A Convo with Dumbo (part 4)

Part-4 Back to present

That’s all about the flashback. Very worst right? I mean I was worst. There are few missing links in the story right? Okay I’ll let you know slowly since I’m fine now. Thinking about the flashback and all I dozed off that night.
Why god??? Why!!? Why this new twist in my life?
Next morning I woke up and carried out my daily routine. After breakfast I checked my phone. Woahhh! Oh god! It’s him again. A ‘good morning’ message. I didn’t reply. I got into thinking over the same matter again. ‘Why he wants to talk to me? What is he upto? Whatever!!! I won’t let anything happen this time. I’m not gonna reply him today at any cost.’ I was very determined to not reply. I ignored the message. Then I went to flashback again..

‘Whenever we speak, I used to be nice. Sometimes I motivated him. Well wow shizy! You were good to him sometime at least. :p Enough now it’s seeming as if I’m blowing my own trumphet now. Lol. But honestly, this could be a reason he wants to talk to me again. Let it be. Whatever may be his reason, I’ll make him a good person. Of course he was good earlier too. :p I’ll help him in studies.’ I thought this way and made a decision.

Part-4a Heights of ignorance!!!

I didn’t reply to his ‘good morning’ message. The day passed by as usual. I didn’t receive any message from him. Neither I bothered to reply.

At night I received a ‘good night’ message. I didn’t reply again. This is what I call ‘peaks of ignorance’. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m actually enjoying doing this. Oh god!!! I’m such a devil!!! You know what!? I didn’t even open his messages. I saw only in preview messages in notification bar of my phone. It means he can’t get the blue ticks!!! God!!! Peaks of nonsense shizy!!! ?

Part-4b The Hidden Challenge

I made up mind like this… I made a challenge to him. But he didn’t know. Hence it’s called a hidden challenge. Well it was this way….
‘ I’m going to college tomorrow. If at all I hapoen to see him in the college tomorrow, then I’ll definitely reply him. Else no reply forever.’ Yes!!! That’s final.

Making this hilarious, hidden, stupid challenge I slept peacefully with an evil attitude. Lol

And guess what?

He won the challenge. How? Read on…

Next day I woke up, got ready to college. I saw my phone to find his good morning message again. As usual no reply from me. I said to myself ‘Get ready shizy!!! Its high time. Let’s see what happens today. What has been written in your fate!!! All the best ๐Ÿ˜‰ ‘

I went to my college. We were classmates in our first year. Later year, we got separated into different batches. So no chance of finding him in the same class. Everything was fine in college that day till my leaving time. I thought ‘ I didn’t see him till now. I don’t think I can see him today. Dumbo list the challenge. Hehe.’ I was thinking like this and heading towards the staircase with a smile stuck on my face. But that smile didn’t last longer. Yeah as you might have expected by now, it’s him!!!! Its him!!!! I was going down and he was climbing up. I saw him. He saw me. ‘Dumbo won the challenge Shizy! His luck is damn good man!!’ I said to myself in dismay. Well though we saw other, we acted as if we don’t know each other. We are such good actors!!! Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

I went home and threw myself on the couch. What now!!? According to my challenge I have to reply him. He’s damn lucky!!!

Get ready to reply now!!!!


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  1. hii your ff is really sweet…you write serious things in a funny way that makes the story dmn cute…waiting for next chapter.

  2. very amusing epi.keep up.

  3. u know how to entertain ur readers. ..going well sweetu ๐Ÿ™‚ waiting fir next chappie. .shizy should reply him now

  4. forgot to ask how r u now?

    1. Thanks. I’m fine Ruby. ๐Ÿ™‚ how r u dear?

  5. Thanks a lot Nishi and Nimisha ๐Ÿ™‚
    Next part is gonna be more entertaining. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Awesome episode dear, I think she should reply to him now…after all he won the challenge. ..hahaha, …was really very interesting. ..

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