A Convo with Dumbo (part 6)


Part-6 Shizy in action

In this part Shizy’s split personality will come out. Look on further to find out.

Part 6a Ignorance set in again

That chubby word is still not getting out of my mind. I received a ‘good night’ message from him again. I didn’t reply. I slept off thinking about chubby.

Next morning I saw two more messages from him.
Dumbo: Good morning
Dumbo: Have a nice day
As usual I didn’t reply.

Later even he didn’t send any messages. Probably he might have thought that I was busy in preparing for my exams. Of course I was preparing but not entirely busy in that. I didn’t bother about his messages. So ignorance has set in again. This time from both sides. :p

After a day, he pinged again in the context of a doubt regarding studies. I replied to it. That’s it. Next day he sent ‘good morning and good night’ messages only to be ignored by me. 😉

Part 6b Let me be nice

Next day was Christmas occasion. He sent a greeting. I saw but no reply. I was so mean right? ? Later on that evening when I was online he pinged me. I felt like chatting normally this time. 🙂

Dumbo: hi
Me: Hi
Dumbo: Resting?
Me: What for?
Dumbo: nothing. May be while studying you’re taking rest?
Me: Lol. Nope
Me: Btw you’re damn lucky.
( coz of that hidden challenge. But dumbo doesn’t know it.)
Dumbo: Me?? How??
Me: Nothing. Just ignore
( you need not know the reason Dumbo.)
Dumbo: Oh. Whatever it may be. I’m lucky 🙂 I know
Me: What?
Dumbo: Nothing. Just ignore
Me: See you can’t backfire my dialogues to me
( He used to do that even in the past. i.e. copy paste my messages back to me. That irks me a lot and I really hate that)
Dumbo: Ok. Sorry. Snacks?
Me: Done

Me: Why did you ping me after so many days?
Dumbo: Because……
( he paused for a while. WTH!? Before he could reply anything, I interfered or interrupted him…)
Me: Yeah I got it.
( What I know? Nothing!! Hell with me!!)

Part 6c Irritation

Dumbo: what
Me: Nothing. Just ignore
( being irritated )
Dumbo: I got a reply from you two days after pinging.
Me: Yeah. Actually you passed my test. Hence I replied you and its minimum manners.
Me: You pinged me for guidance right?
( lol Shizy as if you are a great professor. Hehe 🙂 😉 )
Dumbo: May be
Me: May be!!??? Then what’s the actual reason?
( irritated to the peaks )
Dumbo: Friendship with good people is good so
Me: Oh
( lol. He means that I’m good. Very funny!!! )
Dumbo: yeah
Me: See whatever may be the reason don’t behave like in the past.
( I really don’t know why I said that. I meant that I don’t want any relation between us. Honestly he never misbehaved. It’s me who made him crazy coz of my split persona. Lol. So this particular text holds good for me.)
Dumbo: ok
Me: Thank you
Dumbo: Hmm

Part 6d Chubby chat

Me: Today I’m giving you freedom to chat with me. I’m off to studies today. May be I’ll read something after dinner.
(Lol. Didn’t I sound too…… well actually I’m not getting a word to describe it. 😉 :p )
Dumbo: 😀
Me: What? Happy?
Dumbo: nothing
Me: Oh not happy?
(Lol. I’m literally paying with him. )
Dumbo: Happy
Me: Why did you call me chubby?
(Wait. What did I just say or typed? God!!! Lol I asked him about chubby!!!! Rofl ? )
Dumbo: Chubby cheeks
( what!!!??? Chubby cheeks, rosy lips, curly hair,… lol did he mean some kind of nursery rhyme!? Rofl again. But I acted angry)
Me: See I already told you. You can’t think like this about me
Dumbo: This is not the other way.
( He might have got scared. Lol)
Me: Then it’s okay
Dumbo: 🙂
Me: So I didn’t become fat right?
( I couldn’t resist myself from asking this. Rofl)
Dumbo: No no
Me: Thanks
Dumbo: Thanks??!
(He might be puzzled. Lol)
Me: But I did become fat.
Dumbo: No. I don’t think so
Me: Let it be. That’s none of your business.
(Seriously!!! )
He: yep
(Yep!!?? 😮 lol rofl )


Is Shizy’s split persona justified in this part? Nobody can tell how she reacts in the next moment!! Very crazy girl. In the next part, a shocking truth will be revealed. What do you think she’s gonna do next?

Thanks for reading 🙂
Comments are welcome. Do let me know whether you like it or not. Thank you. 🙂

Good day 🙂

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