A Convo with Dumbo (part 3)

Part-3 History of Dots. ( Dumbo flashback )

2 years ago. It was during my Pongal vacation. One fine day I was browsing in facebook. Of my many facebook friends there was a guy who used to send me greetings for every occasion like Christmas, New year etc. He’s my classmate only but didn’t know how he looked then. Coz he did not upload his profile pic. Neither I kept my pic on fb. I just used to reply ‘Thank you. Wish you the same’. That day even that guy was also online. I guessed he would send greetings. Within seconds ding! His Pongal greetings!! As expected! And I gave my usual reply.

Since we are jobless during holidays, he got time to chat. Chatting progressed gradually. ( I, seriously didn’t expect that it will progress to this level.)

Chatting progressed a lot till we gave each other our phone numbers. We chatted for really long time. He knew how I look despite not uplaoding my pic and he knew my roll number too. ( lol. Not to forget that we are classmates. ) That day itself he asked me to call since his mobile data was over. I called him. It was such a hilarious thing!!! He was talking very shyly. He was struggling to speak normally. That sounded very wierd to me. I felt like laughing aloud. Then suddenly or involuntarily I shouted on him ‘ Hey what’s wrong? Why can’t you speak without blushing or shying?’. He tried to speak without shying ‘ It… It… Its.. It’s for the first time I’m talking to a girl on phone.’ I was like ‘ Is it? It’s not same with me. You can speak freely as if you talk to your sister’. He said ‘okay’. But that wasn’t okay (I mean he didn’t view me as a sister which I came to know later. Idiot!!! )
Then the call ended after a normal talk.

He used to ping me daily. We chatted normally. Slowly it went on till late nights. Still I didn’t know how he looks. So I asked him to send his pic. He sent. He was good looking not bad. Well it really doesn’t matter about looks and all. We used to talk on phone too. My opinion on him ‘ he’s good but Dumbo!!!’

Our college reopened after Pongal vacation. I saw him live. πŸ˜‰ He was shorter than I assessed. :p ‘Dumbo is short Shizy!!! Haha’ I thought. Our chatting was unaffected by reopening of college. Slowly he got addicted to me.

( Oh god!!! I forgot about my mental health. Those split characters used to come and go every now and then. But they were mild so didn’t bother me much. Later on I became wild!!! Mainly because of this dumbo.)

Days passed by. Chatting went on and on… Honestly I don’t remember what we chatted for such long time. All I remember is that was a normal chat. As I already said he got addicted to me. And we maintained our chat very private and confidential too. :p I just liked him as any other friend. That’s it. But Dumbo loved me. I could sense that. I thought that he would propose me shortly. At last with much struggle and much difficulty he proposed me.

God!!! Nobody would have done what I did!!! You know what??

I helped him to propose me. Yes but I didn’t like him. Well confusing right??? Even I was confused. What exactly happened was…?

My split personality came into action. Sometimes I feel I like him, sometimes I dint like him, some other time I really liked him. That’s when he proposed me and despite knowing he loves me and knowing that I don’t live him, I myself had made him propose me. This made my condition worse. ‘First of all I’m mentally ill, now super added character of love. God!! Stupid shizy, idiot shizy, worst shizy!!! I want to kill myself. I will die. Ahhhh.’ I was breaking all things in my room in frustration. I lost my mental stabilty. I almost turned into a terrible beast then. My friend stopped me. I don’t exactly remember what happened during those days. (Almost a year) I must thank Meco and Dumbo ( yeah dumbo also ) for handling me well. Honestly I dont want to think about that year. But dumbo came to know about my illness. That worried me.

Months passed by. Me and dumbo didn’t speak or chat at all. Exams were going on. Preparation holidays!!! So I didn’t and could not even see him. I was back to my milder form. After exams, one day he pinged me. I didn’t reply. He used to ping repeatedly. I used to send him dots. Yes just dots ….. coz I don’t want to reply. He patiently waited for my reply. I replied him and we became friends again. I confirmed him that I want to be just a friend not more than that. He seemed to agree. Again after few days I didn’t want to talk to him thinking that past may repeat. That was just my fear. I don’t want to become wild again. I told him that I can’t talk to him since I want to concentrate on studies. He couldn’t speak anything. Another set of exams begun. He said that he would ping back after exams. I ignored.

Then life continued as usual.

Back to present!!!


Hello everyone!!! How are you?

Is it boring? Hope you find it easy to read. And if anything wrong please excuse me. πŸ™‚ :p

I’m trying my best to include all the elements like suspense, drama, love, hate, sad, comedy and little science too ;). If you want me to include any other element please do let me know.

Your comments are always welcome. Feel free to comment πŸ™‚

Thank you πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice episode dear. Very interesting n superb story dear. It’s not boring dear.
    luv u…tc…

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Lakshmi dear <3 love u too

  2. now I doubt am I like our shizy πŸ˜‰ anyways nice chappie. .it is not boring dr πŸ™‚

    1. Lol Ruby. :p Why did u feel like that dr? And thanks πŸ™‚

  3. super waiting for next part……..svveety

    1. Yeah thank you πŸ™‚ I posted it now itself.

  4. Awesome episode dearrrrr, you have very good writing skills, really loved the update….shizy n dumbo nice pair…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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