A Conversation between Karna & Arjun, Funny OS


A Fictitious conversation between Karna & Arjun whom Sid T & his team love the most.
This is completely nonsense & fun post.
No intention to hurt anyone & no intention to insult any Epic Character.

In Reference to Star Bharat( Star Plus Mahabharata) & Suryaputra Karna.

In Heaven,
Karna & Arjun both sat together.

Karna- My head is aching & also I am suffering from high BP Anuj.

Arjun- I understand Jyesth.Bura waqt sab ka aata hai & this time will be over soon.

Karna- Once upon a time, Rabindranath Tagore wrote about me, & now Sid T & his team writing things about me.

Arjun- Relax jyesth, its not only you.I am also a part of their writings.

After some minutes of silence,
Karna- But Sid T loves me the most.

Arjun- Why you are saying this???

Karna- U forgot anuj??? I got so many unique entries like with Ice-skating & in a Hydrogen ballon.I dont think any Epic character got such opportunities.

Arjun- but this dont prove he loves you most.

Karna- There are many examples my dear anuj.I got so many background scores in Star-Bharat & also in Suryaputra.Infact, in Star-bharat, I am the only character who heard the Lori of Rajmata Kunti at the time of Birth & death.

Arjun-( Staring angrily towards his brother).

Karna- I got romantic scene also.Remember mine & Vrushali’s proposal sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, U were also present there.Only thing lacked in this scene was “Tujhe dekha to hai jana sanam”song in background.


Karna- Infact anuj,In Sid T’s Star Bharat, you have to wash my feet & in Suryaputra you touched my foot-print.

Arjun ( with a smirk)- But jyesth, Sid T convinced Karna to do the role of Arjun in his contemporary show.He loved Arjun most.

Karna-( looked sadly towards his anuj)


Karna- You are not like that Anuj.

Arjun- But we have to tolarate, coz there is no copyright issues with our names.

Suddenly, they heard a female voice laughing at their back.Its Priyamvada.

Priyamvada- Sid T & his team loves me the most.

Karna(super irritated at her entry)- How???

Priyamvada- You forgot, after your birth in Suryaputra, I sent Adirath to save you.I convinced him to promise that he will never reveal your truth & also I decided your life path.

Karna- (He started searching for his dhanush)

Arjun- Shant Jyesth, Its Suryaputra Karna, not Kunti dasi Priyamvada.Its always us.Sid T & his team they changed so many things, they did things which we dont even expect.Now I am expecting last scenes where before firing arrow towards you, We got a chance to do a selfie session together.

Karna- My expectation is also high.Sid T loves both of us.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. I dont know whose fan s. Tiwari is but..This is definitely arjun’s fan post.

  2. Hahahahaha…lol..Madhumita m glad to see u with another post…its soo damn funny..keeping aside the fan matter…its soo funny..btw did u post ur CHECKMATE FF?? I m dying to read d post…well i hvnt yet chkd all..but plz update soon if u hvnt

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