes.
He was taken aback by her reply,but then compose himself .
“Btw,miss.sanchi ,if u r done with ur hii bii ,then u can go!!” He said slowly
“Ohh,who idiot wanna go out when u r here!’ She replied lovingly.
“Then u r inviting trouble for urself” he moved toward her in tantivy.
He came close to her and she even didnt moved a mm back,as if she was rooted to the place!!!
Kabir:- by the way miss.sanchi r u seducing me? And uf yes then why so??
Sanchi:-offcourse !!becoz u r too irresistible to handle mr. Kapoor ,correction mr. Hubby!!
Kabir took one more step toward his beloved wify and slowly cupped her face
“Missed me??” He asked lovingly looking into her beautiful hazel brown orbs.
She pushed him hard with all force she had and he almost fall down on nearby couch.
“Ohh god sanchi,what was that??” He asked confusingly.

“This was punishment for leaving ur newly wedded wife alone for a month ” she started to run!
“What the!! I left my job and joined here just becoz i wanna stay close to u!” He said from behind.
“This is ur punishment !!she replied.
“Ufff,tumhare nakhre!!!!! Pata nahi koi aur kaise tolerate kar pata!” He said dramatically.
“That’s why, these Telly update girls have convolved me with u patidev!! Meet u tonight at home” saying this she ran out .

She again peeped inside and give him flying kiss ,he stood there blushing !!!
Thanx for reading this! So i dropped the idea of leaving… bye. will meet u soon with something new..


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