A Convo with Dumbo (part 2)

Part-2 DOT.

The message was like this.

He: .


That was the only message he sent. Yes its just a DOT ● That’s it.

It was me who used to send him dots. Oh god!!! This dumbo didn’t forget me. ‘What should I reply him now?’ I thought for a while. My mind paused for a while.

I went to have my dinner. I had it quietly and came back to my room. Then my mind resumed and got attacked by the storm of flashback. I couldn’t sleep that night peacefully. How could I??? That moment when you feel like to forget something and at that same moment that something only attacks you again!!! God!!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!! ‘I want to yell loudly’ I felt then. Flashback was running in my mind.

Okay before flashback about this dumbo I want to tell about myself in my own words. I’m an average looking girl belonging to a middle class family. We are a loving family. Right now I’m 20 years old and doing my graduation. I don’t exactly know from when this disease is being haunting me. The split personality!!! I came to know about this through my medico friend. (This friend is named as Meco and she plays a prominent role in Shizy’s and Dumbo’s lives.) I begin to experience some strange happenings since my adolescence. I used to feel different sensations and experience very terrible mood swings. I would shout like hell and break the things. Thankfully my parents were not around then.

I felt it was normal or may be because of my anger issues. Later on things git worsened. I behaved strange sometimes which I wasn’t aware of. I got to know that all these could be due to any mental disorder!!! But I don’t want anyone to know about this. Not even my bestie, Meco. Whenever I feel that I’m behaving wierd I would run out of that place. That’s how I managed and managing now. Uff!!! Very wierd right???

Coming to this Dumbo flashback!!!


I hope the length is better than yesterday πŸ˜‰ Sorry if it’s small. I’ll try for more.
Btw do you like it? Can I continue?

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